Navy Helikopter

All Navy 3.0 Soft 2D 

This screensaver shows incredible images of Navy aircraft carriers, submarines, aircraft, battleships, and other surface ships. See old ships like the first Navy aircraft carrier and the world's oldest commissioned warship afloat. See the most advanced nuclear-powered ships in the fleet. Anchors away! This screen saver includes the best images from. Free download of All Navy 3.0, size 1.66 Mb.


Navy Midshipmen IE Browser Theme Brand Thunder 

This is the only official browser experience designed especially for US Navy athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Navy theme, quick links to the best of and a multimedia sidebar for the latest action. Plus an easy way to un-install if necessary. SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search. Freeware download of Navy Midshipmen IE Browser Theme, size 690.18 Kb.

Navy Field: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet 1.333 SD EnterNet 

Welcome to Navy Field; a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game based on World War II naval warfare by SD EnterNet.
Be prepared to experience intense naval battles against large teams of real opponents from across the globe. To help you on your quest to be the ultimate commander of the sea, almost 100 different WWII era naval. Freeware download of Navy Field: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet 1.333, size 522.19 Mb.

HTS-Navy 1.0 Hts-navy 

The goal of this project is to build a standardized Windows driver for the Hitec HTS-Navy product.
This driver will be based on the SAM framework.
Prior to that, a translation of the "Windows User Mode Driver Framework" and "Sensor API" are required

HTS-Navy 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of HTS-Navy 1.0, size 0 b.

Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - U.S. Navy 3.5.7 Phanovatives 


This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series.

Features flyable A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk and F-4B Phantom II.

Full feature U.S. Navy carrier take-off and landing with deck crew, Surface to Air Missiles for both side, Radar Warning. Free download of Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - U.S. Navy 3.5.7, size 189.79 Mb.

Learning The Ropes - Navy Knots 1.0 

Tying knots is a vital skill to have in the Royal Australian Navy. With this handy tool, learn to tie different Navy knots with 3D animated tutorials and facts.. Freeware download of Learning The Ropes - Navy Knots 1.0, size 2.94 Mb.

RC-Heli-Action - Das Magazin fur RC-Helikopter-Piloten 1.18.7 Wellhausen & Marquardt Medien 

RC-Heli-Action ist das Magazin fur alle, die Sp* an Modell-Helikoptern haben. Vom Koax- uber Kunstflug- und Turbinen-Helikopter sowie Scale-Modelle und Multikopter bis hin zu Interviews, Reportagen, Technik- und Workshop-Berichten zum Nach- und Selbermachen: mit RC-Heli-Action sind Helipiloten jeden Monat aufs Neue optimal informiert.. Freeware download of RC-Heli-Action - Das Magazin fur RC-Helikopter-Piloten 1.18.7, size 17.62 Mb.

RC-Helikopter richtig fliegen 1.0 Franzis Verlag GmbH 

Einen Helikopter zu fliegen, will gelernt sein. Startersets suggerieren zwar, man brauche den Modellhubschrauber nur auszupacken und konne sofort loslegen. Das trifft jedoch nur auf die Piloten zu, die schon Flugerfahrung mit RC-Helikoptern haben. Fluganfanger sind dagegen schnell mit beschadigten Rotorblattern konfrontiert, die sich im Untergrund. Free download of RC-Helikopter richtig fliegen 1.0, size 27.68 Mb.

PROcessu SeaBattle for Pocket PC 1 Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda 

PROcessu SeaBattle is a computer game based on the paper navy battle game, which almost all of us have played sometime. It consists of one space divided in 256 squares (16 rows x 16 columns), where you may place your fleet. The winner will be the one, who guesses the position of all the enemy's ships before he/she does it. The winner will get one. Free download of PROcessu SeaBattle for Pocket PC 1, size 626.69 Kb.

U.S. Navy Screensaver 1.0 Fort Liberty 

U.S. Navy Screensaver.. Freeware download of U.S. Navy Screensaver 1.0, size 4.44 Mb.


NAVFIT98A is a Windows based software application that helps users create, store, organize and print fitness or evaluation reports. These reports are printed in hard copy and mailed to Navy Personnel Command.
PERS-32 then scans the hard copy into the FITREP/EVAL (FE) Module of the Electronic Military Personnel Records System (EMPRS) creating. Freeware download of NavFit98A, size 12.94 Mb.

NavyFIELD 1.331 eFusion 

The seas of Navy Field beckon for you to take command of your WWII era vessel and join the field of battle. Be prepared to experience intense naval battles against large teams of real opponents from across the globe.
As a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game, Navy Field provides an ever changing gaming landscape for you to. Freeware download of NavyFIELD 1.331, size 597.39 Mb.

Lone Wolf GMA Games 

Lone Wolf is a sophisticated, full-featured World War II submarine simulation game, where you pit your skills against the enemy's navy and land emplacements. As commander of a World War II submarine, you are given missions that you must complete. You will be pitted against destroyers, sub chasers, and mine fields in pursuit of troop carriers,. Freeware download of Lone Wolf, size 3.62 Mb.

United States Naval Academy Browser 0.9 Brand Thunder 

This is a browser experience built especially for fans of Navy athletics. With the U.S. Naval Academy Browser Theme, you'll enjoy:

- A stunning Navy theme
- Quick links to Navy Facebook and Twitter pages
- Easy access to the best of
- A sidebar of featured news. Freeware download of United States Naval Academy Browser 0.9, size 69.09 Mb.

Navy Threat Screensaver 1.0 

One of the most impressive ocean vehicles is, no doubt about it, the submarine.
Can you imagine taking an underwater journey in one of those vessels?

Navy Threat Screensaver brings the pride of the Navy to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will allow you to visit a real submarine as it navigates the oceans of the. Freeware download of Navy Threat Screensaver 1.0, size 7.33 Mb.

YachtLiner 8.0.21 SODENA 

YachtLiner is a complete navigational aid system software developed for navy, yachting and commercial shipping. This software is specialized for usage by people that understand the principle of boat ridding.It contains data regarding the routes to take when driving a ship and much more. Free download of YachtLiner 8.0.21, size 284.64 Mb.

Flip_Themes_Package_Spread_House 1.0 

Orange always shows a feeling of warm, dark-blue furniture is easy to care for, painting the floor deep navy unifies a blue room and makes the ceiling appear highera€¦ Series of House building or decoration thoughts to publish with readers, now build a fantastic page-flipping magazine with the themes packaged in Spread House Theme Package now.. Freeware download of Flip_Themes_Package_Spread_House 1.0, size 5.05 Mb.

adama quest 1.0 

Simulation space in which the player will have to fight against ennemy fleet, he will be a navy pilot. Plan to access to several vessel, depending on pilot rank (from light fighter to heavy cruiser). Freeware download of adama quest 1.0, size 220.75 Mb.

CoastalWarrior 0.4.9 

Training and tracking for Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. Freeware download of CoastalWarrior 0.4.9, size 116.98 Kb.

Mariners Office 9.0 

Mariners Office is a draft survey and lashing calc software for Merchant Navy which adds lots of features and extras which make your cargo calculations faster, more useful and secure.

<b>Key features of the Draft Survey</b>
1. Two modes of calculation - MANUAL or AUTO.
2. Unique feature: to receive necessary. Free download of Mariners Office 9.0, size 4.76 Mb.