Naskah Drama Dialog

FlashSnap for AutoCAD 2.0 DeliCAD 

FlashSnap is a replacement for the standard AutoCAD Object Snap dialog. FlashSnap lets you control and manage easily and fast your snap modes without the need of using the dialog box.. Free download of FlashSnap for AutoCAD 2.0, size 566.27 Kb.


Web Graphic Maker-7 1.0 style-7 

Web Graphic Maker-7 is utility for draw dialog or window items (buttons (pushed, radio, check), tabs, captions etc) using current theme of OS Windows. The process of creation is very simple and fast.The program Web Graphic Maker-7 offers you the following possibilities: * Draw an item and save image to any format; * Change state of item (pushed,. Freeware download of Web Graphic Maker-7 1.0, size 364.54 Kb.

Pathbuddy 1.1 HB 

Pathbuddy lets you define hotkeys for selecting folders in almost any program's Open & Save dialog (as well as Windows Explorer). Normally, when you open a Save dialog, you need to navigate to the folder that you want to use, which can often be annoying. Pathbuddy allows you to switch the dialog to any of your favorite folders instantly, by. Freeware download of Pathbuddy 1.1, size 384.00 Kb.

Metagate 2005 Artpower GmbH 

MetaGate, die einzige Suchmaschinen-Anmeldesoftware mit Indexierungs-Dialog, direkter -bermittlung der Metadaten, Ranking Check, Website Check und bezahltem Suchmaschinen-eintrag bringt Ihre Website auf die Spitzenplntze in den Suchmaschinen! 10 GrRnde, die fRr MetaGate sprechen: 1. MetaGate ist die professionelle Software, in der ALLES integriert. Free download of Metagate 2005, size 1.67 Mb.

FSX Aircraft ToolBox 1.0 TweakFS 

The Aircraft Viewer will search your FSX folder and visually display all installed aircraft, both default and add-on, outside of the FSX aircraft dialog. It uses a "reference card" type display with some basic information on the aircraft and the aircraft thumbnail. Each one of these details can be edited directly on the card if desired.. Free download of FSX Aircraft ToolBox 1.0, size 7.73 Mb.

Night of the Forget-Me-Nots 1.0 al|together 2006 

Makoto is on her way to the drama club’s spring retreat when she gets lost in the woods, so she’s pretty glad to meet up with another lost kid. Taking him under her wing, she heads for the old school where the retreat is going to take place, blissfully unaware of what lies in wait.... Freeware download of Night of the Forget-Me-Nots 1.0, size 5.61 Mb.

Headed Goal 3.0.3 Roogames 

Headed Goal gives you all the drama and excitement of Club and International soccer. It is a replay simulation based on the dice and chart game Full Time, but this design has been expanded in many ways to give many user options and key tactical decisions to be made while still maintaining the integrity required of any replay simulation. Pick your. Free download of Headed Goal 3.0.3, size 10.23 Mb.

OptimiData JP2view Engine 1 7 OptimiData 

"JP2view_Engine" allows integration of viewing functionality of JPEG2000 images within the Windows Explorer, display of JPEG2000 image information in file property dialog box, information about file size, image dimensions, pixel depth, converting JPEG2000 images into BMP, JPG, TIFF.. Freeware download of OptimiData JP2view Engine 1 7, size 1.57 Mb.

OEM Logo Stamper 2 7 Zem Soft 

The OEM Logo Stamper program is capable of putting a customized logo on the dialog box of all Windows systems. It is easy to use and has many useful features. The user interface of the OEM Logo Stamper is setup in a clear and organized way. Any user will be able to understand it and will have no trouble using it. All information that could belong. Freeware download of OEM Logo Stamper 2 7, size 54.24 Mb.

Wings Library Demo 1.0 CWDesign 

The Wing and Thumb Library dialog box allows you to easily add industry standard wing nut, wing screw or thumb screw to your Drawing. The parts models created are standard AutoCAD solid models that can be added to your assembly drawing as 2D or 3D entities. It's like having the Machinery's Handbook on-line. You just point, click and Wings. Free download of Wings Library Demo 1.0, size 5.69 Mb.

The Wizard's Apprentice 1 5 Dion Nicolaas 

It will allow you to ask questions from a script file, using Windows dialog boxes in the so-called Wizard style: large dialogs asking one question at a time, with a Back button, a Next button and a Cancel button. Using a well-described and portable API you can create a wealth of commonly used dialog controls. With a few common scripting techniques,. Freeware download of The Wizard's Apprentice 1 5, size 27.46 Mb.

Myalert 1 60 Auermann Consulting 

This application is a reminder program that automatically pops up a dialog box at computer startup with events you wanted to know 1-7 days (your choice) prior to their occurrence.

According to PC Magazine®, this program is far superior in its simplicity and functionality to Microsoft's Outlook®.

Which. Freeware download of Myalert 1 60, size 4.07 Mb.

Infopost-Manager 7. 1. 2002 Deutsche Post AG 

Infopost-Manager is designed to help you prepare your dialog marketing campaigns for dispatch and to get them on their way! INFOPOST-MANAGER handles everything from address check and the elimination of duplicate entries to postage optimization. It even provides you with the documents needed for processing and posting.

INFOPOST-MANAGER. Free download of Infopost-Manager 7. 1. 2002, size 108.77 Mb.

SKTimeStamp 1. 3. 2003 Stefans Tools 

SKTimeStamp is a very simple shell extension which adds a new page to the Explorer properties dialog. On that new page, you can change the file/folder dates and times.

SKTimeStamp - powerful, smart, reliable and efficient tool that helps you easily and quickly add a new page on Explorer.. Freeware download of SKTimeStamp 1. 3. 2003, size 246.78 Kb.

Daisy Multiple Browser 0.1 Daisy Analysis Ltd. 

The program was designed so that several copies of Internet Explorer were opened in the same dialog and each could be set to refresh at particular rates.

Main Features :

- Preloading several copies of Internet Explorer with the web sites needed for your work or hobby.
- Watching several important web pages at the. Free download of Daisy Multiple Browser 0.1, size 4.69 Mb.

VLAN Logon Tool for ALCATEL 3.0.1 TECHNO SQUARE Inc. 

VLAN Logon Tool for ALCATEL Configuration is a software that allows you to change on standard Windows the logon dialog box.This software is a client software for Alcatel Authenticated VLAN and Windows Single Sign-On (SSO).The Windows user authntication is based on Windows LSA(Local Security Authority), and equal standard logon.. Free download of VLAN Logon Tool for ALCATEL 3.0.1, size 13.59 Mb.

Abthir Startsiden Toolbar 6 8 Abthir Startsiden 

You have full control over the Application and can modify your preferences at any time (including the components and features you have added to the Application), from the Options dialog box of the Application.
You can easily deactivate your Application at any time by using the standard deactivation features available in your internet browser. Freeware download of Abthir Startsiden Toolbar 6 8, size 0 b.

PyKotIcon 1.0 Jerome Alet 

PyKotIcon is a cross-platform client side application which is a generic dialog box manager. It exposes all of its functionnalities through an internal XML-RPC server, allowing an XML-RPC client to open dialogs on the PyKotIcon box, ask questions and print results, or whatever.. Freeware download of PyKotIcon 1.0, size 2.31 Mb.

Desktop Patrol 1.0 Hkeylocal Executables 

Desktop Patrol prevents access to software programs, Windows options, settings and dialog boxes.
Desktop Patrol also stops users from downloading software onto a computer and provides the ability to stop users from connecting to open Wireless Networks.. Freeware download of Desktop Patrol 1.0, size 2.62 Mb.

MetaProducts AutoDialogs MetaProducts 

Using AutoDialogs, you can automatically insert pre-selected folders into your dialog boxes using a system tray menu or a pre-assigned hot key. Thus the program gives you an easy access to your favorite folder. The dialog box can be that of Windows "Open" or "Save as". It can also be a Registry Editor window or that of any MS. Free download of MetaProducts AutoDialogs, size 8.07 Mb.