Names Zoo

Zoo Tap 1.0.1 Gigabud Limited 

Zoo Tap is a fun application for kids that encourages learning and cognitive skills. It features over 25 animals complete with their sounds and pronunciations as well as their written names.

Zoo Tap can be used as an educational tool, a game, or an animal sound machine. Bright, colorful pictures and fun sounds engage and teach children. Free download of Zoo Tap 1.0.1, size 8.70 Mb.


Zoo Animal Flash Cards 1.3.0 Yoller 

Yollers Zoo Animal Flash Cards offer children a chance to learn about animals found at the zoo.

Perfect pre-field trip training -- have your children tell you the names of the animals before the zoo guide can!

Yollers Zoo Animal Flash Cards are also a great tool for students learning English as a Second Language.

If. Free download of Zoo Animal Flash Cards 1.3.0, size 7.55 Mb.

Zoo Kiddo 1.0 Ann Vu 

Zoo Kiddo, players explore exotic creatures in a safari jungle to learn English and Vietnamese. Players will be able to learn animal names in English and Vietnamese and additionally, animal sounds with quiz-like fun games. Zoo Kiddo integrates and strategizes on many learning functions for children who are at their early stage of life with. Freeware download of Zoo Kiddo 1.0, size 17.09 Mb.

Expired Domain Names Pro 12.0 WCCL 

Tap into expired domain names -- and grab yourself a great-sounding domain name, with existing targeted traffic, for just a few bucks! Download your copy of the program ALL the expired domain names sites use. Includes a scan-and-surf expired domain browser, short name searcher, automatic domain appraisal & more!Expired Domain Names Pro helps. Free download of Expired Domain Names Pro 12.0, size 9.14 Mb.

First Names 2008 

First Names 2008, print high quality personalised scrolls, greeting cards etc. based upon any first name, choose from many different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family. * Easy to use Interface * Each print out includes the Origin, Meaning, Emotions, Integrity, Personality + MORE! * Additional designs including Olde (3 NEW. Free download of First Names 2008, size 5.32 Mb.

Baby Names 2008 

Baby Names 2008, print high quality personalised scrolls, greeting cards, fridge magnets, keyrings, mugs, mouse mats, coasters, desk clocks and pens based upon any baby name, choose from many different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family. * Easy to use Interface * Each print out includes a personalised poem and meaning. Free download of Baby Names 2008, size 11.96 Mb.

Simplz: Zoo 32.0 Reflexive Entertainment 

In Simplz: Zoo combines two types of game play, simulation and puzzle into one unique game.
In Simplz: Zoo, you'll be in charge of your own zoo. You'll decide everything from what animals to add, to where the water fountains should go.
Play is broken into two parts. In the simulation part, you'll build your zoo. In the. Free download of Simplz: Zoo 32.0, size 0 b.

World of Zoo 1.0 THQ Inc. 

World of Zoo is the only game that pushes you past the fences and into a world of your own zoo. You can create and customize your zoo experience and develop hands on relationships to earn the trust and love of your animals. Get up close and personal with the world’s most amazing zoo animals through hands on interaction. The game includes. Free download of World of Zoo 1.0, size 0 b.

Muse Names Muse Creations Inc. 

Muse Names is a database of names from Muse Creations created for Windows platforms. This database is aimed at parents looking for a perfect name for their newly arrived little one, and also at creative writers who are looking for a perfect character name for their new fiction, etc.

Muse Names is not just a database that stores some. Free download of Muse Names, size 19.28 Mb.

Baby Names - Classic (Sketched) MyBookSoftware 

Baby Names allows you to create your very own personalized Baby Name.Each print out contains personalized information based upon any baby name and birth date including Meaning of Name, Origin of Name and a personalized poem based upon important events.Create scrolls, greeting cards, keyrings, fridge magnets, mugs, mouse mats and much more. Free download of Baby Names - Classic (Sketched), size 10.82 Mb.

RTG Names 2 4 RTG Data Systems 

RTG Names stores names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. A few keystrokes or mouse clicks will find any name and phone number among thousands of entries.
Click a button to copy the selected name and address to the Windows clipboard. Or click a different button to copy the e-mail address to the clipboard.. Freeware download of RTG Names 2 4, size 36.67 Mb.

Zoo Friends Screensaver 3.0 Ken`s Gift Shop 

Zoo Friends Screensaver will display photos that were taken at a local zoo.

Some photos include black bears, big cats, reptiles, aquatic life, birds and much more.

Zoo Friends Screensaver is great for children as well as for grown-ups.

It's also a flexible screensaver - you may choose the time interval. Free download of Zoo Friends Screensaver 3.0, size 2.69 Mb.

Split Domain Names and URLs Into Separate Words Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Split long spaceless domain names into individual words with spaces. For example, homepage becomes information is beautiful.. Free download of Split Domain Names and URLs Into Separate Words Software 7.0, size 786.43 Kb.

Sort Names By Last Name Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Sort a list of names starting with the last name first.. Free download of Sort Names By Last Name Software 7.0, size 770.05 Kb.

Fantasy Zoo 1. 1. 2000 3rd sense 

Welcome to Fantasy Zoo, a fantastic sim management game that puts you in charge of creating the greatest zoo on the planet. Create your zoo from the ground up: Install cages, breed, sell and maintain the most fantastic creatures ever, landscape your grounds, build amenities and shops, and hire your staff. Keep your customers satisfied and the more. Free download of Fantasy Zoo 1. 1. 2000, size 2.85 Mb.

Zoo Truck 1.0 

New game in the genre of cargo delivery ZOO truck. Your objective standard: download the full body of the cargo, and gently bring it to its destination. Remember that from your driving skills affect the lives of defenseless animals. Use Arrow keys to drive your Zoo Truck.. Freeware download of Zoo Truck 1.0, size 1.49 Mb.

File Names Export 1.12 UT Bay 

File Names Export - free utility to export file names to a CSV file. It is a very small and fast standalone application. It does not require any registration for download, decompression or installation. Just download it and run it. You can specify couple of options like file filter, exporting file size and date.. Freeware download of File Names Export 1.12, size 61.44 Kb.

Cougar Mountain Zoo Theme New Microsoft 

Cougar Mountain Zoo Theme displays several pictures depicting numerous animals from the Cougar Mountain Zoo, an organization for wildlife preservation.

You can admire images of cougars, tigers, macaws and cranes, without even needing to leave your computer.

. Free download of Cougar Mountain Zoo Theme New, size 0 b.

First Names 2012 

First Names 2012 is an application that will help you create your own personalised first names SCROLLS, GREETING CARDS, KEYRINGS + MORE! Do you know the ORIGIN and MEANING of your first name ?

Enter ANY first name, eg. Laura and our First Names software will generate a PERSONALISED SCROLL, GREETING CARD, KEYRING etc. with the full. Free download of First Names 2012, size 0 b.

ESL: Names for Food and Drink 1.0.0010 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Designed as a simple and user-friendly quiz, ESL: Names for Food and Drink enables your kids to learn more about food and beverages.

All they have to do is launch the application and identify the correct image. ESL: Names for Food and Drink was developed in Java.

. Free download of ESL: Names for Food and Drink 1.0.0010, size 0 b.