Orcad Pspice

OrCAD PCB Designer Lite 16.5 Cadence Design Systems, Inc 

OrCAD PCB Designer Lite is a reliable application that intends to help you to create and to edit PCB layouts. The program includes an integrated design flow that allows you to go through all the steps required to create a functional PCB.

You can use the program to create multi-layered circuit boards or simpler designs that suit your. Free download of OrCAD PCB Designer Lite 16.5, size 0 b.


PSpice Student Electronics-lab.com 

Because the analog and digital simulation algorithms are built into the same program, PSpice A/D simulates mixed-signal circuits with no performance degradation because of tightly coupled feedback loops between the analog and digital sections.

Main features:

- AC, DC, and transient analyses, so you can test the response of. Freeware download of PSpice Student, size 28.62 Mb.

Edif to KiCad translator 2008.04.01 edif2kicad.sourceforge.net 

An Electronic Definition Interchange Format (EDIF) parser which allows exportsfrom one EDA schematic capture system (such as OrCad) for import into another (such as KiCad). Freeware download of Edif to KiCad translator 2008.04.01, size 474.30 Kb.

Equivalence Checker For Netlists 1.0 equi-netlists.sourceforge.net 

Equivalence checking for two netlists of ORCAD schematic designs. Check out whether two netlists may generate the idendical PCB in later design stage, even if they are derived from different design procedures with different part-ref and siganl-name.. Freeware download of Equivalence Checker For Netlists 1.0, size 286.68 Kb.

GtLab Convert 1.0 Gtlab-convert 

Handy tools for DIY, that allows to convert audio data (WAV) to input data for 3 popular SPICE modellers (OrCad, CircuitMaker & MicroCap) and return it back to wave from output of this 3 CADs. So, your schematic design can be much easier :)

GtLab Convert 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of GtLab Convert 1.0, size 0 b.

5Spice Analysis 1 65 Andresen Software 

5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, and integrated graphing of simulation results. Plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice® models from a user expandable library. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and design at the component level.. Free download of 5Spice Analysis 1 65, size 0 b.

Ecad Plus Windows LOGIC 

eCADPlus is a CAD software package designed for the development of electromechanical schematic drawings.

eCADPlus is an integrated package: it can be used to draw electromechanical schematics, to develop new symbols or to modify existing ones, and to produce all the design documentation including: Part list, Cable list and Connection. Free download of Ecad Plus Windows, size 5.24 Mb.

FiltersCAD 1.0 Genel International LLC 

FiltersCAD software is the complete analog filters design solution for improving personal productivity in a timely and cost efficient manner. Optimized for personal productivity and designed to speed time to market, FiltersCAD solution deliver filters design product. FiltersCAD designers must now manage the complete design process form early. Free download of FiltersCAD 1.0, size 1.59 Mb.

Schematic 3D 2007.11.18 schematic3d.sourceforge.net 

Schematic3d depicts analog circuits in three dimensional space. Third dimension for circuit element is added based on the voltage. It generates animation for transient simulation. (Values of voltages are taken from PSPICE software).. Freeware download of Schematic 3D 2007.11.18, size 441.86 Kb.

Advanced Netlist Comparer 1.0 Anetlistcompare 

Advanced netlist comparer. For createing ECO for PCAD PCB and ORCAD schematic.. Freeware download of Advanced Netlist Comparer 1.0, size 0 b.

MS Office CAD ECAD PDF to Image Txt 4.0 Magic Soft 

MS Office 2D / 3D CAD ECAD PDF to Image Txt Batch Converter is a converting application.It is capable of converting over hundreds different file formats to image (Tiff, Bmp, Jpeg, Gif, Emf, Png, Pcx, Tga) without the authoring application. Extract Text from hundreds different file formats without the authoring application. Supported file types. Free download of MS Office CAD ECAD PDF to Image Txt 4.0, size 44.82 Mb.

First File View 1.53 Shiyi Software Workroom 

Do you have for a file can not browse and have been be embarrassed?Do you need to be a kind of document format(for example WORD, EXCEL, ACAD, etc) conversion or output becomes the various document formats such as PDF, TIFF, GIF, HPGL, BMP, STL and VRML? Do you hope to print various documents in a integrated environment? Do you hope to add watermark. Free download of First File View 1.53, size 43.83 Mb.

DesignWorks Professional 5.0.7 Capilano Computing Systems Ltd 

Unique in the industry, DesignWorks Professional works the way you do. With its intuitive graphical interface you'll be completing projects, not reading manuals. Let DesignWorks form the core of your engineering environment!

DesignWorks Professional offers you the best user interface, bar none, for schematic capture. The program. Freeware download of DesignWorks Professional 5.0.7, size 8.21 Mb.

Gerbtool 16 1 WISE Software Solutions, Inc. 

GerbTool is a robust suite of PCB CAM tooling and analysis software. From basic visual verification to powerful Design Rules Checks (DRC) and Design For Manufacture (DFM) analysis, GerbTool provides all the functions you need to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs while reducing cycle times and time-to-market.. Free download of Gerbtool 16 1, size 18.45 Mb.

Ultra Librarian 5. 3. 1968 Accelerated Designs 

Ultra Librarian is used primarily to complete difficult enterprise librarian tasks that might include multiple CAD/CAE import and exports, process control, revision control and sophisticated scraping of Acrobat and data provider websites. Easy to install and easy to manipulate.. Free download of Ultra Librarian 5. 3. 1968, size 76.27 Mb.

CIRCAD'98 5 4 Holophase Incorporated 

CIRCAD is a powerful and easy-to-use PCB Design package.To design a schematic, simply open a schematic drawing sheet and start placing components. Connect them together using wires, buses, and signal ports.While slurping in the netlist, CIRCAD will automatically select the components from the various library files and line them up along the bottom. Free download of CIRCAD'98 5 4, size 24.91 Mb.

VisualCAM 16 1 MecSoft Corporation 

Finally VisualCAM rounds out its capabilities by offering Loaded-Board PCB engineers an array of Assembly Processing capabilities not typically found within competitive products.
Design Verification: Verification of your design data is a critical step before submitting your job for production. Today's product complexities require PCB. Freeware download of VisualCAM 16 1, size 19.29 Mb.

Circuit Creator 3 20 AMS Inc. 

CircuitCREATOR™ CAE system is the most complete and high performance solution for electronic design using IBM and compatible personal computers. The integrated system includes Schematic Capture, Symbol Editor, Circuit Simulation, PCB Layout Editor, Automatic Router, Gerber Viewer and complete CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) support.

WISE Database Viewer 16.0.0002 WISE Software Solutions, Inc. 

The WISE Database Viewer allows you to view GerbTool .gtd and VisualCAM .vcam database files, as well as databases from the developers OEM products.

With this too you get full access to import and export of Gerber 274d\274x, ODB , ODB XML and more.. Freeware download of WISE Database Viewer 16.0.0002, size 10.85 Mb.

ChequeMate Lite 1. 7. 2001 Infinite Graphics Incorporated. 

Eliminate costly reworks and reduced product introduction time by checking design intent and manufacturability up front on board fabrication data. Problems found during this cycle can easily be communicated between design, engineering, and manufacturing, reducing the conventional multiple-day problem cycle to minutes.. Freeware download of ChequeMate Lite 1. 7. 2001, size 23.41 Mb.