Phone Screen Wallpaper

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers for iOS 7 & iOS 6 1.1.2 OGQ 

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Is anyone else sick of all the ads that appear when you download wallpaper? Are you looking for beautiful HD images to decorate and customize your phone screen? Then I proudly recommend OGQ Backgrounds HD App, which is a super CLEAN and FAST wallpaper app with STUNNING HD. Freeware download of Backgrounds HD Wallpapers for iOS 7 & iOS 6 1.1.2, size 6.71 Mb.


HD Wallpapers for iPhone 5 1.0.0 gao peng 

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Home Screen Designer Pro - iOS 7 Edition 2.6 zhang yan 

Optimized for iOS 7, iPhone 5/5c/5s! Support iPhone 4s/4!
Try to DIY your iPhone home screen wallpaper? This app is for YOU!

Home Screen Designer is not designed to be a simple wallpapers collection.
You may get some wallpaper apps but this one is UNIQUE and BEST CHOICE!
It's a tool to DIY your iPhone home screen!

Home Screen Maker - WOW Edition 1.1 Dreamers 

Try to DIY your iPhone home screen wallpaper? This app is for all WOW fans!
Made for both iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 4S/iPhone 4!

This app is not designed to be a simple wallpapers collection.
You may get some wallpaper apps but this one is UNIQUE and BEST CHOICE!
It's a tool to DIY your iPhone home screen!

Home Screen Wallpapers for Icons 3.00 Canalino Software 

Only the Best Home screen Wallpaper HD to your iPhone
Make beautiful and unique iPhone wallpaper with these wonderful carefully selected

All are in HD resolution 640x960 +
so perfect for each device.

iPhone - All generations
iPod - Touch All generations

MORE THAN 100 HD Wallpapers

ALL. Free download of Home Screen Wallpapers for Icons 3.00, size 28.63 Mb.

PhoneImage 1.0 kon 

PhoneImage is a program which can be used for cutting out images of a specific size from a larger image to fit the size of a mobile phone screen or a PDA. Specially useful as some devices limit the size of an image to used as contact photo.

PhoneImage is free to use but a donation is appreciated if you find the program useful.. Freeware download of PhoneImage 1.0, size 30.49 Mb.

ImageExpo 4.22.2409 SYSOPENDIGIA Plc. 

ImageExpo is the ideal presentation and demonstration tool for Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile and Nokia Maemo devices: ImageExpo enables displaying the phone screen on a PC or a video projector in real time via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth connection.

It brings maximum attention and quality to any application, service or device related. Free download of ImageExpo 4.22.2409, size 20.16 Mb.

50's LP Covers 1.0 Robert Maw 

50's LP Covers wallpaper for the iPhone & iPad

Great selection of LP Covers for Wallpaper or Background

You can email a photo to a friend straight from the app.

*****Great Fun App*****

******Nice full screen wallpaper*****. Free download of 50's LP Covers 1.0, size 5.98 Mb.

Hand Jive 1.0 Skyler Tidd 

Hand Jive is a new type of iPhone game designed to bring your attention up away from your phone screen and towards those around you. ? The key to playing is to be perceptive to others' body language while also being subtle and timely with your own.

? You earn points by:
1) signaling to an anonymous recipient without the 'spy'. Freeware download of Hand Jive 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Bright Light Birkholz 

Need a light? This application turns your phone screen into an intensely bright light to find your way in the dark. You can dim the light by tapping the screen. Perfect for finding your keys in the dark, looking under the hood of a broken down car, or finding your way to the outhouse when camping.. Free download of Bright Light, size 1.05 Mb.

BuddyLight PhotoPivot 

BuddyLight is your handheld lighting companion right on your phone.

It shines that extra little light on your subject when you don't have a flash around. When activated, your phone screen turns into a diffused light source that can be used as a key light for that glint in the eye effect, an extra light in a dark space or a booster for. Freeware download of BuddyLight, size 1.05 Mb.

Dead Pixel Test&Fix Jiri Danihelka 

This free application will help you detect dead or stucked pixel on your phone screen. It can also help you repair some kinds of pixel defects.. Freeware download of Dead Pixel Test&Fix, size 1.05 Mb.

'Excuse me' call Martin Zikmund 

We all know this - bad date lasting forever, boring business meeting, no chance to leave home - even when a simple phone call could help! But no more. With my new app, you will no longer need to hide the phone screen to fake a phone call. You can now show the 'real' phone call, complete with incoming call screen and active call screen. And you can. Free download of 'Excuse me' call, size 1.05 Mb.

Make IT Bounce Marco Antognini 

Make IT Bounce - great to pass time during a boring class!

The idea is very easy : keep the ball on your phone screen. Use your finger to draw a paddle and make the ball bounce.

This application was created during the You Make IT Smart contest organized by Microsoft.. Freeware download of Make IT Bounce, size 1.05 Mb.

Resize It! ImpressWork 

This is an easy-to-use photo editing tool with a very simple user interface. It takes full advantage of multitouch phone screen, and totally eliminates the user typing input, and resize the photo in a very nature way. Use the fingers to shrink or enlarge the photo, and tap to precisely adjust it to the desired size. It also integrates with Picture. Free download of Resize It!, size 1.05 Mb.

Rattle Balls ks. 

You are going on a long road? You need to entartain your baby? Normal rattle toy is not enough? Use rattle ball- balls that falls, flow, dive right on you phone screen. Shake the phone to hear a sound of standart rattle toy. Thanks to rattle balls, your baby will focus not only on sound, but also on the way the application looks. The speed of the. Freeware download of Rattle Balls, size 1.05 Mb.

SimpleStrobe Paul Coldren 

This is a simple strobelight application. It continuously flashes the phone screen between solid black and solid white at a user-configurable interval. The strobe can also be paused in order to use the solid white screen as a flashlight.

Tap anywhere on the screen to configure the interval or pause the strobe.

Version. Freeware download of SimpleStrobe, size 1.05 Mb.

SmashItBaby Priyank Kothari 

Does your baby like to play with your phone? Do you want your baby to keep @ bay for few seconds and finish your work?

SmashItBaby is right here to help you !!

Babies like to smash on the phone screen. As they tap on the screen, this app would show colored shapes, letters and numbers on the screen with different sounds to. Freeware download of SmashItBaby, size 1.05 Mb.

VirtualCoin celuga 

The magician shows a virtual coin, it is invisible! He throws this coin in the air and ... it falls into the phone screen !

The magician turns the phone upside down to get the coin out of the screen, but a true coin mysteriously appears !

A small trick for fun.

20 coins from different countries are currently. Freeware download of VirtualCoin, size 10.49 Mb.

Cell Phone Image Converter 1.0 michael joseph see 

Quick and Easy way to convert your pictures to fit your cell phone screen. This software allows you to add as many pictures as you like to a list. With a click of a button, it convert all the pictures in the list to the desired screen size for your cell phone, blackberry or iphone. Over 100 phones supported.

Easy. Free download of Cell Phone Image Converter 1.0, size 408.94 Kb.