Network Client Controler

USB over Network (Client) FabulaTech 

USB over Network (Client) is a far better remote automation utility that will bridge your distance for using any USB drive from anywhere. With this application installed in your system you can configure any USB drive so that you can work remotely with it over the Local network or even the Internet. You will be instantly connected to any USB drive. Freeware download of USB over Network (Client), size 5.51 Mb.


Skanix Network Client Skanix 

Skanix Network Client is a software tool used for PC workgroups. Skanix Network Client has to be installed on each workstation.

First of all, the Skanix Network Client port needs to be set. Registration to the Crossroad Server can be done in 3 different cases : automatic/use broadcast, user defined address or not using registration.. Free download of Skanix Network Client, size 4.34 Mb.

Spotter Network Client 3.0.9 Spotter Network Inc 

Spotter Network Client is an very powerful program.
Software is provided "as is," and SpotterNetwork Inc. (NFP) disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.. Freeware download of Spotter Network Client 3.0.9, size 9.15 Mb.

snavtclient - AV TECH DVR Client 0.0.4 

snavtclient is free open source network client program for CCTV security surveillance digital video recorders (DVR) manufactured by the AV TECH Corporation. For more information please see software web site: Freeware download of snavtclient - AV TECH DVR Client 0.0.4, size 402.90 Kb.

DC++ FasterDownloads 2 8 SuperAcceleratorSoftware 

DC++ FasterDownloads is a download-accelerator add-on application for Direct Download Network client name DC++. This small and easy to use program saves your precious time by bringing download speed to its limit. Automatically finds more sources better then a regular DC++ search engine and optimizes bandwidth utilization. The variety DC++. Freeware download of DC++ FasterDownloads 2 8, size 0 b.

Multtiple 1. 1. 2001 Hajime Kobayashi 

Multtiple is the social network client for Twitter and Tumblr.

Multtiple runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux with Adobe AIR.

Supported details settings for Tumblr post(Post target,post to Twitter, etc)

Loading your likes on the column.

Improved timeline behavior.

Setting timeline. Freeware download of Multtiple 1. 1. 2001, size 4.10 Kb.

LainShell 32 

LainShell is a textmode network client/server application. With this tool you can remotly manage you file systems, check system status or easly execute some commands in system shell, and more. We have support for Unix/Windows platforms.. Freeware download of LainShell 32, size 212.28 Kb.

trashzilla 1.0 Trashzilla 

Be the network trash container for local network client machines(Linux, OS X and Windows).

trashzilla 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of trashzilla 1.0, size 0 b.

ClockWatch Server 4.5.0 Beagle Software 

ClockWatch Server communicates with Internet timeservers to maintain the correct time on each of your network client computers.

It's the ideal network time sync solution for small and medium-sized networks and networks that opt for distributed, end-user control.

. Free download of ClockWatch Server 4.5.0, size 0 b.

Secure IM Client 1.0 Secureimclient 

This project is designed to create a secure instant messaging client that utilizes existing instant message frameworks such as AOL, Google Talk, Yahoo Chat, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to have a multi-network client.

Secure IM Client 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Secure IM Client 1.0, size 0 b.


This program is an application to share the lines of the 3rd party TAPI driver of a PBX system easily to the network. So every network client is able to include all TAPI functions of the driver in the local applications with a remote TAPI driver. You also get an "occupied" display in which you can recognize if users are calling or absent.. Freeware download of ESTOS TAPI Server 2 2, size 13.18 Mb.

LBackup, easy backup solution 1.0 Lbackup 

LBackup, easy backup for desktop PC's and client(s) in a small LAN ( e.g. a home network ) - Client/Server: Clients without backup media store on a backup client. - easy to use GUI front-end - Automatic backup before system shut-down

LBackup, easy backup solution 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of LBackup, easy backup solution 1.0, size 0 b.

CapiFax 4.10 Shamrock Software GmbH 

CapiFax is an ISDN-based network fax solution for 2 to 60 connections at one time. Each ISDN MSN/DDI (local number) can be configured for one network client so each workstation has a private number. Terminal server clients are also supported. After installation, please see capifax$.htm for configuration details. (Shamrock also has ISDN PCI cards. Free download of CapiFax 4.10, size 2.04 Mb.

IPnote 2 5 Motava Corporation 

Designed for the IT and technically-challenged crowd alike, IPnote is a simple application that emails you when the IP of a PC you're monitoring changes. It's ideal for those in need of dynamic IP change email notification software.
IPnote offers infinite email recipients, custom subject lines, free SMTP, and unlimited IP. Free download of IPnote 2 5, size 0 b.

QD Networking 1.0 Qdnet 

QDNet stands for Quick & Dirty Networking. It is designed to be a lightweight network manager. It is a simple and elegant solution to Linux's network client problem. It supports both a command-line and graphical interface.

QD Networking 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of QD Networking 1.0, size 0 b.

Netdiag for Windows 1.0 Microsoft 

This command-line diagnostic tool helps isolate networking and connectivity problems by performing a series of tests to determine the state of your network client and whether it is functional. These tests and the key network status information they expose give network administrators and support personnel a more direct means of identifying and. Free download of Netdiag for Windows 1.0, size 272.63 Kb.

Visible Network Client 1.0 

The "Visible Network" is CarnivorePE client that permit visualize, using augmented reality technology, the data that is interchanged in a wireless network. Print the mark, connect you webcam and run the program and you will see how it works... !!!. Freeware download of Visible Network Client 1.0, size 15.00 Mb.

Network Security Task Manager 1.5 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Network Security Task Manager securely protects Windows networks from sophisticated malware not detected by traditional security solutions. Today malware is diverse and numerous. Thousands of potential spyware, trackware, Trojans, keyloggers and spybots endanger the safety of your private and business information. The constant development of. Free download of Network Security Task Manager 1.5, size 3.54 Mb.

USB Drive Blocker Software Data Recovery Utilities 

Download removable drive disabler utility which is able to provide beep sounds to system administrators in case of any USB port connecting media is being plug-in or plug-out in any computer system or within network system as well as save information on device connect or removed with date, time, device manufactures name, unique hardware id,. Free download of USB Drive Blocker Software, size 2.98 Mb.

China textile accessories 1.0 Zehe Chen 

China textile accessories network is a predominantly textile accessories industry large mobile e-commerce platform to the client. Is also a geared to the needs of the broad masses of customers to provide the latest textile accessories industry supplies, want to buy, business opportunities, product price, industry information, dynamic, exhibitions,. Freeware download of China textile accessories 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

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A graphical network client and filemanager supporting local, FTP, SFTP and SMB (windows shares) connections. It is multithreaded and support auto-resuming, recursive up/download and recognition of...


Offers file downloading and uploading, broken download resuming, a personal FTP manager, automatic binary(image)/text (ascii) mode switching, and renaming, deleting, and link keeping....


Second known implementation of Internet protocol (IP) for low-end computers; can at once be network client, server, IP packet router; support multiple client and server sessions. Description,...


HylaFAX is used for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages. The software is designed around a client-server architecture. Fax modems may reside on a single...

Print Client for Windows 95/98

Print client for Windows platforms, enabling Windows users to efficiently send spool jobs to network or host system, locally or remotely.

Institution Recycling Network

The IR-Network is a cooperative providing services to improve financial and operating results for recycling programs at colleges and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, private schools, and...

Control Network Solutions

Network infrastructure products for connecting IP, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Internet, Wan/WAP networks to distributed intelligent control devices.