Personal Security Activation Number

Personal Security Sentinel 

Personal Security Sentinel is a fake antivirus and security program that is spread by trojans. It infects PCs via various vulnerabilities and browser exploits, faked updates and various “freebie” downloads. This rogue belongs to FakeVimes family of parasites, which includes Internet Antivirus 2011, fake Internet Security Suite,. Freeware download of Personal Security Sentinel, size 1.15 Mb.


Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.0 Lavasoft 

Ad-Aware Personal Security allows users to shop and bank safely online. This paid upgrade of our Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ version was engineered from the ground up and is now faster than ever before. Ad-Aware Personal Security builds upon the malware protection offered in our free product and adds a powerful web-filter that protects users against. Free download of Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.0, size 1.72 Mb.

Zumigo Assure Personal Security 1.0 Zumigo, Inc. 

Zumigo Assure Personal Security is a service operated and managed by your employer. It provides your location to the security department when there is a facility or personal emergency. This app enhances the service accuracy and provides emergency push notifications. To stop the service, you must contact your security department.

If your. Freeware download of Zumigo Assure Personal Security 1.0, size 943.72 Kb.

MobiGarda 1.1 MobiGarda 

Wireless mobile phone video surveillance solution is here adding a sense of personal security and safety it offers you real-time video monitoring.You can view live images from your cameras on cell phone using any kind of internet connection from any location in the world. In case of invasion, a real picture helps prevent false alarm and cancel. Free download of MobiGarda 1.1, size 6.17 Mb.

DualVR 1 8 G field,Inc. 

DualVR is a personal Security Monitoring System software and also have audio and video recording player software.
It features:
1.It also has a multi-split screen DV / DVR multi-function multimedia, security surveillance system software
2.Supported Video Source. Free download of DualVR 1 8, size 10.32 Mb.

Emergency Button 1.1 iAlert 

The Emergency Button is your Virtual Personal Security.

Set to your homepage, Your emergency button allows you to COMMUNICATE with people in your life, quickly and effectively, alerting them that you are at RISK and that your life is THREATENED. The recipient receives the alert as an alarm, allowing them to take the ACTION required to. Free download of Emergency Button 1.1, size 9.23 Mb.

EmergenSee 3.2.4 EmergenSee, LLC 

EmergenSee Personal Security System's Patented Technology sends Live Streaming Video, Audio, GPS Location and Movement to Pre-Selected Contacts* when serious and potentially dangerous situations are encountered. EmergenSee is discreet, fast and easy to use. With just one tap of the app, contacts can immediately see, hear and follow the incident as. Freeware download of EmergenSee 3.2.4, size 18.04 Mb.

Help I'm OK 1.2 Zooma B.V. 

Personal security is one of the biggest issues we face in life. The unique 'Help, I'm OK' app protects you, as the app allows you to send photos and your location to multiple phones with minimal fuss. The app not only helps you when you are in trouble but it allows you to easily keep friends and family updated about where you are and what you are. Freeware download of Help I'm OK 1.2, size 5.03 Mb.

MyGuardianAngel 1.0 DS Apps LLC 

The myGuardianAngel App Takes Personal Security to a Whole New Level! gave the app a 4 ? Star Review and said: The myGuardianAngel app is a unique and useful app that gives you the extra security you need. & One of my favorite features is the option to CALL 911(send GPS location to contacts). Its really a wonderful. Free download of MyGuardianAngel 1.0, size 4.72 Mb.

Push Text 1.1, LLC 

PUSH TEXT is text messaging evolved!

If youre like most people, you love to get mobile coupons, discounts, and messages from your favorite businesses, but you hate to give out your personal cell phone number. Use PUSH TEXT and never give out your phone number again!

* Get PUSH TEXT messages from only the businesses YOU add.. Freeware download of Push Text 1.1, size 734.00 Kb.

DIGIPASS-ES VASCO Data Security France SAS 

DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security

This version can only be activated with Enterprise Security activation codes.

Two-Factor authentication provided by VASCO is now in your pocket!

DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security allows online users to safely connect to your enterprise application or networks from your. Freeware download of DIGIPASS-ES, size 3.15 Mb.

Ettamen Mostafa Sany 

Ettamen is a personal security mobile application that aims to assist those at risk of theft, attack, kidnapping, or the likes.
Feel in danger?In trouble? Press the Panic button and Ettamen does the rest; Automatically sends SMS's and emails to your predefined guardians and push notifications to nearby Ettamen users to get them notified and. Freeware download of Ettamen, size 2.10 Mb.

FamilySafe SnapOne, Inc. 

Snap FamilySafe is the ultimate tool for managing your entire family's devices and personal security. View a family member's location, find a lost device, or know when your kids have arrived to their destination safely with the click of a button!
Snap FamilySafe is security for you, your family and everyone's. Freeware download of FamilySafe, size 4.19 Mb.

Intrusion Alarm Venetasoft™ 

NEW in 1.3: automatically send an alarm email with snapshot!

Turn your Windows Phone into the ultimate personal security and surveillance device.
Intrusion Alarm uses the built-in phone camera and microphone to detect movements and noises in the surrounding area.
When a motion or audio activity is detected, a snaphot is saved. Free download of Intrusion Alarm, size 3.15 Mb.

StreetSafe People Guard LLC 

StreetSafe™ - A personal security service that fits your life (Requires Service Subscription)

You already carry something with you everywhere that can be a highly effective security device—your smartphone.

By harnessing the power of your Windows Mobile Smart-Phone, StreetSafe is a one-of-a-kind service that. Freeware download of StreetSafe, size 1.05 Mb.

Lottra BMB Software 

The Personal BIG Lotteries Number Picker
Lottra is a BIG Lotteries (5 or more numbers) number picker. Lottra is simple to use and easy to view. Large fonts are used on the most used buttons and lists. But Lottra is not just another random lottery number picker, it uses a pseudo-random number generator with a seed, and that seed is where you. Free download of Lottra, size 524.29 Kb.

Comptabilit+e personnelle 2011 Emjysoft 

Manage easily and safely your personal bank accounts It is complete software for bank account management and personal assistant. The number of users is unlimited and the number of managed account.

. Free download of Comptabilit+e personnelle 2011, size 14.48 Mb.

Comptabilit+aTe personnelle 2011 Emjysoft 

Manage easily and safely your personal bank accounts It is complete software for bank account management and personal assistant. The number of users is unlimited and the number of managed account.

. Free download of Comptabilit+aTe personnelle 2011, size 14.48 Mb.

Personal Security Cam Devden Technologies 


Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not around? Ever got your friend's laptop stolen and you did not know who is responsible? This application, captures video of anything that has moved in your absence and the videos are automatically uploaded under public folder of your. Free download of Personal Security Cam, size 1.05 Mb.

USA Shield 2.15 Safe Soft Corporation 

USA Shield is the suite of encryption tools for personal and professional security. It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files and messages by encrypting them with up to three strong cryptographic algorithms. Once the information has been encrypted, it can be stored on insecure media or transmitted on an insecure network - like. Free download of USA Shield 2.15, size 534.77 Kb.