Nox Full Game Version

4 In A Row - FULL GAME FOR FREE 1.02 Richard Buckingham 

Download 4 In A Row for FREE today.
This is a full game - it is not a demo or "lite" version and there are no in-app-purchases.
Play online against friends or join a random match.
Massive single player tournament with 48 different characters to defeat.
Pass & Play mode - play against a friend. Freeware download of 4 In A Row - FULL GAME FOR FREE 1.02, size 44.67 Mb.


Totally Catholic Trivia, Full Version 1.3 

New 1.3 release! Full Iphone Version for our popular computer version of "Who Wants to be a Catholic! " from computer game. Here is a full and newly revised version with over 1000 questions related to the Catholic Faith! The format is similar to the popular "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" t.v. game show, but. Free download of Totally Catholic Trivia, Full Version 1.3, size 629.14 Kb.

Balloon Bubble Pop 2! HD Popping Game For Kids 1.1 Coded Velocity, Inc. 

All new version 2 with more levels, more power-ups, and more fun!

Balloon and bubble popping action has never been more fun on your mobile device! With a full game mode featuring multiple levels, zones, and treasures PLUS free-play balloon inflate and pop and free-play bubble blowing! This fun app provides hours of entertainment!

Microsoft Pandora's Box Microsoft 

Pandora's Box Trial is a full trial version of the Pandora's Box puzzle game. There are about 400 puzzles in this game. It’s not a typical puzzle game. Playing it you can develop your visual skills – observation, recognition and so on. In the game players will travel around the world to different cities and solve. Free download of Microsoft Pandora's Box, size 0 b.

Bacterium Lite 1.0 Zed Worldwide 

Now you can try for FREE the Bacterium Lite version!

Download the full Bacterium version at any time to enjoy the full game.

Bacterium is a puzzle game that will test your mental agility and strategical thinking.

Are you up to the challenge of restraining the Bacteri*

In Therapy Mode you must prevent the. Freeware download of Bacterium Lite 1.0, size 7.44 Mb.

Charuca Love Paint LITE 1.1 Blokwise 

Hi! looking for some draws to paint?
Blokwise and Charuca presents ?Charuca Love Paint LITE? a funny lite version of the full game that introduces kids to the world of painting developing their sense of desing and creativity. In this version are 3 of the most cute images from Charuca Kawaii, but there are a lot in the full version and from all. Freeware download of Charuca Love Paint LITE 1.1, size 13.53 Mb.

Chimps Ahoy! Lite 1.5 Foundation 9 Entertainment, Inc. 

This is the "lite" version of Chimps Ahoy! It features 5 sample levels to give you a taste of the full game.

*** Please check out Chimps Ahoy! Spooked!, an all new Chimps Ahoy! game from Griptonite. ***


New from award-winning handheld developer Griptonite Games, Chimps Ahoy! is a fast and furious. Freeware download of Chimps Ahoy! Lite 1.5, size 8.60 Mb.

Grove Keeper - HD Lite 1.02 CGMatic Co., Ltd. 

In Editor' Picks for Best Games for iPhone, iPod and iPad - AppCraver

"At first, I do not expect anything much about this game, HOWEVER, after I playing it, it is ABSOLUTELY FUN. The game is the perfect mixing between tower defense game and the angry bird style. And. Freeware download of Grove Keeper - HD Lite 1.02, size 34.71 Mb.

Grove Keeper - Spring HD 1.02 CGMatic Co., Ltd. 

FULL HD VERSION NOW ON SALE 75% OFF UNTIL SEP 1 ONLY! To celebrate the launch of our new game, Dimo Eggs HD!

In Editor' Picks for Best Games for iPhone, iPod and iPad - AppCraver

"At first, I do not expect anything much about this game, HOWEVER, after I playing it, it is ABSOLUTELY FUN. The game is the perfect mixing. Freeware download of Grove Keeper - Spring HD 1.02, size 81.16 Mb.

HoopStats Lite Basketball Scoring 1.9.1 Rare Software 

HoopStats Lite is based on the full-featured version of HoopStats. The Lite version only supports two teams and one game at a time. Bluetooth transfer of team/game data, Dropbox backup/restore, and Twitter feeds are also not available with the Lite version. All other functionality is identical to HoopStats. In-app purchase available to upgrade to. Freeware download of HoopStats Lite Basketball Scoring 1.9.1, size 9.12 Mb.

Kung Fu Hero Lite 1.0.20 

Come on, challenge the seven level Kung Fu tower. Punch in all enemies, kick out all bosses. Rush into the top floor and become the king of Kung Fu fighters. (This is lite version. For the full game play, please purchase the full version.). Freeware download of Kung Fu Hero Lite 1.0.20, size 11.11 Mb.

My First Farm Animals Free 1.0 Peekaboo (NO) 

this is a LIGHT version of the full game :)

----------------6 GAMES IN ONE------------------
A fun and educational game for you and your child! You can play with 16 different animals that you can find on a farm. This game is great for kids in the age about 2-5.

* Look at pictures of REAL ANIMALS
* Listen to their. Freeware download of My First Farm Animals Free 1.0, size 14.89 Mb.

Psycho Gnomes Free 1.3 505 Games (US), Inc. 

The free version of Psycho Gnomes contains 5 levels, buy the full game to get the other 75!!


Defend your garden from a barrage of psychotic garden gnomes.

They're going to cause all sorts of damage, because they don't care about you or your garden, so using two strategically placed slingshots, you must prevent. Freeware download of Psycho Gnomes Free 1.3, size 54.42 Mb.

Punch Buggy Mobile Lite 1.0 Iteration 

Calling all Punch Buggy Fans!

Take advantage of this free version of our Punch Buggy scoreboard to track individual games scores for up to three players per game. For tracking the Top 10 player scores, checkout the full featured version of Punch Buggy Mobile now available for just $.99

Visit our Punch Buggy Mobile website for. Freeware download of Punch Buggy Mobile Lite 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Puzzle-Rocket Lite 1.0.3 pixelZapp 

This is a Lite version of 'Puzzle-Rocket' allowing you to play 16 levels from the full game.

Take command of the Intergalactic Rocket Rescue Fleet and save the helpless aliens! Use platforms to bounce, fire, drip and teleport the aliens to the waiting rockets. The aliens have been struck by a meteor swarm. They float helplessly in their. Freeware download of Puzzle-Rocket Lite 1.0.3, size 38.59 Mb.

Hotel Management - Full Board Version 3.16 BistoneSoft 

Hotel Management System Full Board Version is an easy-to-use hotel management software that can manage your full board hotel or motel.
Full Board Rate
Ideal for reservations, hotels and guest houses.
Affordable - no cost per booking charges.
Easy To Use.
Track Customers and avoid Double Bookings.
Analyze Reservation. Free download of Hotel Management - Full Board Version 3.16, size 3.18 Mb.

GrassGames' Cribbage 1 94 Grassgames 

GrassGames' Cribbage is a beautiful 3D computer game version of the classic 400 year old card game for 2 players.
Intelligent Computer opponents
Full Network Play
3D cameras and animation effects
Fully customizable card decks and backs
Create and print out your own card decks. Free download of GrassGames' Cribbage 1 94, size 21.68 Mb.

Tams11 Shake It! Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

Play this word game version of the popular game Yachtzee. There are 10 rounds per game. You create words to match the 10 different catagories. You get three rolls per turn so use them wisely. After the time has ran out you need to select a catagory to score. Needs the Tams11 Lobby from for online play.. Freeware download of Tams11 Shake It!, size 1.72 Mb.

Sudoku: Randy's Version 1.0 

Another Sudoku game version. It is written in Python and uses wxPython as the GUI package. The puzzle solver module was written by Edd Aardvark, to whom I owe a big debt. This project is mostly an exercise to learn Python. It can be greatly improved.. Freeware download of Sudoku: Randy's Version 1.0, size 127.52 Kb.

Theme Park Builder 3D The Game 1.0 Tpb3dtg 

Theme Pare Builder 3D, The Game version. As a cooperative effort we are building a gaming version for the theme park enthusiast that wants to build parks and run them. The original source will focus on a more serious tone as a CAD system.

Theme Park Builder 3D The Game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Theme Park Builder 3D The Game 1.0, size 0 b.