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21 Bridge 1.00 Anant Goel 

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Cognitions Bridge mobile games for education, entertainment, brain fitness and cognitive development. You need Cognitive skills for success in life but no one teaches them in school or college. Either youre born with them or you develop as you grow. By stimulating brain with several simultaneous activities at any age; children as well as adults can. Free download of 21 Bridge 1.00, size 10.80 Mb.


Awake Zombie Lite 1.11 DONG YOUNG KIM 

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This is Lite version of Awake Zombie.
It is a full 3D game basing on the Unity 3D engine. A variety of zombies, you have never seen before in usual mobile games, do not let you away from the screen.

20 Stage
4 kind of Weapon

*The Creative Shooting Game basing. Freeware download of Awake Zombie Lite 1.11, size 49.18 Mb.

Axl & Tuna 1.3 Game Collage, LLC 

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"This has got to be the best "feel good" game of the year, so far!"

"The Feel-Good Game That You'll Keep Running Back To." - TouchArcade

"Finally, a colourful endless runner that's got enough charm to rise above the herds of mobile games in that genre." - The Guardian

Bang Bang SFX 1.0 Twittering Machine 

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A simple "target practice" game, Bang Bang SFX generates a wide variety of explosion sounds.

So many mobile games ship with only a few simple sound effects that are played over and over and over again during gameplay. The soundtracks quickly become annoying, causing users to reach for the "volume off" button.

Chase The Dot. 1.7 Microlemon 

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Downloaded over 2 million times, Chase The Dot set the standard for simple, addictive mobile games and is now regarded by many as a classic

7 free levels
4 levels available via in app purchase

Graphic design by the internationally renowned Matt Pyke of Universal Everything. Freeware download of Chase The Dot. 1.7, size 3.36 Mb.

Happy Hills Free 1.2.4 dreamfab 

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Its captivating, thrilling, full of action and a lot of fun. TheTechJournal.com

Happy Hills is sure to create a lot of happy faces out there. 148Apps.com

If you love physics puzzlers, especially cute looking ones with a lot of. Freeware download of Happy Hills Free 1.2.4, size 48.34 Mb.

Hotshot Pool Cheats 1.1 Neon Play 

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Addicted to Hotshot Pool but cant complete a level? Dont panic, because Hotshot Pool Cheats takes you through every single level with top tips as to how to complete each level.

From Neon Play, the mobile games studio who brought you Flick Football and Golf Putt Pro, and the latest iPhone smash - Hotshot Pool. This Cheats app helps. Free download of Hotshot Pool Cheats 1.1, size 10.80 Mb.

Kung fu house 1.0.1 tsoi yau man 

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?Kung Fu House South East Asi* is a famous 3D Mobile Card Game. We are now present the official Kung fu background game is coming to Southeast Asia . Moreover, this is the first type of card mobile games that we entered to the domestic market. It is also reported that Kung Fu House is the first main 3D card mobile game, using Chinese Kung Fus style. Freeware download of Kung fu house 1.0.1, size 80.64 Mb.

2048 3D:the most fun 2048 puzzles and digital game 1.2 Yishan Xu 

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Have you ever played 2048 games in different versions of it? Design of new game 3D version 2048 offers you more creative ways. On the screen gently move your fingers, caused the cubes are crazy hit brilliant special effects, eliminate, intelligent matching in addition, as long as the box are lined with immediately failure! This difficulty, there is. Freeware download of 2048 3D:the most fun 2048 puzzles and digital game 1.2, size 32.93 Mb.

Chain Pattern 1.0 Software Beyond Limits 

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Introducing Chain Pattern, prequel to Chain Link Pro (144 reviews with a 4 star average and was featured under Apple's "Hot New Games", "What's Hot" and "New and Noteworthy" sections in iTunes).

Chain Pattern has one simple rule - match the pattern of shapes shown on the screen by touch and dragging various. Free download of Chain Pattern 1.0, size 13.11 Mb.

Equator: Collaborative Math - A SylvanPlay Network App 1.0 Educate, Inc. 

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Grab a friend, share an iPad, and get ready for one of the most fun and collaborative math games youve ever played! In this game, kids work together to balance math equations and complete puzzles. Kids play through four seasons summer, fall, winter and spring with the puzzles growing ever more challenging. As kids reach objectives, they can. Freeware download of Equator: Collaborative Math - A SylvanPlay Network App 1.0, size 65.85 Mb.

Eternal Throne 1.1 OmniG Software Inc. 

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Eternal Throne
A mobile fantasy adventure game with immersive 3D graphics! Stunning character design and scenes throughout seven distinct game chapters, along with a great many challenges, this mythical themed adventure game will bring you to a whole new world of mobile gaming experience!
The Story:
Since the beginning of time in the. Free download of Eternal Throne 1.1, size 12.16 Mb.

GSN Lingo 1.2.0 Game Show Network 

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An international favorite! Lingo is back on the Game Show Network, and you can be the next contestant in the mobile game. Fans of the GSN game show can now play on-the-go. Whiz through word ladders and show spelling skills that would make a dictionary jealous! Take the top seat on the leaderboard and win prizes from GSN.

How to Play:

High Flyer Death Defyer HD 1.2 Game Mechanic Studios 

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Appletell 4 Stars

High Flyer Death Defyer HD is certainly one of the most unique games Ive had the chance to play on my iPad, I personally cant even think of another game to compare this to, and that fact had me intrigued throughout the quick comic book style introduction."

148Apps 4.5 Stars

Home Alone 2014 1.0 Cai Chunyan 

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Being different from traditional kinds of Seaglass games, it is the core of vivid Home Baby, the super cute small members are protagonists. They always slip away. So dispatching you close steward to defend the homeland, and stopping them from absconding in no time.

Makes a difference in traditional Seaglass Zuma, It is added more wit and. Free download of Home Alone 2014 1.0, size 69.84 Mb.

Pro Tennis Volley 1.0.1 Neon Play 

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Volley your way to victory this summer in Pro Tennis Volley! Get on court and show the world your skills!

"...this is Neon plays best game yet..." Touch Arcade user

"One of the best tennis games in the App Store." AppAdvice

"Pro Tennis Volley.... its the best tennis game on the App Store!. Free download of Pro Tennis Volley 1.0.1, size 16.36 Mb.

Rathergood 1.0.1 Neon Play 

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The craziest, maddest, silliest, most amusing iPhone app of all time. If you like something completely different, then this app is jam-packed full of bizarre mini games, an exclusive song, videos, crazy clips and other fun stuff.

Rathergood.com is a cult comedy website full of characters like the world famous Spongmonkeys - internet. Free download of Rathergood 1.0.1, size 20.66 Mb.

3D Flappy Friends 1.0 Miracle Studios 

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Fly Like a 3D Wrecking Ball!! Sick and tired of the same lame 2D flappy clones all over the store, then you need to download Flying Friends 3D.
Here are some features of the game:
1) 3D graphics and rich colorful environment
2) 7 Cute little characters to play with such us, Moo the Cow, Maggi The little cat, Snobby Pig, Cowardly. Freeware download of 3D Flappy Friends 1.0, size 33.03 Mb.

Awake Zombie: Hell Gate 1.1 DONG YOUNG KIM 

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One day, dead bodies started to wake up from graves.
All humans of the city have died. You are the only one who has survived in the hell.
SURVIVE at the city of the dead.
You have only two choices to kill them or to be killed.

An innovative zombie shooting game has been launched by a new game provider ROSSWET.
It is a. Freeware download of Awake Zombie: Hell Gate 1.1, size 122.68 Mb.

Awake Zombie: Hell Gate Plus 1.1 DONG YOUNG KIM 

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Add Free+30000 Gold+300 Fund

One day, dead bodies started to wake up from graves.
All humans of the city have died. You are the only one who has survived in the hell.
SURVIVE at the city of the dead.
You have only two choices to kill them or to be killed.

An innovative zombie shooting game has been launched by a. Free download of Awake Zombie: Hell Gate Plus 1.1, size 122.68 Mb.

Backflip Slots HD 1.3.5 Backflip Studios 

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Backflip Studios has reinvented the slot machine with this uniquely modern take on the age-old favorite. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are fully realized in the gorgeous animations, realistic sounds and beautiful graphics of this instant classic. Prizes can be won, earned and collected in a way that has a direct impact gameplay.. Freeware download of Backflip Slots HD 1.3.5, size 15.52 Mb.

Balloon Brigade 1.07.07 Knack 

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Optimized for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and up!


In Balloon Brigade, from Knack, you'll...

* Command the illustrious Balloon Brigade to defend the peaceful Liquonians from the Combustable army!
* Throw water balloons to dowse their invading instincts!
* Protect your flowers from getting. Freeware download of Balloon Brigade 1.07.07, size 35.34 Mb.

Ball Worlds 1.0 Dmitry Tyurin 

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Ball Worlds is an entertaining logical game which is based on real physics.
In the course of it, the players will have to assemble various shapes out of the balls.
Assemble shape under Earth gravity, underwater as well as in zero gravity.

Discover the world of the most advanced mobile games where you have to solve exciting. Freeware download of Ball Worlds 1.0, size 50.02 Mb.

Grumpy Bears 1.0.10 Fluik 

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*Spring is back guys! (Bearly). Enjoy Grumpy Bears with green grass again!*

***The Bear Tombs have been opened! Grumpy Mummies, Pharaohs, and Gods have been unleashed upon the world and after such a long sleep... they are very hungry for honey! Protect your truck from a Bear-rage of forces with new weapons!***

There be some. Freeware download of Grumpy Bears 1.0.10, size 49.07 Mb.

Hazard Miner - Jump In The Gaps! 1.4 Keymash 

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Hazard is a quick "pick up and play" action game with one objective: Don't get squashed!

The ceiling is about to collapse. You must think quick! There are varying sized gaps in the floor and ceiling - some are big enough to fit inside. Move to one fast and Harry will live!

How long can Harry survive?

Labyrinth Lunacy: Roller Coaster Marble Maze 1.2 Christopher Barry 

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Roller coaster tracks and jumps meet the classic wooden labyrinth maze.

- NEWS: Now more than double the levels and two quests! More coming in FREE update.

- You must keep the marble from flying off roller coaster tracks and falling into holes.

- You must jump the marble over walls and chasms.

-. Free download of Labyrinth Lunacy: Roller Coaster Marble Maze 1.2, size 16.57 Mb.

Pro Football Touchdown Hero 1.0.5 Neon Play 

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Be the world's best receiver in Pro Football Touchdown Hero! How many Touchdowns can you score?

Pro Football Touchdown Hero is an incredibly addictive football game. Catch the ball to score!

Use your finger to move the gloves. Youll need great hand eye-coordination and quick reactions to ensure you catch every ball.

Ragdoll Blaster 3: Deluxe HD 1.0.2 Backflip Studios 

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Ragdoll Blaster 3 Deluxe HD is a completely redesigned, free, enhanced version of Ragdoll Blaster 3, which was previously selected as Apple's "Game Of The Week".

Deluxe includes 25+ new levels, the Ariel Armada world, the explosive Bomb Ragdoll, and other updated features. Did we mention that you get all this Deluxe. Freeware download of Ragdoll Blaster 3: Deluxe HD 1.0.2, size 49.18 Mb.

Ragdoll Blaster 3 HD 1.2.1 Backflip Studios 

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Recently selected as Apple's GAME OF THE WEEK!

"Ragdoll Blaster 3 is so much fun that it'll have you doing backflips." ~ Gamezebo.com Review

"We're big fans of the Ragdoll Blaster series, and Ragdoll Blaster 3 looks like it's the sunniest one yet." ~ SlideToPlay.com Review

"If you haven't. Free download of Ragdoll Blaster 3 HD 1.2.1, size 168.82 Mb.

Total Recall: A Memory Game 1.1 VAPSSKY 

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Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Total Recall: A Memory Game challenges players to recall sequences of numbers, letters, and even randomly-placed bubbles. Escalating difficulty and varied gameplay styles ensure that all players will be challenged and intrigued. Total Recall: A Memory Game is currently available for free in the. Freeware download of Total Recall: A Memory Game 1.1, size 12.37 Mb.