Pattern Recognition Based On Sql

TBO Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition 1.0 TimBukOne 

TBO Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition (ACPR) is a powerful Price Line, Candlestick and Point & Figure Pattern Recognition system.

If you can imagine the pattern or trend then TBO ACPR allows you to draw it, scan for it, and find any matching charts in just seconds.

It works with both end-of-day and real-time data and. Free download of TBO Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition 1.0, size 10.65 Mb.


Web-based SQuirreL SQL Client 1.0 

Web-based Squirrel SQL client. it allow you to view database structure, import/export and manage your databases, including create database, table, store procedure, view,trigger and user. it support oracle, db2, mysql, MS SQL server, FireBird,Postgres. Freeware download of Web-based SQuirreL SQL Client 1.0, size 14.81 Mb.

Pattern Recognition and AI 1.0 Patternrecognit 

Projects focus is in pattern recognition for the purpose of implementing automated bindings between data and data behavior.Usability is; neural networks, data compressions, data integrity, data assumption , visual object recognition.

Pattern Recognition and AI 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Pattern Recognition and AI 1.0, size 0 b.

TinySVM 0.09 taku-ku 

TinySVM is a simple implementation of the Support Vector Machines algorithm that aims to help you deal with the tasks that require pattern recognition. The package includes three command line tools that enable you to process training examples.

The tools use fast optimization algorithms and are compatible with both C-SVR and C-SVM.

175 Fast Letter Learner: Child Pattern Recognition 2.1 Sand Apps Inc. 

Kids are great at pattern recognition and this app focuses on this ability and applies it to the alphabet. It's written by a teacher and optimized for self study and quick learning. Kids simply tap a letter, listen to its name, then see one of many images about that letter. Simple enough to use by a child, but complex enough to guide them through. Free download of 175 Fast Letter Learner: Child Pattern Recognition 2.1, size 61.03 Mb.

Image Cerberus 1.0 

Image Cerberus is an image spam detector, based on pattern recognition and image processing techniques. It can be used as a SpamAssassin plug-in or integrated in any other anti-spam filter. It has been widely tested, achieving high performances.. Freeware download of Image Cerberus 1.0, size 807.88 Kb.

fs-knn-gpu 1.0 Fsknngpu 

A GPU-based efficient data parallel formulation of the k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) search problem which is a popular method for classifying objects in several fields of research, such as- pattern recognition, machine learning, bioinformatics etc.. Freeware download of fs-knn-gpu 1.0, size 0 b.

escom-henoc 1.0 Escom-henoc 

Physics Simulation Software based on user sketchsrunning a pattern recognition agent, this app is able to animate a physics sketch, from a blackboard

escom-henoc 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of escom-henoc 1.0, size 0 b.

Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1. 12. 2004 LLC 

The Refined Elliott Trader pattern recognition software from is the World's #1 in Elliott Wave Analysis, market forecasting, and price/time projections. Elliott Wave Patterns have been used by traders to successful forecast market direction since they were first discovered in 1930. More specifically, Eliott Wave gives you price. Freeware download of Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1. 12. 2004, size 21.03 Mb.

Part-Based Object Recognition System 1.0 Partrecognizer 

This project implements a computer vision system for object recognition based on extracting and recognizing small image parts known as visual features. The goal is to perform binary classification (determining the presence of an object) on static images.

Part-Based Object Recognition System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Part-Based Object Recognition System 1.0, size 0 b.

RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library. 1.1 

General C++ Library, with modules for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and much more.. Freeware download of RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library. 1.1, size 5.38 Mb.

PL/SQL Unit Test framework 1.0 Plsqlunittest 

Web based PL/SQL unit testing framework using Mod Pl/Sql, Apache, Oracle.

PL/SQL Unit Test framework 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PL/SQL Unit Test framework 1.0, size 0 b.

viSQL - The Universal SQL Editor 1.0 Visql 

viSQL is a perl/DBI based universal SQL editor running in a shell environment. The application relies on the vi editor to manage SQL queries, query directives and query variables within a text document.

viSQL - The Universal SQL Editor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of viSQL - The Universal SQL Editor 1.0, size 0 b.

PAGER: Gene Set Recognition 1.0 Pager 

PAGER is software for biological pathway recognition based on simple and complex transcription profiling studies. PAGER evaluates the significance of pathway activity, pathway coherence and their integration according to user-specified sample phenotypes.

PAGER: Gene Set Recognition 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PAGER: Gene Set Recognition 1.0, size 0 b.

Eigen faces Jer Ming Chen 

Eigen faces was designed to implement facial recognition based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) that has being widely used as the basis of facial recognition algorithms. The eigen-vectors of SVD over the facial dataset are often regarded as eigenfaces.

Due to human resources, time constraint, and level of experiences, this project. Free download of Eigen faces, size 0 b.

Cell Jumper 1.0 Nicholas Wright 

Know how use the knight on a chess board? Want to train yourself to spot jump squares super fast?

Jump into the shoes of a certain hungry horsie and push your pattern recognition skills to their limits!

Race against the clock to eat every deliciously placed carrot on the board before time runs out.

Did I mention. Free download of Cell Jumper 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

iLeave Time and Attendance Software 3.0 Apex Business Software 

Flexible time and attendance solution based on SQL Server Express. Integrates with punch clock terminals and payroll providers. Supports multiple sites. Offers Web self-service, project tracking, leave-approval workflow, and e-mailed reminders. Try our products free for 30 days.. Free download of iLeave Time and Attendance Software 3.0, size 74.79 Mb.

iHR Software 3.0 Apex Business Software 

Powerful HRIS based on SQL Server Express that supports multiple users over multiple sites. Offers Web self-service, time & attendance, leave-approval workflow, benefit tracking, COBRA, license management, mail merge, and e-mailed reminders. Supports document attachments. Includes hundreds of reports that export to Excel and PDF. Integrates. Free download of iHR Software 3.0, size 74.79 Mb.

XDIAG 3 2 Theta Enterprises 

XDIAG for Windows is a revolutionary new software tool that combines state-of-the-art expert system and pattern recognition technology with accurate wave equation diagnostic modeling. XDIAG uses exact pumping unit kinematics to analyze any available pumping unit geometry. XDIAG determines the condition of the pump and calculates fluid level, pump. Freeware download of XDIAG 3 2, size 4.52 Mb.

Sirius - Demo 8.0 PRS AS 

Sirius is the main software product from Pattern Recognition Systems. It is a tool for multivariate analysis that covers all the central methods within multivariate exploratory analysis, classification/discrimination and calibration/response modeling. Experimental design is also supported.

Main Features:

-Mixture Design

Pattern Recognition Based On Sql Web Results

Department of Cybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague

Research is conducted in two centers: (a) Gerstner Laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making Knowledge Based Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning, Mobile Robotics and (b) the Center for...

Super ICEPak

Software based on different AI tools including: neural networks, statistical pattern recognition and fuzzy logic for pattern recognition and classification.

Optical Recognition Objectives

Develops technology for pattern recognition and biometric software for face recognition and criminal investigations. Online demo available.


A library of MATLAB functions for simulating neural network algorithms based on the book Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition by Chris Bishop.

Medical Speech Recognition

Medical charting and document management system using speech recognition based around Dragon Systems software.

Department of Computer Science

Research areas: Agent-Based and Multi-Agent Systems; Constraint Programming and Optimisation; Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition; Natural Language Engineering and Distributed Information...

Sewing with Pride

Sewing classes and pattern workshops based on the easy to use Lutterloh Pattern System. Business opportunity also available to teach sewing from home. In New Zealand.