Nonlinear Systems

Optirol 1.1 Optirol 

Optirol is a software for finding optimal control mesh for nonlinear systems, which can be described by ordinary differential equations.

Optirol is a software, which finds automically optimal control on chosen region of interest. Results can be exported to Matlab and further verified.

You will be able to use this application. Free download of Optirol 1.1, size 0 b.


SAC - Symbolic Analysis and Control beta Sac 

SAC (Symbolic Analysis and Control) is a toolbox for people working in control theory. It will help to the analysis and synthesis of nonlinear systems described by state equations (with or without delays).

SAC - Symbolic Analysis and Control beta License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2). Freeware download of SAC - Symbolic Analysis and Control beta, size 419.07 Kb.

Systems of Nonlinear Equations 1.0 Numerical Mathematics 

System of Nonlinear Equations numerically solves systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations. It can fully explore defined intervals to search for multiple solutions or quickly find solutions starting with random seeds. You may predefine constants and specify the error bound for the results. Handles a wide variety of functions, including. Freeware download of Systems of Nonlinear Equations 1.0, size 2.20 Mb.

EASY-FIT ModelDesign 5.13 Klaus Schittkowski 

The system solves constrained nonlinear parameter estimation (nonlinear regression, data, curve and surface fitting) problems based on ODEs, DAEs, PDEs, PDAEs, steady-state systems, Laplace equations, and analytical functions.
A statistical analysis provides confidence intervals, correlation and covariance matrix, identification of significant. Free download of EASY-FIT ModelDesign 5.13, size 72.72 Mb.

SimApp 2.6 Buesser Engineering 

Modelling and simulation of continuous and time discrete systems in the time and frequency domain. Best suited for the study of automatic control systems. Graphical, block oriented user interface with more than 80 basic blocks divided into various categories. (Sources, linear, nonlinear, plots, actuators, controllers, time discrete, converters,. Free download of SimApp 2.6, size 5.26 Mb.

Communication Systems 1.0 Communication Systems 

Communication Systems, Carlson, Communication System. Freeware download of Communication Systems 1.0, size 16.61 Mb.

Alarm Systems 16.07 Alarm Systems 

Use this desktop browser for purchasing affordable home alarm systems and other great sucurity products. Quick and easy install for windows coputers. To uninstall simply delete the app from you desktop.. Freeware download of Alarm Systems 16.07, size 28.67 Kb.

Petroleum systems quick look for 1.0 Schlumberger 

Petroleum Systems Quick Look (PSQL) is an easy-to-use tool for rapid investigations and is useful for performing a first-level petroleum systems evaluation. It forms the first step toward rigorous 3D petroleum systems modeling using PetroMod. Key functionalities include:

- drainage area calculation: size of area from which petroleum. Free download of Petroleum systems quick look for 1.0, size 12.58 Mb.

Systems For Dentists Systems For Dentists 

Systems for Dentists Ltd is a well established software company which has developed quality dental practice management software for dental practitioners to use worldwide.
Some of the Appointment Book's most impressive features are:
- Unlimited number of appointment books
- Colour-coded appointments based on reason
-. Free download of Systems For Dentists, size 2.34 Mb.

Cisco Systems VPNClient Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold 

With this program you can protect your computer against Cisco Systems VPN Client that does harm to your computer and breaks your privacy. With this program you can scan your hard disks and registry and destroys any manifestation of Cisco Systems VPN Client. This program works on Windows 32 (Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven).. Freeware download of Cisco Systems VPNClient Removal Tool 1.0, size 23.44 Mb.

Epiphan Systems VGA2USB Application Epiphan Systems 

Epiphan Systems VGA2USB application allows you to capture a VGA, DVI, or HDMI signal using Epiphan Systems' hardware products. Using this application in conjunction with VGA2USB, DVI2USB or VGA2Ethernet device, VGA, DVI, or HDMI video can be captured, recorded, archived, and broadcast. The VGA2USB application also allows you to use third party. Freeware download of Epiphan Systems VGA2USB Application, size 1.68 Mb.

Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) 28.11 

Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) is a C-language code that finds the best global fit of a nonlinear cost-function over a D-dimensional space. ASA has over 100 OPTIONS to provide robust tuning over many classes of nonlinear stochastic systems.. Freeware download of Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) 28.11, size 706.23 Kb.

JMCAD - modeling of dynamic systems 09.129 

JMCAD is an program for the modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems. This includes the ability to construct and simulate block diagrams. The visual block diagram interface offers a simple method for constructing, modifying and maintaining complex system models. The simulation engine provides fast and accurate solutions for linear,. Freeware download of JMCAD - modeling of dynamic systems 09.129, size 5.76 Mb.

Numerical methods for complex systems 1.0 Numericalmethod 

It's going to be a small collection of educational programs (and for educational purposes), i.e. simulations of nonlinear/complex physical systems. The interface is going to be based on wxWidgets.

Numerical methods for complex systems 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Numerical methods for complex systems 1.0, size 0 b.

Verax Systems Database Load Simulator 1.0.2 Verax Systems 

Verax Systems Database Load Simulator is a command line utility that executes SQL queries in order to generate high database loads.

You can use this application to test your application performance when the corresponding database is under high load.

. Free download of Verax Systems Database Load Simulator 1.0.2, size 0 b.

Boeing 737-300/500 Systems 1.50.0023 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Boeing 737-300/500 Systems was created as an accessible quiz tool that contains questions about the systems that work together to make this airplane a safe / cost effective travel method.

Boeing 737-300/500 Systems comes with several hundred multiple choice questions that are divided into 20 different levels on various sub-topics.

Systems of the Body 1.0.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Systems of the Body was specially created as an educational software application that allows you to test your biology knowledge by taking a small quiz.

Systems of the Body contains various question types including multiple choice and fill in the blanks.

Systems of the Body is written in the Java programming language and can be. Free download of Systems of the Body 1.0.0004, size 0 b.

Merrows Operational Management Systems Merrows Limited 

Merrows Operational Management Systems is a handy application designed to keep track of the transactions with your customers and suppliers. The program can help you create a database with the customer orders and the received payments.

You can use the program to check the due amounts and the ones that are to be paid to your suppliers. A. Free download of Merrows Operational Management Systems, size 0 b.

Freight+ Shipping Systems 9.5 F8 

Freight+ Shipping Systems is UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTL international certifed and listed on UPS and FedEx Web sites. Freight+ Shipping Systems was designed to replace UPS World Ship and FedEx Ship Manager.

Seamlessly integrated with many popular accounting systems: MS Dynamics, MAS 90/200, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Accountmate, Sage Accpac. Free download of Freight+ Shipping Systems 9.5 F8, size 0 b.

CPL Systems TEMPer 22.2 CPL Systems Ltd 

CPL Systems TEMPer is a handy application that allows you to check the temperature of a computer such as a server rack. The program is designed to work with a TEMPer Gold sensor that plugs into any USB port from your computer.

The program allows you to receive alert messages even when you are not at your computer. To send alerts you need. Free download of CPL Systems TEMPer 22.2, size 0 b.

Nonlinear Systems Web Results

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University of Sheffield group specializing in intelligent systems and control, nonlinear systems, and signal processing.

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ASA: Adaptive Simulated Annealing Optimization of Nonlinear Systems. PATH-INTEGRAL: Path-Integral Calculations of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems.

Lyapunov Exponent of Noisy Nonlinear Systems (LENNS)

Fortran 77 code for paper by Ronald Gallant.

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