Network Connect

Trusted Network Connect 0.8.4 

Trusted Network Connect is, as its name suggests, an application designed to help you secure your network connection.

Trusted Network Connect provides multiple build options, such as OpenSSL, Boost C++, libxml2, xerces 3.1.1 or log4cxx.. Freeware download of Trusted Network Connect 0.8.4, size 25.76 Mb.


libtnc 1.23 

OS independent implementation of the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) specification from Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Functions for loading and communicating with TNC plugins, sample IMC and IMV plugins, TNCCS-XML support on Windows, Linux, Mac, *BSD. Freeware download of libtnc 1.23, size 539.35 Kb.

67th CFA Institute Annual 1.0 CFA Institute 

The 67th CFA Institute Annual Conference app has everything you need to navigate, learn, network, connect, and explore:

-View detailed information on sessions, speakers, and exhibitors
-Build your personalized conference schedule
-Access speaker presentation materials
-Search the complete delegate list and message other. Freeware download of 67th CFA Institute Annual 1.0, size 14.99 Mb.

RallyPoint 1.0.4 RallyPoint Networks, Inc 

RallyPoint is the Military's professional network. Connect with peers, seek advice from your seniors, find the best duty assignments, and prepare for future transitions within the #1 Military only network for service members and veterans.

Our app lets you enjoy Military discussion, stay connected with those you served with, and keep. Freeware download of RallyPoint 1.0.4, size 1.26 Mb.

Force4Magix (Multiplayer 3D Game) 0.5 Force4magixgame 

The system is divided into two parts: the client and the server.
Clients at different geographic locations in the network connect to a single server by specifying its IPv4 address. The user gets into the system using his/her username and password. Each user has to make an account for himself in the beginning. His account information will be. Freeware download of Force4Magix (Multiplayer 3D Game) 0.5, size 1.52 Mb.

Avanquest Connection Manager - Free 2.03 Avanquest Software 

Connect to the Internet quickly and securely from any location with Avanquest Connection Manager. When you connect for the first time from a new location, Avanquest Connection Manager automatically leads you to the best available network. Connect quickly and easily to public WiFi hotspots in coffee shops or airports, in your hotel while travelling,. Free download of Avanquest Connection Manager - Free 2.03, size 11.14 Mb.

TkDC++ 1 2 Johan Öhmans, xtremexgamer 

TkDC++ is a free and open-source Direct Connect client. It connects to Direct Connect networks and more recent Advanced Direct Connect networks. The original concept is one of the oldest in peer-to-peer technology, dating back to the very beginning of file sharing.

This program has some unique features compared to other DC clients. On. Freeware download of TkDC++ 1 2, size 6.60 Mb.

MultiSchedule ATX NV/SA 

Networking calendarsMultiSchedule is a calendar software application that can be used on a network or on just one computer. Multiple users can use multiple computers to input/view/edit calendar events simultaneously in real time. All data are stored on a central server/computer. No dedicated server/computer is needed. The client side software can. Free download of MultiSchedule, size 3.30 Mb.

NetMaster 1 XComsoft 

Build your own network! You can build a branch of network by connecting cables and T-connectors with each other (the end of one cable or T-connector with the beginning of neighboring cable or T-connector). Every computer has its own cable to be connected straight to the server or by the network of cables and T-connectors. You can turn bent or. Free download of NetMaster 1, size 792.58 Kb.

InFocus ProjectorNet Bitlogix Software LLC 

ProjectorNet is an easy to use projector management application that can run on any desktop to control local projectors, or on a server to manage all the projectors on the network using your existing TCP/IP network infrastructure.

Main features:
-Manage and control an infinite number of InFocus projectors spread over rooms,. Freeware download of InFocus ProjectorNet, size 0 b.

WinRoute Lite 4 2 Kerio Technologies Inc. 

WinRoute Lite offers a fast and easy solution for sharing a single Internet connection for your entire network. With firewall security and newly added network functionality such as port mapping and support for multimedia, online gaming and IP telephony.

WinRoute Lite proves to be an ideal solution for home and small office networks.. Free download of WinRoute Lite 4 2, size 0 b.

LeaderSource 1.0 Leadership Akron 

LeaderSource is a networking tool that transforms the way leaders in the Akron area connect with one another, creating a stronger community.

LeaderSource is an online platform dedicated to heightening connectivity among established and grassroots civic leaders, helping multiple walks of leadership to connect with one another, and. Freeware download of LeaderSource 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 - Bluetooth 4.04 Avanquest Software 

Use Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone. Your contacts, calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you'll be able to get on line almost anywhere.

1. Get online, even if there's no network. Connect your laptop to your cell phone,. Free download of Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 - Bluetooth 4.04, size 36.00 Mb.

Mobile Phone Tools v3 3.0 Avanquest (BVRP) Software 

Use Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone. Your contacts, calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you'll be able to get on line almost anywhere.

1. Get online, even if there's no network. Connect your laptop to your cell phone,. Free download of Mobile Phone Tools v3 3.0, size 32.00 Mb.

Perfect Telecom Icons 2009.5 Aha-soft 

Speed up development of communication products and services and enhance the usability of your new project with ready-made Perfect Telecom Icons.Telecommunications is a hot topic in today's world of global connectivity. The communications market is growing faster than ever. In order to be a successful player in this hot market, you have to be the. Free download of Perfect Telecom Icons 2009.5, size 5.22 Mb.

Pocket SafeHold 1.0 IBE Group, Inc. 

Pocket SafeHold is an easy-to-use program that allows you to encrypt/decrypt files or folders. This also allows to safely managing your personal information; including Bank/Credit Card Accounts, Contacts, Driver Licenses etc. Safe Encryption, Easy Management, Quick Find, Folder Filter Enable, File Association, Extended OpenDialog Support,. Free download of Pocket SafeHold 1.0, size 3.91 Mb.

Gateway for SMS Gateway for SMS 

Simple text SMS sending program offers best option to easily maintain relationship with worldwide customer, family members and friends by sending instant SMS from personal system to every cell phone networks in one click. Group messaging software easily work with all most recent cell phone brands like Sony erosion, Nokia, Samsung, Toshiba,. Free download of Gateway for SMS, size 3.80 Mb.

SynaMan 3.2 Build 1393 Synametrics 

SynaMan is a useful and reliable web-based remote file manager designed to allow users to upload and download files from any machine. It is secure and is easy to install on any machine running any operating system.

You install SynaMan on a machine in your network. This is called the host machine. Users on the Internet or on your local. Free download of SynaMan 3.2 Build 1393, size 0 b.

OneStepBar 2.0.6 OSBSoft 

OneStepBar is a slight desktop tool with which you can realize the following targetsd¬DsDO
1. Access all of files and directories inside of your computer in one step.
2. Access frequently used function in one step, including device manager/control panel/network connect/add/remove program/register/IE options/Accessories/shut. Freeware download of OneStepBar 2.0.6, size 1.23 Mb.

2014 NATDA Trade Show 1.0 Guidebook, Inc. 

This is the official app for the 2014 NATDA Trade Show & Convention being held September 4-6, 2014 at the Americas Center Convention Complex located in downtown St. Louis, MO. Our app has been designed for attendees and exhibitors to easily network, connect and share information at their fingertips. The conference is the first and only industry. Freeware download of 2014 NATDA Trade Show 1.0, size 26.63 Mb.