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Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 8.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs

The Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs install language specific resource files, allowing users to view the user interface (UI) of Internet Explorer 8 in a different supported language. Individual language packs are available for the following languages: Arabic,. Freeware download of Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 8.0, size 1.08 Mb.


Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Basic 6 6.03.0014 Softwarebuero Jollans 

The Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Basic 6 provides a general solution for creating and maintaining Visual-Basic projects with support for multiple languages.

The product is an Add-In for Visual Basic 6, which means that it is tightly integrated into development environment.

<b>Features :</b>

Add. Free download of Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Basic 6 6.03.0014, size 5.26 Mb.

Macrobject OQL.NET Object Query Language 2008.7.10.1111 Macrobject Software 

OQL.NET is a strong-typed database object query language. The difference between OQL.NET and SQL or other OQL lies in that OQL.NET is based on native.NET language (e.g. C# and VB.NET) instead of on strings. OQL.NET is compatible with SQL-92 standard. It supports all the major elements of SQL DML, including select, insert, update and delete. Free download of Macrobject OQL.NET Object Query Language 2008.7.10.1111, size 2.36 Mb.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English Persian (Farsi) for Palm OS 3.2.97 ECTACO, Inc. 

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English Persian for Palm OS with 400.000 words provides bidirectional word translation and speech synthesis. Make your Palm speak English with LingvoSoft Talking Bidirectional Dictionary! Just select any English word and with one click make the speech synthesizer pronounce it for you. The synthesizer (Text-to-Speech. Free download of LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English Persian (Farsi) for Palm OS 3.2.97, size 2.98 Mb.

Language Analyzer 3.0 Netic Infoservices 

It is used to know how writing can be improved by synonyms. Enrich language, avoid repeated words, pinpoing errors, correct monotonous language. Users can easily avoid too long words (too academic) or too short ones (to simplistic) for better readability or for higher academic level. It also includes Profane Language and Slang Usage detectors to. Free download of Language Analyzer 3.0, size 2.75 Mb.

Language repeater 1.0.2 Qingqing Chen 

Language repeater is one of favorite tools for language learners to improve listening. It can automatically analyze the silences of sound files and make marks for repeated playing. It is extremely useful for people who are preparing for language exams, such as TOEFL and IELTS.


* Very straightforward and convenient. Freeware download of Language repeater 1.0.2, size 870.32 Kb.

Language Diff 1.00 Beta CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. 

Language Diff is a utility to manage previously created language files to conform with an application's current English language file (English.lng).. Freeware download of Language Diff 1.00 Beta, size 272.63 Kb.

Language Coach 1.10 NCH Swift Sound Software 

Language Coach expression drill and tutor software is a language teaching program for Windows. Within minutes, Language Coach lets you design lessons for your students to help them practise what they have been learning in class. The students can then open these lessons on their own computers or on the schools' workstations to practise the. Free download of Language Coach 1.10, size 220.20 Kb.

Language Translate For iPod/iPhone 7.7 5fanyi Translation Software Co., Ltd. 

Language Translate For iPod/iPhone sets a new standard for instant multi-language translation software. Designed exclusively for the iPod, it's stocked with over 20 kinds of perfectly pronounced oral language for instant use.. Free download of Language Translate For iPod/iPhone 7.7, size 1.80 Mb.

HTC Contacts to iPhone Transfer 1.0.0 cell phone data transfer 

Steps by step to transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone
Step 1. Run the HTC contacts to iPhone Transfer on your PC
After downloading and installing the Programm, you should run it. Then the primary window will be shown on your computer screen. As you see, there're two modes available. To transfer HTC contacts to iPhone, you ought to select. Free download of HTC Contacts to iPhone Transfer 1.0.0, size 33.66 Mb.

English-Persian Dictionary Of Common Idioms 1.0 Radin 

Some part of learning a foreign language is associated with learning the language terms and proverbs. Idioms and proverbs are the fixed and irreversibility elements, that are not necessarily based on the language grammar and their means are not easily recognizable from the meaning of their components. Therefore Learners are forced to maintain terms. Free download of English-Persian Dictionary Of Common Idioms 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

English Persian Translator 5.3 Kejian Jin 

English Persian Translator
Persian English Translator

This application is designed to be a translator between English and Persian.
This application can translate a sentence from English to Persian. It can translate a sentence from Persian to English. However, we assume that your device should already have the keyboard for any. Free download of English Persian Translator 5.3, size 1.78 Mb.

Language Switcher-7 version 1.0 style-7 

Utility to switch languages on computer by one key or click on system tray icon. Also you can switch a user defined language by one key.. Freeware download of Language Switcher-7 version 1.0, size 421.18 Kb.

DC Form Flipper 1 EgyFirst Software , inc 

Form Flipper is a COM based component that allows you to Support Eastern Language , we support right to left application by changing alignment to right and orientation by flip form horizontally 180 . Free download of DC Form Flipper 1, size 1.04 Mb.

IBasic 2.02D Pyxia Development 

Create stand-alone Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP programs, 3D games, utilities, and console applications with easy-to-use IBasic language. Great for students and beginners, yet powerful enough for advanced programmers. IBasic features a syntax similar to BASIC with built-in editor, debugger, GUI designer and resource compiler. No external libraries. Free download of IBasic 2.02D, size 2.77 Mb.

7000 Years Calendar 1.4.2 June Calends 

The Program demonstrates local time and date for chosen calendar (Julian, Gregorian, Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Islamic, Khayam, Persian, Slavic-Aryan) for various locations on Earth, number of the Julian Day, number of the day in the year, number of days in the year, local time of Sun/Moon rise/set, Moon age, dates of. Free download of 7000 Years Calendar 1.4.2, size 3.42 Mb.

Subject Search Summarizer 3.1 Kryloff Technologies, Inc. 

Subject Search Summarizer saves your time and increases your productivity by creating brief summaries of virtually any document or Web page you are reading, and also translating them into the language of your choice. SSSummarizer generates and displays summaries as a list of key sentences the product extracts from documents using Kryloff's. Free download of Subject Search Summarizer 3.1, size 1.21 Mb.

WinOne - Super Command Shell for Windows 7.4 Lucien Cinc 

WinOne is a Command Language Interpreter, similar in concept to the shell CMD.EXE, except that WinOne has been designed to enable you get the most out of your Windows operating system.WinOne attempts to make Windows easier to use and to make you more productive when there is a need to work at the command line level. WinOne provides a rich set of. Free download of WinOne - Super Command Shell for Windows 7.4, size 2.52 Mb.

MLEditor Standard Edition 1.3.5 Anasoft Studio 

MLEditor (Multi-language Editor) is a professional multi-language text editor. It also supports transfers between Unicode / Unicode BE and ANSI / UTF-8, and provides full series of transfers between Simplified Chinese (GBK) and Traditional Chinese (Big5) at professional quality.1. Intelligent Multi-language Text Reader and Editor - MLEditor was. Free download of MLEditor Standard Edition 1.3.5, size 1.91 Mb.

Cliptrans 1.1 Fleisoft 

Cliptrans is a fast an easy to use language translation utility that uses the Google, InterTran, SDL, Systran and WorldLingo engines to translate between 100 different language options. You can select the translation service to use and either type the text to be translated or automatically translate the clipboard contents. The program runs in the. Free download of Cliptrans 1.1, size 769.02 Kb.