Oops In C Tutorial

AMC GIF Construction Set Tutorial 4.0a.01 1.0 Alchemy Mindworks 

The GIF Construction Set Professional animation software is easy to use, and this tutorial will make it even easier to learn. Work through the ten exercises included with the tutorial package and you'll be ready to create your own web page animations in seconds. The tutorial installs on your hard drive to make it quick and easy to access. It. Freeware download of AMC GIF Construction Set Tutorial 4.0a.01 1.0, size 9.13 Mb.


Evolutionary Computation Framework 1.1 gp.zemris.fer.hr 

ECF is a C++ framework intended for application of any type of evolutionary computation (GA, GP, PSO, GAn...). It offers simplicity for the end-user (parameterless usage, tutorial) and customization for experienced EC practicioners.. Freeware download of Evolutionary Computation Framework 1.1, size 654.01 Kb.

wyoGuide 1.0.4 wyoguide.sourceforge.net 

wyoGuide is a guide, a tutorial for developing well-designed cross-platform applications. Where possible sample code written in C++ using the wxWidgets framework is accompanied. The included demo application is well suited as a starting code base.. Freeware download of wyoGuide 1.0.4, size 137.62 Kb.

XPC Development Suite 2010.07.30 xpc-suite.sourceforge.net 

XPC: A set of "Cross Platform C/C++" projects, a framework for basic software development. Includes a unit-test library (C), a C++ wrapper for it, and a utility library (C). Includes extensive design/tutorial documentation and Debian support.. Freeware download of XPC Development Suite 2010.07.30, size 3.84 Mb.

BAS-I.C Global Free Accounting 1.0 BAS-I.C 

BAS-I.C Global free and easy small business accounting where ever you are...

BAS-I.C Global is different to other accounting systems in structure, layout and functions. It is designed specifically to be easy for sole traders, small, micro and home based business with a simple layout and display.

BAS-I.C Global small business. Freeware download of BAS-I.C Global Free Accounting 1.0, size 22.53 Kb.

DE Language SDK 1.0 Delanguagesdk 

The DE programming language SDK defines a new language called DE, thats gives a new step after C++, Java and C#. The projects consists on a formal definition, a tutorial and the software developement kit associated.

DE Language SDK 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DE Language SDK 1.0, size 0 b.

Chatbot Tutorial 1.0 Euler-11 

This is a basic introduction to how to implement a chatbot in c++ or other programming languages

Chatbot Tutorial 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Chatbot Tutorial 1.0, size 0 b.

C.A.T. PDF to Image Converter 2.8 Litigation Assistant, LLC 

If PDF is your starting format, C.A.T. PDF to Image Converter can help convert those PDFs into single image tiffs, bmps, jpgs, pngs or jpgs. Why would this be a good thing? Because you can then have single images to manipulate, extract from, OCR, the options are endless.

Now, instead of paying 3+ cents per image for electronic. Free download of C.A.T. PDF to Image Converter 2.8, size 0 b.

C# Comicviewer 1.0 RC7 Rutger Spruyt 

C# Comicviewer is a small, simple, very easy to use application specially designed to offer you a comic viewer.

The application will open in fullscreen and the contextual menu will help you load the comic that you want to read.

This program is written in C#, using the .Net 4.0, 7-zip and SevenZipSharp.
for WindowsAll

Client/Server Comm Lib for C/C++ 6.3 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft C++ and .NET client/server component library for TCP/IP and UDP/IP winsock sockets communication across a network such as the internet or intranet (LAN). CSC4C uses the Windows API to communicate with other programs across any TCP winsock network.
Features include:
Can be used to create both clients and servers.

C# Expression Evaluator Beta Rupert Avery 

C# Expression Evaluator is a handy and reliable programming class designed for use in projects that involve accurate math expression results.

C# Expression Evaluator is able to handle both arithmetical and logical operators, with support for nested function calls.

. Free download of C# Expression Evaluator Beta, size 0 b.

PNG to C Source Code Converter Alpha Ali Khanlarkhani 

PNG to C Source Code Converter is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you convert a PNG image into the array of its color codes.

PNG to C Source Code Converter creates a C inline file, based on user-defined output specifications. You can select the color type and the variables to include in the output (width,. Freeware download of PNG to C Source Code Converter Alpha, size 0 b.

MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0 MySQL AB 

MySQL Connector/C allows you to connect the applications written in C with the MySQL databases in order to read and write data. It implements the C API and provides you with all the tools if you only need the client library.

The connector allows you to build application that can communicate with the MySQL servers in order to exchange. Free download of MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0, size 0 b.

MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.3 MySQL AB 

MySQL Connector/C++ allows you to connect the applications created with C++ with the MySQL databases in order to read and write data. This database driver is designed to help you create C++ applications that can connect to a MySQL server.

This database connection driver provides support for the the object-oriented programming. It. Free download of MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.3, size 0 b.

MarshallSoft AES Library for C/C++ 1.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft AES Library for C/C++ is a very useful component that was especially designed to help developers integrate strong encryption features in the applications they build.

Advanced Encryption Standard is used by many institutions since it ensures unbreakable security for sensitive data and the library is compatible with a variety. Free download of MarshallSoft AES Library for C/C++ 1.0, size 0 b.

Wireless Communication Library C++ Edition Soft Service Company 

Wireless Communication Library MFC Edition brings the power features of Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi and Wii Remote (Wiimote) technologies to your MFC/C++ applications. Develop Bluetooth Proximity Application in just a few days. Save your time! WCL includes all the things you need for using Bluetooth, IrDA and WiFi in your MFC/C++ appications. Discover. Free download of Wireless Communication Library C++ Edition, size 4.53 Mb.

MarshallSoft C/C++ AES Library 1.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

The MarshallSoft AES Library for C/C++ (AES4C) is a toolkit that allows software developers to easily implement strong
encryption and decryption into a Windows C/C++, Visual C++, .NET or Visual C# application.

AES4C is a component (DLL) library that provides an easy interface to to perform encryption and decryption using the. Free download of MarshallSoft C/C++ AES Library 1.0, size 450.89 Kb.

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library 1.1.1 Mike Gavaghan 

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library was specially developed as a small and useful C# library. This handy component can help users develop apps that can be used with GPS receivers.

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library comes with two major functions:
· It can calculate a destination given a starting point, direction, as well as the distance. Free download of Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library 1.1.1, size 0 b.

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers 4.2.0 Eclipse Foundation 

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers is a powerful environment that was designed in order to provide any C/C++ developer with Mylyn integration.

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers contains what you need to quickly and easily build C/C++ applications.

. Free download of Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers 4.2.0, size 0 b.

Magic C++ Enterprise Edition 4.2 Build 070504 MagicUnix Information Technology Limited 

Magic C++ Enterprise Edition was designed for any C++ programmer, especially for those who work on remote UNIX platforms and allows them to deploy the established protocols of FTP and communicate with the remote servers.

Magic C++ Enterprise Edition is a fully integrated development environment(IDE) designed to meet the requirements of. Free download of Magic C++ Enterprise Edition 4.2 Build 070504, size 0 b.