Nktel2008 N Series Sports Games

10 in 1 Sports games 1 1 SWFBOX 

Game collection with 10 free sports games: "Billiards", "Bullseye!", "Flash Golf", "Golf", "Quarter Finals", "Shoot'em In", "Stay the Distance", "Tennis Game", "Virtual Curling", "What A Shot". No Setup Requirements!. Freeware download of 10 in 1 Sports games 1 1, size 6.33 Mb.


Alex the Allegator rc allegator.sourceforge.net 

Alex the Allegator is a series of games featuring everything from puzzle games to racing and platform jump n runs. The Alex games are provided with full source and are buildable on every platform that Allegro supports.. Freeware download of Alex the Allegator rc, size 16.73 Kb.

The Guild 2 - Pirates of the European 1 20 JoWooD 

The Guild 2 - Pirates of the European Seas is an expansion of this series of games. This one is developed by JoWooD Group.
You will have the opportunity to became a member of the European society of the Middle Age. In this game you are able to choose everything, from your physical appearance until the type of company you want to. Free download of The Guild 2 - Pirates of the European 1 20, size 0 b.

A-Z Sports Guide for 2014 games: Visual Infographics 1.0 Vital Acts Inc. 

It's a great 1-1 Sports pocket reference with most insightful INFOGRAPHICS on 100 TOP & MOST POPULAR SPORTS & GAMES of the WORLD in 2014!

Ideal pocket reference for almost EVERYONE who would like to know the most insightful FACTS, STATS and FUN about SPORTS!


INFOGRAPHICS. Free download of A-Z Sports Guide for 2014 games: Visual Infographics 1.0, size 75.60 Mb.

X-Beyond the Frontier 2 2 EGO Software 

X: Beyond The Frontier is the first part in the X-Universe series of games developed by Egosoft.
It tells the story of mankind's rise and fall in the universe, and the attempt by Kyle Brennan to help repopulate the stars using a new ship called the Experimental Shuttle, and how he became trapped in a closed group of sectors linked by a. Free download of X-Beyond the Frontier 2 2, size 0 b.

3D Winter Game Fantasy 1.0 OmniG Software Inc. 

Winter Game Fantasy is a cartoon style 3D action game pack featuring three independent sports games - Penguin Ski, Polar Bear Sled and Orca Stunt. Each game features a personated cartoon animal as the athlete. The games are created in a vivid, fancy and fun-filled cartoon art style.
Penguin Ski
A chubby penguin is the skier and racing. Free download of 3D Winter Game Fantasy 1.0, size 8.07 Mb.

365 Sports JYT 

Bet365 Windows app:

Get access to 365 live scores and many more functions.

365 Games, the world's biggest online sports games, brings you a fantastic app offering an extensive range of pre match and In-Play markets, together with top sporting action streamed live to your Windows phone. Get access to Bet365 live scores.. Freeware download of 365 Sports, size 1.05 Mb.

News desktop scrolling bar (rssxml) 1 Software777 

See the tv news (top stories/sports/games/world news/health/technology/business/science) titles on your desktop with a very small text scrolling bar. You can select rss/xml files from any site you want. When you click a title an Internet Explorer window will pop up and you will read the full article and see images. . Free download of News desktop scrolling bar (rssxml) 1, size 1.71 Mb.

PilesOTiles Mahjongg 2.3.1B Andy Kellett 

PilesOTiles is a game based on the Solitaire Mahjongg series of games, in which you must pair off groups of colourful tiles in order to succeed. Using large playing tiles from an infinitely expendable list of Tilesets, it is easily playable by anyone of any age. The game takes just a few moments in order to learn the simple rules, and it will have. Free download of PilesOTiles Mahjongg 2.3.1B, size 3.81 Mb.

News scrolling in window title (rss-xml) 1.0 Software777.org 

With News Scrolling In Window Title, get Worlds latest TV news right on your desktop, including top stories, sports, games, world news, health, technology, business, and science. See news in the title of a window.You can select rss/xml files from any site you want. When you click a title an Internet Explorer window will pop up and you will read the. Free download of News scrolling in window title (rss-xml) 1.0, size 2.55 Mb.

News Desktop Scrolling Bar (rss--xml) 2.0 Software777.org 

With News Desktop Scrolling Bar, get Worlds latest TV news right on your desktop, including top stories, sports, games, world news, health, technology, business, and science. See titles on your desktop with a very small text scrolling bar at the top or the bottom of your screen. You can select rss/xml files from any site you want. When you click a. Free download of News Desktop Scrolling Bar (rss--xml) 2.0, size 2.55 Mb.

Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project 1 1 Sunstorm Interactive 

Many people know Duke Nukem by the 3D series of games; however, he first started with platforms similar to Mario or Sonic. A first game called Duke Nukum (in order to avoid lawsuits) was about jumping and shooting mutants and robots. Later, a similar second game, Duke Nukem II, was launched, bearing the current name. Then, in 1996 the game that. Free download of Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project 1 1, size 51.10 Mb.

Atomic Tanks 5 1 atanks 

Atomic Tanks is a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone similar to the Worms series of games
Annihilate the other tanks to earn money, then spend it on bigger and better shields and weapons to wipe out the opposition.
Features a wide array of weapons, AI players, destructible landscape, weather, parachutes, teleports and a wide range of. Freeware download of Atomic Tanks 5 1, size 3.09 Mb.

Sherlock Holmes - Mystery of the Oberon Media 

Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet is another chapter in the Sherlock Holmes series of games, each one stands for a new investigation. In this game you’ll be representing Sherlock Holmes himself, the most famous and clever detective ever. As the previous editions of the series, this game is pretty complex in terms of. Free download of Sherlock Holmes - Mystery of the, size 0 b.

Takeda 3 1. 11. 2001 Magitech Corporation 

Takeda 3 is the latest in the Takeda series of games, based on the life and times of famous 16th century Samurai Lord, Takeda Shingen. In Takeda 3, you take command of the powerful Daimyo (feudal lord) of one of 25 historical clans of feudal Japan; engaging in diplomacy, managing your castles and territory, and commanding your armies in combat.

Etch A Sketch 32.0 Freeze Tag 

Etch-a-Sketch is a lovely application for kids that includes a series of games that involve drawing and painting. It includes four different games: Knobby's Quest, Knobby's Bounce, Etch, and Color.

In Knobby's quest kids guide Snobby in his quest by drawing lines that help him reach specific places or avoid enemies.. Free download of Etch A Sketch 32.0, size 20.80 Mb.

Battlefield 1861 0.11 Craig Joseph Grace 

Battlefield 1861 is a modification of the popular Battlefield series of games from Electronic Arts (EA Games). The mod is themed on the events and battles that took place during the American Civil War in the mid-nineteenth century. Battlefield 1861 will introduce players to many authentic historical weapons, vehicles, locations and characters -. Freeware download of Battlefield 1861 0.11, size 4.10 Kb.

SnugTV Station 3. 8. 2001 AVerMedia Technologies 

Want to watch live TV programs and sports games while away from home? Want to watch hometown news or dramas while traveling abroad? Want to watch other countries’ TV programs? SnugTV can do all of these!
No matter where you are, SnugTV can provide you the feel just like at home.

You can exchange TV channels with family. Freeware download of SnugTV Station 3. 8. 2001, size 15.74 Mb.

NanoJEasy 1 7 Nanotec Electronic GmbH Co. Kg 

The NanoJ easy programming language based on Java can be used to store complete sequential controls in the SMCI33, SMCP33, SMCI47-S-2 positioning controls and the Plug & Drive motors of the PDx-N series.

The integrated programming language NanoJ, based on the Java standard, means complete application programs can be realized on. Freeware download of NanoJEasy 1 7, size 0 b.

Fourth Age 1.0 fourthage.sourceforge.net 

A roguelike computer game based off of Illwinter's Dominions series of games. The concept is to place the Dominions world and style into a 16th and 17th century setting.. Freeware download of Fourth Age 1.0, size 4.00 Mb.