Nuclear War 210 Deluxe

War Game Project 1.0 Wargameproject 

PHP-MySQL driven text-based AJAX-game related to the old classic game Nuclear War.

War Game Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of War Game Project 1.0, size 0 b.


Abandoned Well 1.15 Realore Studios 

After the interplanetary nuclear war, many planets laid in ruins polluted with nuclear waste. In state of total energetic crisis, people found a way to use the waste as fuel to their space ships. Countless space ships wandered from planet to planet searching for fuel. According to a legend, there was a tremendous resource of nuclear fuel in the. Free download of Abandoned Well 1.15, size 6.35 Mb.

Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich 1 3 Freedom Force Properties LLC. 

Nuclear Winter steals Time Master's inert body and uses it to steal nuclear missiles from the Cuban missile crisis in an effort to start a nuclear war between the United States and the USSR. Freedom Force foils his plot, but on the return trip, the timeline changes and Freedom Force finds that the Axis powers achieved victory in World War. Freeware download of Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich 1 3, size 20.01 Mb.

Open Land 1.0 Openland 

This is a 3D Strategy Post Nuclear War style game. It is a " What If This Happens " scenerio.

Open Land 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Open Land 1.0, size 0 b.

Aftermath MUD 1.0 Aftermathmud 

Aftermath MUD is an upcoming MUD based on nuclear war driven climate change. It is DGD based.

Aftermath MUD 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Aftermath MUD 1.0, size 0 b.

Aftermath the Roguelike 1.0 Aftermathrpg 

Aftermath is a rogue-like game set in the future after a nuclear war.

Aftermath the Roguelike 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Aftermath the Roguelike 1.0, size 0 b.

HAVOC 2012 HD 1.0.0 Nebula Soft Inc. 

In the end of 2012, A whole brand new war strategy game is coming! The human world becomes a wasteland after the nuclear war, we will rebuild the home on your command! Protecting the homeland and fighting the enemy.

Special Features:
*** You are not alone in the battle ***
# 20 distinctive soldiers, tanks, aircraft combat. Freeware download of HAVOC 2012 HD 1.0.0, size 36.81 Mb.

Wastelands 1.2 Reflector Studio 

You wanted a kick-ass action game and you got it. Action, action, and more action - that's a motto for the new post-apocalyptic humans vs robots blockbuster shooter called Wastelands created by Reflector Studio. The scenario is common for this kind of games - nuclear war, destroyed cities filled with the remnants of once magnificent sky scrappers,. Free download of Wastelands 1.2, size 7.45 Mb.

GearHead: Arena 1.0 

GearHead is a mecha roguelike RPG. Set a century and a half after nuclear war, you can explore a world where various factions compete to determine the future of the human race. Features include random plot generation and over two hundred mecha designs.. Freeware download of GearHead: Arena 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

NightFist 1.0 

NightFist is a 3D Game. Mixed between RPG and FPS. Szenario is timed after the last nuclear war (remember MadMax). The mankind attempts to survive.

NightFist 1.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of NightFist 1.0, size 0 b.

AV-42 1.0 Navigation-Info Kft. 

In 2098, there is a war raging between humanity and a suddenly emerged alien race. As the captain of a V-81 cargo ship, your mission is to provide the United Space Protection Division with critical supply. Your mission begins in the safe zones behind front lines, but you may also need to enter restricted war zones, when duty calls.

Grenade Bang 2.0 Denis Ivanov 

Grenade Bang
With the app explosion grenade feel at real war, entertain their friends different kinds of sounds of explosions and grenades !
Beautiful animation of explosions ! Good realistic sound and graphics garnet mines and bombs ! Grenades and bombs will be added !
What would you rather choose to play you liked grenade and click. Freeware download of Grenade Bang 2.0, size 32.30 Mb.

Earth 2150: Escape From the Blue Reality Pump Studios 

Earth 2150 is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game developed by Reality Pump Studios and released in year 2000. It is the sequel of Earth 2140.
This game offers a dire vision of the future, where, after huge catastrophic nuclear explosions of untested weaponry over the north pole, the Earth was moved away from its normal orbit, towards the sun.. Free download of Earth 2150: Escape From the Blue, size 0 b.

1 Word in 4 Pics 1.0 GameZen, Inc. 

'1 Word in 4 Pics' is the greatest word game ever!
This game is the most epic 'Word Game' of the year.

Look at the 4 pictures and guess the word!
That's the way you enjoy the game!

No complicated rules! But simple and addictive!
Just guess the word and fill the alphabet in the box!

*Featured*. Freeware download of 1 Word in 4 Pics 1.0, size 30.93 Mb.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1. 3. 2002 BlitWise Productions, LLC 

Pocket Tanks Deluxe is a war game that doesn´t require high tech graphics or complicated stories to make us have a nice time playing it.
To start this review I'd like to quote the developer: "Writing games that are good clean fun... high quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your. Free download of Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1. 3. 2002, size 2.80 Mb.

Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition 1.031 Mark Kinkead 

Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition The classic strategy war game is now entering its fifth decade. The Empire series has been played by many generations on many platforms. Now, are you ready to conquer countless worlds?

Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition is a game for the mobile generation. In this turn based strategy game, explore a randomly. Free download of Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition 1.031, size 28.42 Mb.

Evolving War 1 Miao Zhong 

Do you know what an acient war was like?
Do you know what it is like sailing an aircraft carrier?
Do you know how the only person in the world who has ordered a nuclear-hit was feeling when touching down the nuclear-button?
Come to this world and you may find some answers.. Freeware download of Evolving War 1, size 26.21 Mb.

Project of Planets 1.2.001 Miracle Castle 

The universe of Project of Planets is a war torn world where humanity struggles against alien invaders amidst a nuclear wasteland. Taking place over two-hundred years in the future, humanity combats the ever present alien menace.

In 2235 the Middle East was gradually running out of fossil fuels. This caused political turmoil as. Freeware download of Project of Planets 1.2.001, size 1.23 Kb.

Bellatorus Deluxe WildTangent 

Good and evil collide in Bellatorus Deluxe, a turn-based, strategic card game. Epic war rages across the island as Priests harness the forces of good to stand against the destruction wrought by the Evil powers of the Liches. The goal of each battle is to destroy your opponent's village tower while at the same time defending your own. Align yourself. Free download of Bellatorus Deluxe, size 975.17 Kb.

Hazard ME Free 1.1 Golabi studio 

"saving the world from nuclear warfare just got more fun and interesting with Hazard Middle East." - iPhone Footprint
Hazard Middle East is an action RTS game where you command your squads in a war madness, you will find yourself fighting through sea, desert, mountains and jungle.
In a 11 mission single player campaign you. Freeware download of Hazard ME Free 1.1, size 19.40 Mb.