Perspective Network Management System

Quest Foglight NMS 5 2 Quest Software 

Foglight Network Management System (NMS) is an enterprise ready network performance monitoring and configuration management solution. It installs in less than 15 minutes and auto-discovers key metrics for network resources, including hardware, operating systems, virtual infrastructure, databases, middleware, applications, and services allowing you. Freeware download of Quest Foglight NMS 5 2, size 135.31 Mb.


WebNMS Framework Trial Edition 5 ZOHO Corp. 

WebNMS Framework is the industry-leading network management framework for building custom Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) applications. WebNMS Framework is a scalable, application-centric platform that makes extensive use of state-of-the-art graphical displays to provide an intuitive and powerful network. Free download of WebNMS Framework Trial Edition 5, size 87.03 Mb.

Foglight Network Management System 6.0 Quest Software 

Foglight Network Management System (NMS) is a robust yet affordable solution that delivers network performance and availability for companies of all sizes. Foglight Network Management System installs in less than 15 minutes and auto-discovers key metrics for network resources, including hardware, operating systems, virtual infrastructure,. Freeware download of Foglight Network Management System 6.0, size 135.27 Mb.

LoriotPro Multi Edition -dd 5.00 LUTEUS 

LoriotPro is what is commonly known as an NMS or Network Management System. In other words, it is able to monitor and manage everything that constitutes an Information System (IS), including not only communication equipments such as routers, switches, and hubs, but also servers, printers, and applications.. Free download of LoriotPro Multi Edition -dd 5.00, size 156.50 Mb.

Java Network Managemenet System 1.0 Javanms 

Java Network Management System, the goal is to leverage existing JMX standards to develop a complete network monitoring system. The focus of the project will be creating JBoss services and addressing distributed management issues.

Java Network Managemenet System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Java Network Managemenet System 1.0, size 0 b.

ShabaCAT Network Management System 1.0 

A web-based traffic accounting, monitoring and control management system enriched with AJAX.
The project focuses on easy configuration setup and high level of system administration abstraction.

ShabaCAT Network Management System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ShabaCAT Network Management System 1.0, size 0 b.

CACANMS 2005.07.29 

CACANMS is an acronym for Computer Aided Campus Area Network Management System. The system consists of software components and a library of about 60 classes. It is divided into three types of subsystems which reside on different servers and communicate.. Freeware download of CACANMS 2005.07.29, size 72.20 Kb.

Netsys 1.0 

Netsys is a simple network management system utility for make esier the control of your network. You can control too much things like firewall, NAT, Servers, Pings, and more.. Freeware download of Netsys 1.0, size 15.70 Kb.

net-policy 2.2 

Net-Policy is a highly-scalable, role-and-policy based network management system. Net-Policy aims to be an easy-to-use, full-fledged management station capable of configuration, monitoring, and notification collection and aggregation via the use of SNMP. Freeware download of net-policy 2.2, size 654.52 Kb.

Visual NMS 1.0 

VisualNMS is a network management system with powerful visualisation features due to its SVG based output. It is built on perl, php and javascript for the front-end graphic engine (the map). Another powerful feature is the L2 autodiscovery perl engine...

Visual NMS 1.0 License - Other License. Freeware download of Visual NMS 1.0, size 0 b.

Malakh 1.0 Malakh 

Free intrusion detection and network management system.

Malakh 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Malakh 1.0, size 21.48 Kb.

kbnms 1.0 Kbnms 

This project implements a wireless network management system with Knowledge Base.

kbnms 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of kbnms 1.0, size 0 b.

SWARMS Testbed 1.0 Swarms-testbed 

SWARMS is a wide area sensor network management system. The SWARMS architecture is designed for scalability and flexibility, while providing an infrastructure to manage in situ sensor nodes, e.g. upload code images, retrieve diagnostics, etc.

SWARMS Testbed 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SWARMS Testbed 1.0, size 0 b.

Perron Hospital Management System 4.0 Sarals Solutions 

Perron hospital management system is a fully integrated solution for the business and clinical needs of hospitals and nursing homes. This easy-to-operate, cost-effective system addresses all of a facility's data processing needs: Intake, Referral Management, Patient Accounting, Scheduling, Case & Encounter Management and Financials. It provides. Free download of Perron Hospital Management System 4.0, size 40.05 Mb.

Mediwise Clinic Management System 4.0 Sarals Solutions 

Mediwise Clinic Management System is a fully integrated solution for the business and clinical needs of medical clinics . Mediwise addresses all of a facility's data processing needs: Patient Accounting, EMR, Referral Management,Scheduling, Case & Encounter Management and Financials.. It provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare. Free download of Mediwise Clinic Management System 4.0, size 38.51 Mb.

BellCommander Network Intercom System 3.00 AcroVista Software 

As featured on CBS News, BellCommander is an innovative audio scheduler and network intercom system which plays audio to PC speakers, PA systems, client PCs, and MP3 network audio players. BellCommander is a great low cost replacement for school bells, intercom systems, store audio, and multi-room audio systems. BellCommander features an extremely. Free download of BellCommander Network Intercom System 3.00, size 2.68 Mb.

Abacre Hotel Management System 1.0 Abacre Limited 

Abacre Hotel Management System is a new generation of hotel/motel management software for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with reservations and check in/check out, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input and the prevention of common mistakes. It's designed for using on. Free download of Abacre Hotel Management System 1.0, size 2.50 Mb.

NetDMZ Network Management application 9.999  

NetDMZ network management software is suitable for the environment of LAN, which is a kind of fool-style network management software. It is in the working mode of C / S, using a server to monitor all LAN clients. NetDMZ network management software is really full-featured network management software for enterprises.

NetDMZ Network. Free download of NetDMZ Network Management application 9.999, size 2.65 Mb.

PHP MicroCMS - PHP Web Content Management System S 1.0.1 ApPHP 

Welcome to PHP MicroCMS
PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. The PHP MCMS can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows users to build websites in a few minutes.
PHP MicroCMS allows users with. Freeware download of PHP MicroCMS - PHP Web Content Management System S 1.0.1, size 88.06 Kb.

Cleantouch School Management System 3.0 Cleantouch Software Corp. 

School Management System aimed to provide complete computerized operations in any school. Students can be managed through Bio-Data (GR No. Allotment), Attendance, Fees, Examination, Leaving modules. Staff records can be computerized by Bio-Data > Staff Salary > Leaving modules. Accounting module is integrated with all other modules to getting. Free download of Cleantouch School Management System 3.0, size 11.54 Mb.

Perspective Network Management System Web Results

Subscriber Management System

Subscriber Management System - (SMS) R-Soft Subscriber Management System (SMS) is an integrated, powerful, comprehensive & versatile web based management & billing solution to manage...

Retail Management System Software

The Laqzya Retail Management System is fast in implementation and easy to learn and smooth in operation. Customers can increase their profit and maximized control over their business in just few...

The Rich Mens Document Management System (rm -d ms)

XML/XSL based document management system designed for running websites. Server side application logic is implemented by XSL stylesheets, which may call hard-coded components. [Open Source, GPL]

Managee Content Management System

Managee is a comprehensive web based Content Management System (CMS)

Suntek Chinese Content Management System

Content management system supports Chinese search, input and display, workflow management from data input, upload, to publication, content syndication and distribution, image and Office document...

DEV web management system

Content management system for web portals. Download and modules.

SiberSafe XML - an XML content management system

SiberSafe XML is an XML content management system that focuses on collaboration, version control, reuse, language translation, single-source publishing and workflow control for XML content...