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Cloud Toolkit.Net 6 

Cloud Toolkit .Net provides many useful and good-looking .Net controls for use with .Net applications (VC++, VC#, VB.Net etc). Update (September 2011): The project has been inactive for a few years and will remain so. No support provided!. Freeware download of Cloud Toolkit.Net 6, size 527.01 Kb.


Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components 2.3 Snotra Tech 

Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components for .NET provides connected dataset for data-aware components like DataGrid,DataGridView and etc which is intented for Oracle database.Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components extend standard functions and features of ADO.NET set of componentsand provide advanced reliable and convenient way to work with Oracle. Free download of Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components 2.3, size 10.03 Mb.

Update Controls .NET Michael L Perry 

Update Controls .NET is a handy component that can discover dependencies automatically so you don't have to manage them in your View Model.

And it works with Winforms. Bind through code using events. What's more, Update Controls is watching what your properties do. If they call OnGet(), or call anything that calls OnGet(), it sets up a. Free download of Update Controls .NET, size 0 b.

Ajax-Controls.NET dbAutoTrack Ltd. 

Ajax-Controls.NET component is designed to provide developers with an easy-to-use tool to AJAX enable standard ASP.NET controls and 3rd party controls in ASP.NET application, which allow you to update page content without postback and loss of scroll position.The short response time combined with the smooth interface transitions result in superior. Free download of Ajax-Controls.NET, size 1.57 Mb.

DDay.Update - an update library for .NET rc 

A class library and bootstrap loader for adding automatic update capability to your .NET 2.0+ applications. It uses ClickOnce manifest files, but avoids some of the do-it-all-for-you pitfalls of ClickOnce while staying easy to use.. Freeware download of DDay.Update - an update library for .NET rc, size 331.42 Kb.

VS.NET Deployment Project Updater 1.1.3 Beta dkackman 

VDProjectUpdater is a command line utility that will update a VS.NET setup project (vdproj) version and product/package/upgrade/module identifiers.. Freeware download of VS.NET Deployment Project Updater 1.1.3 Beta, size 29.36 Kb. 1.2 Jobmax Technologies, inc. Mobile Edition lets you view and update your construction schedules, access job details, customers and suppliers contacts from wherever you are.

What's is an internet-based software solution that provides tools designed to manage all daily aspects of a construction company. From productions schedules,. Freeware download of 1.2, size 629.14 Kb.

SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Std Ed 5.2.28 Framtidsforum I&M AB 

Convert Excel spreadsheet to good-looking, calculating web page, with all calculations protected by ASP.NET on any Windows server.

The conversion to web format retains the interactivity of a spreadsheet, and the entire visual layout is carried over to your blog or web page. Charts are converted to Flash animations that update when data. Free download of SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Std Ed 5.2.28, size 10.63 Mb.

NET Win HTML Editor Control SpiceLogic Technologies INC 

You are a .NET Developer, looking for a WYSIWYG editor control that will take / return HTML string and you want that your application should run on .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.x, right? SpiceLogic offers you a highly efficient .NET WYSIWYG editor control for Windows Forms which GETs and SETs Html string. You can use this control for developing windows. Free download of NET Win HTML Editor Control, size 6.03 Mb.

SphinxConnector.NET 1.1.0 Dennis Gronewold 

SphinxConnector.NET is an all managed .NET library to access the functions and features of the Sphinx full-text search engine from your .NET applications. It enables you to easily integrate the fast full-text search capabilities provided by Sphinx into your websites and programs.Features:

Support for Sphinx 0.9.8, 0.9.9 RC2 and 0.9.10. Free download of SphinxConnector.NET 1.1.0, size 1.66 Mb.

CodeSpark 1.0 Redbrook Technology 

asp.NET web forms and code generation tool - creates update forms, selection forms, data classes ,control classes and stored procedures from SQL database. Generated forms and code can be added straight to your project, saving you hundreds or thousands of hours of time in writing data access code and standard update and selection forms.
We. Free download of CodeSpark 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET 2.2 DHTMLX 

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET is a higly customizable Ajax-powered calendar control that allows quick adding of a user-friendly scheduling interface, similar to MS Outlook or Google Calendar, to your ASP.NET apps. It allows creating rich event calendars, task managers, job schedulers, booking calendars and car rentals. The main features. Free download of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET 2.2, size 11.24 Mb.

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 1.0 Microsoft 

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 (WSUS 3.0 SP2) delivers updates to corporate environments from Microsoft Update. This release adds new features and fixes issues found since the release of the product. WSUS 3.0 SP2 delivers important customer-requested management, stability, and performance improvements. Some of the features and. Freeware download of Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 1.0, size 86.82 Mb.

Version Updater 2.1 Build 4392 Beta trwolfe 

Version Updater is a simple, lightweight command line tool that you can include in your applications in order to automatically update the version number during development.

The program works with .NET languages, C# and Visual Basic. In order to use it, you have to enter some command line arguments, such as the input file path, the. Free download of Version Updater 2.1 Build 4392 Beta, size 0 b.

UpdateShield 1.0 R2 Sciensoft Research 

UpdateShield is the complete solution for automatic software update. It provides a quick and easy solution to integrate an automatic update system into your application. There is no need to add or modify any single line of code. Developed under the core technology of Sciensoft Software Security, Updateshield does not only provide an automatic. Free download of UpdateShield 1.0 R2, size 11.36 Mb.

Update Uninstall Tool Microsoft 

On a computer that has Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed, if you uninstall an update using Add/Remove Programs the file version may be rolled back to the last Service Pack. This Uninstall Cleanup Tool addresses the issue.

Get the. Free download of Update Uninstall Tool, size 0 b.

Softlock.NET 1.0 Softlock.NET 1.0 

Softlock.NET solution consists of following two components: Softlock Protection Kit: Software used to apply the protection. Softlock Application Server: Web Service used to authenticate / monitor / support / control / update the protected software, by default it resides in Softlock Server, put it can be installed in any other server. Softlock.NET. Free download of Softlock.NET 1.0, size 10.20 Mb.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Crystal Reports Update 1.0 Microsoft Coporation 

A security issue has been identified in the Crystal Reports Web Form which could allow information disclosure and denial of service on a computer running the Visual Studio .NET 2003 family of products. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft.. Free download of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Crystal Reports Update 1.0, size 2.12 Mb.

VB Net Maker 2 2 GPMI 

VB_Net_Maker creates VB.Net file to access a Data Base (Oracle, Access, SQL Server, other sources) from ASPX pages. It generates a file containing a class for each table of the Data Base, with Sub class or an arraylist of sub classes for each foreign key, according to the direction of this key, Property for each column of the table, Methods Update,. Free download of VB Net Maker 2 2, size 304.09 Kb.

Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET 3.5 Akal Tech 

Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET is a powerful and very flexible control. The control extends the power of the Business Logic Framework and the developer can perform complex searches, inserts, updates, deletes without writing a single line of code. The Data Source control allows the developer to have complete granular control (just like the. Freeware download of Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET 3.5, size 21.66 Mb.