Pdb File Rreader Xp

Magic File&FolderType Icons 2005 Partaksoft 

More Than 250 High-Quality 32Bit File&FolderType XP Style Icons.We make Xp icons for commercial manufacturers.If you are a software developer, webmaster or userinterface designer looking for high quality icons andglyphs for you software projects. You have cometo the right place. It is hard enough to create user interface for yourapplication. Free download of Magic File&FolderType Icons 2005, size 950.27 Kb.


A library for parsing PalmOS PDB files b.0.0.3 pdblib.sourceforge.net 

`pdblib' is a small library written in C for parsing a PDB file created by Palm OS programs. Parsing is done in a `SAX' like fashion where programmers install event handlers which get called upon parsing the input stream.. Freeware download of A library for parsing PalmOS PDB files b.0.0.3, size 111.44 Kb.

Simple Palm Doc Convertor 1.0 Ondrej Psencik 

Simple Palm Doc Convertor is a simple and easy to use application that is capable of converting simple documents in/from:

Palm Doc (pdb) file
Text File
Microsoft Word (docx) file for WindowsAll

. Free download of Simple Palm Doc Convertor 1.0, size 0 b.

PdbDump 32.0.8 pdbdump.sourceforge.net 

A PDB file dumper and C++ wrapper library for the Microsoft Debug Information (DIA) 2.0 SDK.. Freeware download of PdbDump 32.0.8, size 53.70 Kb.

JPS Java Protein Surface 1.0 Jproteinsurface 

From a pdb file, the java program calculates the van der Walls surface of the protein in the file.

JPS Java Protein Surface 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JPS Java Protein Surface 1.0, size 0 b.

File Encryption XP 1.6.223 CP Lab 

Need a military grade file encryption software? Would you like to delete (shred) files and be 100% sure they can't be "undeleted"? How about protecting data stored with removable drives? File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP) does all that and more! File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP) is password protection software for Windows. Files. Free download of File Encryption XP 1.6.223, size 1.48 Mb.

PDBViz pdbviz.sourceforge.net 

This is an open source Protien Data Bank (*.pdb) file format importer plug-in for Autodesk's Maya Unlimited/Complete Animation and Special Effects software. The plug-in is being created to facilitate dissemination of scientific research.. Freeware download of PDBViz, size 85.64 Kb.

pdbc 0.9.4 pdbc.sourceforge.net 

Palm DataBase compiler/decompiler.The compiler (pdbc) converts a source code into the binary PDB file format used by Palm PDAs to store information.The decompiler (pdbdec) converts any binary PDB file into source code understood by pdbc.The la. Freeware download of pdbc 0.9.4, size 227.22 Kb.

Protein 3D Printing 0.1 protein3dprint.sourceforge.net 

This project provides software resources for creating solid models of proteins that can be printed on color 3D printers. The main focus is a java program that reads in a PDB file and produces a PLY format stick representation of the protein.. Freeware download of Protein 3D Printing 0.1, size 75.16 Kb.

HBAT-Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool 1.1 Abhishek Tiwari&Sunil Kumar Panigrahi 

The program HBAT is a tool to automate the analysis of potential hydrogen bonds and similar type of weak interactions like halogen bonds and non-canonical interactions in macromolecular structures, available in Brookhaven Protein Database (PDB) file format. HBAT is written using PERL and TK languages. The program generates an MSOFFICE Excel. Free download of HBAT-Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool 1.1, size 14.31 Mb.

Protein Data Bank (PDB) File Editor 090203 pdbeditorjl.sourceforge.net 

User friendly PDB (Protein Data Bank) file editor with graphic user interface for protein crystallographers to expedite selective parallel edit / data extraction / analysis of their PDB files. Freeware download of Protein Data Bank (PDB) File Editor 090203, size 748.69 Kb.

Kernel Palm PDB - File Repair Software 4.03 Nucleus Technologies.com 

Kernel for Palm PDB - recovers corrupted .PDB (Database file for the Palm handheld organizer) database files corrupted due to unexpected palm shutdown, palm organizers synchronization break, HotSysncT« failure and displays error messages such as "Error opening PalmPilot database", " Sync Manager Error - Connection Was. Free download of Kernel Palm PDB - File Repair Software 4.03, size 1.26 Mb.

idoo File Encryption Free 5.2 Idoo Encryption 

idoo file encryption free is the super best free file encryption software, this powerful and useful file encrypt tool can help you quickly and safely lock and hide files,and it can use 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your files located on HDD drive or any portable media such as USB drives.

Features and Benefits:
Hide Data:idoo. Freeware download of idoo File Encryption Free 5.2, size 3.08 Mb.

XP Professional Repair 2007 XP Repair Pro, LLC 

XP Repair Pro 2007 Scans and Repairs over 53, 000 common Windows Errors. Our unique and one of a kind technology repairs over 53, 000 Windows errors and is guaranteed to fix problems on your system. Using hi-tech and effective functions your system performance will be improved in a dramatic way! Windows and your software will run faster and your. Free download of XP Professional Repair 2007, size 26.65 Mb.

Koala Player XP 2.6 Koala 

Koala Player 2.6 XP is windows player for playing movie files with high quality subtitles.
Main Features:
High quality subtitle engine,
Subtitle Autoalign, selected font charset saved,
Subtitle intelligence engine,
Easy GUI: control panel, preview window, context menu,
New default skin,
Visible control. Free download of Koala Player XP 2.6, size 1.86 Mb.

pdbxtract 1.0 Mandiant 

pdbxtract is an application that aims to provide developers with a means of taking a look deep inside program database files in PDB format.

The program offers an insight on the library associated with the loaded PDB file and the output can be exported into a common format, like XML. pdbxtract also supports importing data from such. Free download of pdbxtract 1.0, size 0 b.

Prodar b.11 prodar.sourceforge.net 

Prodar is a search application that queries the PDB for candidate structural alignments. The input to the search is a protein backbone structure read from a standard (text) PDB file, and the results returned are based solely on structural similarity of the backbone without any regard to sequence information. Searches are extremely fast, searching. Freeware download of Prodar b.11, size 649.01 Mb.

JSiteDescriptor 1.0 Jsitedescriptor 

A set of java programs that extract coordinate and chemical information from PDB files.

The binding site regions are extracted using grid based scheme.

For binding site, spatio-chemical descriptor is generated based on PocketMatch algorithm of Dr. Kalidas (author of this project too).

Generation of PocketMatch based. Freeware download of JSiteDescriptor 1.0, size 849.11 Kb.

RegistryQuick 2.0 RegistryQuick 

RegistryQuick allows you to clean up your registry, fix a recurring error or broken link, catch early signs of severe problems, speed up your PC, and prevent crashing and

RegistryQuick will completely clean up & fix the following: Psapi.dll & all other DLL errors, Windows Installer problems, Slow PC. Free download of RegistryQuick 2.0, size 0 b.

RZparser New Makio TamuraTu 

RZparser was specially created as a lightweight software that can help you parse Ribose zippers.

All you have to do is load the application, select the PDB file you want to use, and the program will quickly identify all the zippers found in the RNA structure. Furthermore, RZparser can also generate PyMoL scripts.

. Free download of RZparser New, size 0 b.