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ASP.NET Report Maker 6.0 e.World Technology Ltd. 

ASP.NET Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic ASP.NET Web Pages (VB or C#) from Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports for your websites. Flash charting (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, funnel, multi-series,. Free download of ASP.NET Report Maker 6.0, size 22.54 Mb.


Report Sharp-Shooter 5.3.0 Perpetuum Software 

Report Sharp-Shooter is a reporting component that helps you create flexible reports and easily integrate them into your Web and Win apps. It supports a variety of industry-standard export formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, and more. An advanced Master Report concept helps to save time while developing a large number of reports with the. Free download of Report Sharp-Shooter 5.3.0, size 73.99 Mb.

Data-Reports.NET dbAutoTrack Ltd. 

Data-Report.NET is a reporting component designed for ASP.NET&WinForm .NETIt is written in 100% managed C# and is 100% integrated with Visual Studio .NET IDE. We have designed Data-Reports.NET on strict guidelines of best reporting practices, Visual Studio .NET IDE user interface standards and standard designer technology. This makes it very. Free download of Data-Reports.NET, size 4.76 Mb.

Report Sharp-Shooter Express Perpetuum Software 

Report Sharp-Shooter Express is the first, reporting engine of such high class for $95.00. The component is designed for .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5 and provides vast capabilities for designing professional and multi-functional reports in Windows Forms applications. The product supports all .NET data sources including ADO.NET and third parties. Free download of Report Sharp-Shooter Express, size 67.29 Mb.

Universal Report Server 1.1 VersaReports, LLC 

You have lots of choices for designing reports: SAP Crystal Reports, DevExpress XtraReports, Telerik Reporting, Grape City/Data Dynamics ActiveReports, and so on.If you wanted to host those reports on your web server, run them automatically at certain times with certain parameters, distribute them to other people inside and outside your. Free download of Universal Report Server 1.1, size 13.16 Mb.

SharpShooter Reports.Win 6.0.0 Perpetuum Software 

SharpShooter Reports is a reporting component that helps you create flexible reports and easily integrate them into your Win apps. It supports a variety of industry-standard export formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, and more. An advanced Master Report concept helps to save time while developing a large number of reports with a unified. Free download of SharpShooter Reports.Win 6.0.0, size 114.67 Mb.

Windows Form .NET Report Tool 0.1.4 

EmPy.Report is a C# .NET assembly to generate Report based on Xml ReportStructure and DataSet driven. At the moment it's only a working alpha version, help me to build a final version. Recuitment is open!. Freeware download of Windows Form .NET Report Tool 0.1.4, size 243.11 Kb.

Data Dynamics ActiveReports Pro 6.0 Crystal Reports 

Data Dynamics Reports follows a more visual report designing model with online scripting that meets most of your reporting needs with less code and less understanding of the architecture.

Microsoft Reporting Definition Language (RDL) Format

* ActiveReports uses the proprietary RPX reporting format that is proven and time. Free download of Data Dynamics ActiveReports Pro 6.0, size 0 b.

ReportMax for .NET 2.0 CppMax 

ReportMax for .NET is a plugin for Visual Studio designed to display .NET code reports and export them to PDF format.

ReportMax for .NET also bundles an integrated designer. With its aid, you will be able to view Wndorms and WebForms controls.

. Free download of ReportMax for .NET 2.0, size 0 b.

MindFusion.Reporting for WinForms 1.0.1 MindFusion 

MindFusion.Reporting provides applications targeting the .NET platform with the ability to create and display various kinds of reports.

The component supports complex data-binding scenarios and comes with a built-in scripting engine that allows adding calculated values to the report. Output options include a Windows Forms report viewer. Free download of MindFusion.Reporting for WinForms 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Aspose.Report 1.1 Aspose Pty Ltd 

Aspose.Report is a .Net Report Component which allows developers to break down a report design process into different section so that business analysts, developers or DBA can work on different parts, for instance, a developer could use SQL editor to compose dynamic SQL script and retrieve data (The good understanding to SQL and database is a. Free download of Aspose.Report 1.1, size 1992.82 Mb.

Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight 2011.2 Stimulsoft 

Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight is a reporting tool created for the Silverlight platform. The product consists of three parts. The first part is a set of ASP.NET components for viewing and editing in the Web browser. Report rendering occurs on the server. Showing and editing report goes on the client side using the whole palette of capabilities of. Free download of Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight 2011.2, size 62.60 Mb.

SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.4 Perpetuum Software 

Enterprise Web reporting tools, or Web-based reporting systems, provide companies with powerful abilities for analysis of the entire business by putting critical information in the hands of all those who need it. SharpShooter Reports.Web is the true cross platform report viewer intended for the creation and display of reports in any Web. Free download of SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.4, size 120.59 Mb.

PDF Report Generator 2.1 AxiomCoders 

AxiomCoders PDF Report Generator is complete solution used for generating reports.Major things you need to know about this PDF component:- .NET component or Win32/Win64 dll components are available
- Works on C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB 6, C++, C, ...
- Easy integration in just 6 lines of code (event driven or direct usage of objects)
-. Free download of PDF Report Generator 2.1, size 973.81 Kb.

i-net Designer 12.0.248 i-net software 

i-net Designer is a useful application designed to help you create report templates to be used with the data sources from i-net Clear Reports. The program allows you to insert charts and other items in order to create the perfect report layout for your project.

You can use this tool in your own programs written in Java by using the API. Free download of i-net Designer 12.0.248, size 0 b.

Net Prospector Professional Baxsoft 

Net Prospector Professional is a handy application designed to help you search the Internet and to generate a report.

The program allows you to enter for a webpage by entering a keyword. The results are listed into an HTML report generated when you stop the search.

. Free download of Net Prospector Professional, size 0 b.

Siberix Report Writer 10.1 SIBERIX TECHNOLOGIES 

Siberix Report Writer is an advanced reporting solution for .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.5 designed to create industry standard PDF and XPS documents dynamically with API calls or from XML. It provides a variety of methods to format text, insert images, draw geometric figures and paths and allows to create complex layouts.

Top Features of. Free download of Siberix Report Writer 10.1, size 2.63 Mb.

Cucusoft Net Guard 1.0.91 Cucusoft, Inc. 

Cucusoft Net Guard, a free software to monitor your broadband usage, speed up your Internet speed, kill malware who are wasting your bandwidth, provide you a monthly detail Broadband Usage report. On the market, this kind of software is sold for $30 or higher and even has fewer features than ours. We give you for free. Meanwhile, we GUARANTEE that. Freeware download of Cucusoft Net Guard 1.0.91, size 3.11 Mb.

Net Prospector Music Baxsoft 

Net Prospector Music is a handy application that allows you to search for music related websites. The program allows you to enter the keyword and to generate a detailed report.

The report is generated in HTML format and includes information about the found file type and encoding.

. Free download of Net Prospector Music, size 0 b.

.NET ModelKit Suite Perpetuum Software 

Modern businesses are challenged by a host of problems that must be solved immediately or the business won't be a success. One of the most critical problems is the impossibility of making a decision without effectively processed and visually represented information. A complex approach including creation of an effective reporting system, decision. Free download of .NET ModelKit Suite, size 63.84 Mb.