Obml Files Reader For Desktop

DupDupDel 1.2.1 Nissoft, Lab. 

DupDupDel is the best and fastest solution for search and remove duplicate files on Windows desktop and network environment. It helps easy to clean up and make more free space on hard drives, flash cards and other medium. DupDupDel allows to find duplicate files by name, size, date, CRC32 hash code and contents. It has very friendly, easy-to-use. Free download of DupDupDel 1.2.1, size 2.06 Mb.


Desktop Sorter 3.0.3296.32687 Tyler Adkisson 

Desktop Sorter is an easy to use software tool with a friendly interface designed by Tyler Adkisson to help users sort the files on their desktop. Desktop Sorter has various buttons to easily arrange you files in categories based on their extension. Desktop Sorter is free to download and use.. Freeware download of Desktop Sorter 3.0.3296.32687, size 6.76 Mb.

Luigi Usai Desktop Cleaner 1.0 luigi%20usai%20desktop%20cleaner 

Luigi Usai Desktop Cleaner is a tool to reorder files on your desktop. You can download everything into your desktop and then fire the Desktop Cleaner. It will move the files into the correct directories you choose.
Just open the Desktop Cleaner with a notepad and modify the code. Very easy to use, dummy proof. ;-)
Luigi Usai is a. Freeware download of Luigi Usai Desktop Cleaner 1.0, size 0 b.

DWG 2010 Filter for Windows Search 1.0.48 Ransdell Brown 

Search text inside DWG format CAD files using Microsoft Desktop Search (Windows Search) or on the server products:

SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, Search Server 2010 Express, Office SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007,Search Server 2008, SharePoint Services v3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, and. Free download of DWG 2010 Filter for Windows Search 1.0.48, size 5.96 Mb.

HtmlMacros 2.2 Canadian Mind Products 

A generic framework for writing static macros in Java to generate elaborate boilerplate in HTML text files on the desktop without requiring any server side coding. It could also be used to expand macros in any text files. The basic idea is this. You embed magic comments in your HTML that look like something like this (with angle brackets shown here. Freeware download of HtmlMacros 2.2, size 15.58 Mb.

Maloney 1.0 Maloney 

Maloney finds documents, mails, photos and many other files on your desktop computer. It comes as a standalone application or as a plug-in for your eclipse IDE.

Maloney 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License. Freeware download of Maloney 1.0, size 0 b.

Desktop Movie 2.0 Falcosoft 

Desktop movie is a simple application to play movie files on your desktop.
The player projects the movie to the background replacing your background image temporarily.
The player is based on directshow meaning every movie you can play with a directshow player can be played with desktop movie too.
At start you can choose your movie. Freeware download of Desktop Movie 2.0, size 311.10 Kb.


Professional program that saves and synchronizes data and files on any Windows computer. Easy synchronization of files on notebook, desktop and server. Data can be on internal or external disk or other storage device. Extensive options for configuration. Tasks can be stored in profiles for individual copying processes. Can be automated with Windows. Free download of ECSync 2, size 2.93 Mb.

MDM Zinc Multidmedia Limited 

Create, Build & Deploy Real Desktop Applications based upon the Adobe® Flash® SWF Format with Zinc. Zinc™ compiles your SWF Files into Powerful Desktop Applications (Projectors) for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Create Stunning Commercial Applications, Screensavers, Widgets, CD Roms, DVD's, Kiosks and More.
. Free download of MDM Zinc, size 0 b.

Sprite Explorer Wrench Software 

Sprite Explorer is a powerful and easy to use tool that helps you extract and restore individual files.
With Sprite Explorer you can easily transfer files and folders, drag individual files to your desktop.

Main Features:

- Sprite Explorer opens up any Sprite Backup or Clone image, including images created by earlier. Freeware download of Sprite Explorer, size 2.95 Mb.

OrphansRemover 1.7.5 DigiArch.org 

OrphansRemover scans your computer and finds broken shortcuts (*.lnk files) on your Desktop, in your Start Menu, Recent Documents, Program Files folder and other (custom) locations. You are then presented with a list and can choose to delete all of them, or only selected items. The program also offers several command-line switches, that can be used. Freeware download of OrphansRemover 1.7.5, size 284.67 Kb.

FLV Encoder by FLV Hosting 3.0 FLV Hosting 

There are several tools for converting FLV but FLV Encoder is unique because it encodes the different formats to FLV. FLV Encoder is a wonderful tool which converts your QuickTime, WMV, AVI, RM or MPEG files on your desktop PC to FLV. FLV Encoder is able to deliver a live FLV stream continuously via an embedded HTTP server. The video stream is FLV1. Freeware download of FLV Encoder by FLV Hosting 3.0, size 0 b.

8start Launcher 1 1 8START.COM 

A skinable, portable, innovative Application Launcher and Tree Notes. A whole new way of launching programs and files, making your desktop clean and access/share notes fast and easy.

Starting programs from shortcuts on desktop and start menu is an obsolete and cumbersome process. Now it is made precise with categorization and graphic. Freeware download of 8start Launcher 1 1, size 1.12 Mb.

Swiss Army Knife C++ Toolkit 1.0 Saktoolkit 

Swiss Army Knife C++ Toolkit is a set of versatile tools for C++ development. It offers to a developer variety of everyday needed tools for programming. Among these tools are configuration files reader, Tokeniser, Singleton template and many more.

Swiss Army Knife C++ Toolkit 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Swiss Army Knife C++ Toolkit 1.0, size 0 b.

UnisonQT 1.0 Unisonqt 

UnisonQT is a simple Windows interface for using Unison file synchronizer utility. Synchronizing files between a desktop computer and a usb key becomes a breeze.

UnisonQT 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of UnisonQT 1.0, size 0 b.

MobileAssistant concept/design GmbH 

With the help of MobileAssistant you make every PC your own. Use your personal favourites, My files - your home desktop any time on every other PC. When you log in you can use your personal datas from every application, your explorer-favourites, in fact. After leaving, the settings of the system will be neglected and it looks like you never used. Free download of MobileAssistant, size 1.56 Mb.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3.2 Adobe Systems 

Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you view and print Adobe PDF files on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. Acrobat Reader provides a host of features that enable you to submit PDF Forms created with fillable form fields to such applications as Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Form Designer. Play back a variety of embedded Multimedia. Freeware download of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3.2, size 11.85 Mb.

Get Your Ex Back 1.0 Get Your Ex Back 

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back desktop rss feed reader. Follow your favorite rss feeds. Get back together with your ex with get your ex back advice. Get your ex back advice for men and women who want to get back together with their ex. How to get your girlfriend back. How to get your boyfriend back. Get ex back.. Freeware download of Get Your Ex Back 1.0, size 1.20 Mb.

Softick Blue Files 1.08 Softick 

Softick Blue Files provides wireless file exchange over Bluetooth link for Palm OS handhelds.Don't you want Card Export II for Bluetooth? Here it is, we call it Softick Blue Files. Just launch Softick Blue Files application and browse your cards and memory from any Bluetooth FTP Client!Now you can manage files at your Palm Powered device from any. Free download of Softick Blue Files 1.08, size 51.20 Kb.

PPP direct 1. 3. 2003 NRCan GSD 

PPP Direct is a PC desktop utility for submitting GPS data files (RINEX) for CSRS-PPP processing.

Submit your GPS data for PPP processing without logging on to the CSRS Online Database. PPP Direct lets you “drag and drop” single or multiple RINEX files onto a desktop icon where they are immediately submitted for. Freeware download of PPP direct 1. 3. 2003, size 6.42 Mb.