Nokia Security Code Breaker During Switch Off

Airytec Switch Off Portable x64 Airytec 

Airytec Switch Off was designed to be a tiny easy-to-use tray-based system utility that will automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dialup connection, lock workstation, etc. It could also disconnect dial-up and VPN connections to cut your internet service bills as. Freeware download of Airytec Switch Off Portable x64, size 199.68 Kb.


Puzzle Game Code Breaker 1.2 All Pro Apps Corporation 

Break the Code and Break the Bank!

This is the funnest code breaker game available!

Download this one now, it will only take a second and you'll be the
mastermind to break the bank.

See how fast you can Break the Code!

Challenge your friends...or just challenge your mind!

You will never be. Free download of Puzzle Game Code Breaker 1.2, size 8.18 Mb.

Puzzle Game Free Code Breaker 1.3 All Pro Apps Corporation 

Break the Code and Break the Bank!

This is the funnest code breaker game available!

Download this one now, it will only take a second and you'll be the
mastermind to break the bank.

See how fast you can Break the Code!

Challenge your friends...or just challenge your mind!

You will never be. Freeware download of Puzzle Game Free Code Breaker 1.3, size 7.44 Mb.

Chameleon Shutdown Lite Chameleon Apps Team 

Chameleon Shutdown allows you to switch off, restart, hibernate the computer and perform other operations both immediately and when certain conditions are met (specific time, delay, idle time, CPU usage, closure of a certain program).

You can add multiple conditions without limitation.

The interface supports skins and is. Freeware download of Chameleon Shutdown Lite, size 2.51 Mb.

ScreenOFF 1. 6. 2003 Caracolix Media 

This tray accessory is used to switch off the power to the monitor. No more touching the monitor switch. It lets you save electricity because less energy is wasted when you are not using the console. The computer is not turned off so it can continue working with other stuff while the screen is off. Now in this release was added keyboard support. In. Free download of ScreenOFF 1. 6. 2003, size 5.53 Mb.

Latch by ElevenPaths 1.4.0 Telefonica Digital Identity And Privacy 

Turn your phone into the safety switch for your digital life!

Switch off your digital accounts when you are not using them
Have your credit cards and bank accounts active just when you need them
Schedule the automatic disconnection at nights or custom times and dates

Latch lets you add an extra level of security. Freeware download of Latch by ElevenPaths 1.4.0, size 7.76 Mb.

MonitorPowerOff 1.0 

Laptop PC Monitor Power Off Software, power switch off, power settings xp, monitor power off, computer poweroff management. Free download of MonitorPowerOff 1.0, size 345.09 Kb.

Toolwiz BHORM Toolwiz Software 

It is known Windows hibernation is an excellent function, the user can switch off the power supply, the next time when you start the computer, it will still stay in the last status, it will take only 20 seconds to start the computer in this way. It is pity there is a problem with this function of Windows, that is, the retention time for hibernation. Freeware download of Toolwiz BHORM, size 2.41 Mb.

Agnitio 86 

A tool to help developers and security professionals conduct manual security code reviews in a consistent and repeatable way. Agnitio aims to replace the adhoc nature of manual security code review documentation, create an audit trail and reporting.. Freeware download of Agnitio 86, size 15.20 Mb.

Toshiba Hotkey Utility TOSHIBA Corporation 

Provides system Fn hotkey support (Instant Security, LCD brightness , Display Switch etc.) on applicable models. This software is a foundation for other Toshiba-provided utilities, and must be installed prior to installing other Toshiba Software.

Get Toshiba Hotkey Utility and try it for yourself to see what it's all about!

. Free download of Toshiba Hotkey Utility, size 0 b.

Accessify 1.0 TopLineSoft Systems 

This app hides your private photos and videos. It prints Access Card with unique & secure barcode. Scan printed Access Card with camera to login to the app.

Access Card relieves you from the burden to remember security code every time you need to get access to your private photos/videos. However, there is an alternative way to login. Free download of Accessify 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

HideContect 1.0 Atoyme 

This is a Hide contact App.
include function
1.password type: security code or pattern
2.Remote delete contact data services.
3.Decoy password services.
4.backup/restore contact data.

. Freeware download of HideContect 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Hockey Playoffs '14 1.0.2 Pete App Designs 

It's back for the spring time tournament. This is the go to app for all your hockey playoffs needs during the off season. Never skip a beat by keeping track of the scores and watching highlights of the games you missed.

Key Features:
-Video Highlights
-Interactive Bracket
-Full Score Summary. Freeware download of Hockey Playoffs '14 1.0.2, size 1.99 Mb.

Radeco Home Heating Mobile 1.0.9 Radeco Energy Solutions 

Radeco Home Heating Mobile Application was designed to allow our prospective customers to control Radeco Multi-Zone Heating Control System from their iPhone devices.

It is possible to manage Heating Zones, adjust temperature or switch off heating in the whole house or by Heating Zones.

If you want to turn on the heating before. Freeware download of Radeco Home Heating Mobile 1.0.9, size 4.40 Mb.

Ramco On Cloud 1.3.1 Ramco Systems Ltd 

Experience Ramco's Cloud offering of Enterprise Solutions on Apple Devices. Get to know what is offered in Ramco's ERP On Cloud.

This version of App uses GPS capabilities to enable rich location aware experiences.

You can switch off Location Services for the App when not in use.

Continued use of GPS running in the. Freeware download of Ramco On Cloud 1.3.1, size 8.60 Mb.

RC-Charge 1.0 Leon Wubbe 

This App helps to charge your NiCd and NiMh batteries. Many chargers dont have automatic switch off so you have to remember when to remove your battery from the charger. This App does just that.

Add a model by tapping on the (+) button. Give your model a name and and enter the battery capacity and charging current. The app now calculates. Freeware download of RC-Charge 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility TOSHIBA Corporation 

Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility is a handy application that was especially tailored for Toshiba laptops.

The Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility will enable you to quickly switch off the touchpad and avoid moving the cursor accidentally.

. Free download of Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility, size 0 b.

JiveLint 1.22 Sureshot 

JiveLint is a tool employing powerful static analysis on your JAVA source code. For example, JiveLint will find unused code and variables, switch blocks without a default case, if a class overrides Object.equals() but not Object.hashCode(), if code use == to compare Strings instead of equals().. Free download of JiveLint 1.22, size 163.84 Kb.

McAfee Security Scan Plus 2 15 McAfee, Inc. 

Your PCs security status is determined by the state of your anti-virus, firewall protection and web security status. Your security software may be switched off or become out of date without you realizing.

When the scan is complete, you’ll see a report detailing the presence and status of your security protection. If problems. Freeware download of McAfee Security Scan Plus 2 15, size 3.40 Mb.

TOraGSQL 1.0 

TOra GSQL is a toolkit to generate SQL code for ORACLE. A graphical tool for X Window systems which allows you to generate SQL code automatically during database design for ORACLE.. Freeware download of TOraGSQL 1.0, size 763.83 Kb.

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