Nokia Egg Timer

Egg Timer Plus 2.5 Sardine Software 

Egg Timer Plus was made due to the need for a quick, easy to use timer. How many times have you decided to use your microwave to time something you were cooking just to use the microwave half way through and have no idea how much time was left? For me, one to many times. Thus, Egg Timer Plus was born.Egg Timer Plus is a small, easy to use stopwatch. Free download of Egg Timer Plus 2.5, size 464.90 Kb.


Egg Timer Elite rc.0.1.0 

Egg Timer Elite is a text command based multiple countdown timer application written in Visual C#. Supports a virtually unlimited number of countdown timers. Timers are saved between sessions and time data is stored in POSIX seconds.. Freeware download of Egg Timer Elite rc.0.1.0, size 88.57 Kb.

Eierurh New 

Eierurh is a simple, accessible and very easy-to-use application egg timer built using the Java programming language.

Now you will know exactly when your boiled eggs are ready. all you have to do is select the amount of time you want your eggs boiled for and the software will notify you when their done.

. Free download of Eierurh New, size 0 b.

Egg Timer & Stopwatch 1.2 Tod LLC 

Realistic egg timer and stopwatch. Rotate the timer with two fingers, or use the Settings menu to set the time. Stopwatch counts milliseconds. Beautiful backgrounds include leather, carbon fiber, and wood.. Free download of Egg Timer & Stopwatch 1.2, size 7.44 Mb.

Egg Timer - Boiled Eggs 1.0 UGUR CAKMAKCI 

On sunday brunch you want to eat soft-boiled egg. You have to count time for cooking. Now it is easy with "egg timer" application which has been developed in the IFLOOP laboratories. It counts time for you and alarmed when it's finished.

Results of a pleasant Sunday brunch and happy stomach :)

Stress-free eggs. Freeware download of Egg Timer - Boiled Eggs 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Egg Timer - Perfectly boiled eggs 1.0.1 Chris Direduryan 

Egg Timer is a beautiful app that helps you boil perfect eggs for your taste.

With its innovative interface, all you need to do is swipe horizontally for the egg size, vertically for the egg type and set the timer. It keeps running on the background, so feel free to play some music while waiting for your eggs. The app will chime when. Free download of Egg Timer - Perfectly boiled eggs 1.0.1, size 3.98 Mb.

Tea Timer 1. 5. 2003 Eric W. Eubank 

Tea Timer is a little application that works as a virtual egg timer for Windows.
It has been developed in C# and utilizes the .NET framework.
Main Features :
- Runs in tray
- Multiple timers
- User defined presets
- Audible and visual alert
- Alarm mode
- Ability to pause timers. Freeware download of Tea Timer 1. 5. 2003, size 63.81 Mb.

Outta Timer 1.1 Outtatimer 

Outta Timer is a versatile egg timer style application for Windows. Based on the .NET framework, this program allows users to set a single countdown timer, save a list of frequently used countdown timers, or simply count up from zero. The timer playlist can be run in sequence, which is perfect for scripted situations like presentations, or. Freeware download of Outta Timer 1.1, size 5.18 Mb.

Chef Talking Timer for the Kitchen 1.3 Hugo IT Services Ltd. 

This app TALKS!
Talks also while you are using other apps!

This is the feature why people love this app and use it daily.

This app is a tea timer, a pasta timer, an egg timer, a rice timer, a steak timer and a lot more, even combined.

Do not just believe this is a great helper. Do not just believe a. Free download of Chef Talking Timer for the Kitchen 1.3, size 95.53 Mb.

MinuteTimer Holy Mackerel Software 

Minute Timer is a utility to help people time events and have lost their egg timer!

Set up an event of any number of minutes and seconds (default is 1 minute).

The ticking, 10-second warning and final buzzer sounds are all configurable.

A simple application, but surprisingly useful for timing 20-30 minute. Freeware download of MinuteTimer, size 2.61 Mb.

Eggs Made Easy 1.1.1 OmniChrome 

Cook the perfect eggs every time with Eggs Made Easy!

Advanced egg timer.
Boiled, poached, scrambled or fried.
Simple egg recipes for everyone.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas.

Its not just a boiled egg timer that can handle multiple eggs at once but a poached egg timer with various methods and. Freeware download of Eggs Made Easy 1.1.1, size 4.51 Mb.

EggBeard 1.0 Jaui 

EggBeard is the easiest to use egg timer app that you can get.
Just select the desired hardness and egg size.
That?s it!. Free download of EggBeard 1.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Eggify 1.0 MobaNode 

Like eggs? Like Music? Then you will flip over Eggify, the musical egg timer. Choose your consitancy and your musical genre and Eggify scans your music library to find the perfect song to time your boiled egg by. Never be bored whilst waiting for your boiled egg again. Breakfast time will never be the same again.. Freeware download of Eggify 1.0, size 10.70 Mb.

EggTimer Free 1.0.1 Blattcode 

Our egg-timer notes the extra needs of all customers. Regardless who's coming, dad, your daughter, aunt or any other guest, even after half a year you'll know how they like their egg. The egg-timer knows everybody's preference. The egg-timer will give you a signal 10 seconds before the egg is ready ... and will only be done after the last egg is. Freeware download of EggTimer Free 1.0.1, size 2.52 Mb.

How to boil eggs 1.1 H Valeur 

Use the 'How To Boil Eggs' app to boil perfect eggs every time! First, the app will tell you step by step how to make perfect eggs. Second, you input the size of your eggs and how you want your eggs cooked. Third, the app will set the egg timer according to your input to get your eggs exactly the way you want them.

Enjoy perfect boiled. Freeware download of How to boil eggs 1.1, size 2.41 Mb.

Egg-Time Counter for Windows 1.1.0 Roger Meier 

Egg Timer is a nice and useful desktop timer that you can use whenever you need a countdown tool.

Use the up-down arrows to adjust the start time, or enter the start time using the keyboard. Press the 'Set' button to set the timer to the selected start time. Then use the 'Start' and 'Stop' buttons to start and stop the timer.

ionTimer 1.04 

This is a simple and effective tool to keep track of time. It is a multifunctional digital countdown timer that measures in hours, minutes and seconds. Time can range from 1 second up to 99 hours. It can play a wave file when finished and an alert when almost finished. The On Finish option allows you to easily execute any program when. Free download of ionTimer 1.04, size 1.50 Mb.

Egg Timer Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want a simple alarm that counts down from a set amount of hours, minutes and/or seconds. This software can be used for a variety of different situations from meetings and conferences to exercising and cooking. The software plays an alarm when the count down is complete but this audio file can be changed. Free download of Egg Timer Software 7.0, size 2.95 Mb.


Time your boiled egg with a unique egg song. Jolly, Trendy or Dancey will sing you a lovely egg song for 3, 3.5 or 4 minutes while you cook your egg to eggy perfection. Once the song is done, so is your egg! The egg song timer is brought to you by the happy egg co. We ensure our free range hens are happy by maintaining the highest welfare. Freeware download of Happy Egg Timer 2.0, size 55.99 Mb.

Egg Timer 1 Michael Robinson 

EggTimer is a simple countdown timer that is sort of like the cooking timer you might find in many kitchens. You set a time in minutes, it counts down the time, and an alarm goes off when the time has elapsed. It starts with the counter running. It remembers the number of minutes to count from the last time it was run. It can start minimized and. Free download of Egg Timer 1, size 4.33 Mb.