Photo Ko Jodna Or Change Karne Ka Software

#1 Fan 1.0 Planet Charlie Inc. 

Show your support for your favorite team with #1 Fan !!!!

#1 Fan allows you to take a new photo with your iPhone or use an exsisting photo from your photo library and then change the colors in that photo to match that of your favorite sports teams colors. It will also allow you to write a personalized caption to put at the bottom of your. Free download of #1 Fan 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.


MagicEffect Photo Editor 2008.2.0 ZCStar 

MagicEffect Photo Editor is an image editing software that helps you to add many magic effects onto your digital photo.With MagicEffect Photo Editor, just by mouse clicking, you can add many wonderful effects: Preset filter, Sketch filter, Light filter, Star filter, Amazing filter, Dream filter, Weather filter, Gradient filter, Color filter, Art. Free download of MagicEffect Photo Editor 2008.2.0, size 7.56 Mb.

JMC Photo Resizer JMC Spot 

JMC Photo Resizer makes resizing your photo easy and quickly. Simply drag and drop your photo(s) or even entire folder(s) into this program. Deselect any photos you don't want to resize and start resizing selected photos. Uploading photos takes a long time? Better websites like SkyDrive will resize your photo before upload, which will be a lot. Freeware download of JMC Photo Resizer, size 586.75 Kb.

Advanced Renamer 3.12 Hulubulu Software 

Advanced Renamer is a freeware program for naming a large batch of files or folders in a snap. It uses several methods for creating the new names and it has tools for multimedia files like photo and music files.

This program makes it easy to set up an advanced batch job using multiple methods on a large group of files. The eight. Freeware download of Advanced Renamer 3.12, size 1.33 Mb.

Gym Photo Progress 1.0 Peter Szwach 

*** Hard exercises + diligent diet + two months + one photo a week = visible and motivating progress! ***
Take care about the left side of the equation. Gym Photo Progress will take care about the right side for you.

Gym Photo Progress is your personal assistant that helps you to track your progress at the gym. All. Free download of Gym Photo Progress 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

AKVIS Chameleon 6.0 AKVIS Software Inc. 

AKVIS Chameleon is an efficient tool for photo collage creation. This ingenious software makes the process easy and entertaining. Earlier one had to thoroughly select an object for pasting into a new background; with this software this tedious part of work drops out. You can concentrate on the creative part and forget about complicated selection. Free download of AKVIS Chameleon 6.0, size 13.73 Mb.

Picture Information Extractor 6.5 Picmeta Systems 

Deluxe viewer and photo metadata toolkit for amateur photographers and professionals alike.
PIE is a free image browser and viewer with perfectly integrated photo metadata and file renaming features. It extracts EXIF, XMP and IPTC information from JPG, TIFF and RAW files and makes it available in a convenient and welcoming interface.
One. Freeware download of Picture Information Extractor 6.5, size 7.65 Mb.

PicaSafe Express Photo Album 2.0 LuckyIcon Art, LLC 

Do you want to know how you can find photos you need on your hard drive in a matter of few seconds?There are quite a few tricks that may help you guess which folders contain photos you need. Tired of guessing? Try PicaSafe Express Photo Album. All your photos in one place. Store, view and share.It is completely free of any charge!
PicaSafe. Freeware download of PicaSafe Express Photo Album 2.0, size 2.55 Mb.

JPG to PDF Converter JPG to PDF Converter 

JPG to PDF converter application efficiently convert batch image file to PDF document. Photo to PDF tool does not create any error to original JPG file or generating PDF document. Drawing to PDF software is reliable in converting various JPG file like photograph, picture, images, screenshot, drawing, graphics, scans, faxes and make single PDF or. Free download of JPG to PDF Converter, size 1.19 Mb.

Apex PNG to PDF Converter PNG to PDF Converter 

PNG to PDF converter utility is solution of converting all supported type image formats into separate PDF formats image extension such as .wmf, .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .emf, .jif or .jfif etc. Change all images, graphics, scans, snaps, screenshots, drawing, photographs, icons or logo into Adobe Acrobat documents individually. Make. Free download of Apex PNG to PDF Converter, size 1.20 Mb.

Elvish Translator 1.0 Grupoalamar 

This tool is a powerful elven language translation. Writing properly follow grammatical rules Annatar Tengwar. Consequently you can translate any word including your name into the language of the elves. Once translated, you can change the translation's background and increase or decrease the size of the word translated. The application can save the. Free download of Elvish Translator 1.0, size 20.97 Mb.

Halftone Art 3.4 chiu ting lin 

[ Halftone Art ] can turn your photo into a art work of line & dot. there are lots of art image which are made by lines and dots in our lives, the? advantage of? [ Halftone Art ] is simplify the complicated way for making the art images, all you have to do is select Dot Style ( Halftone ) or Line Style or Circle Style, and adjust the size.. Free download of Halftone Art 3.4, size 106.95 Mb.

AKVIS Coloriage 7.0 AKVIS Software Inc. 

AKVIS presents the cutting edge technology of automatic photo colorizing that will change your ideas about image colorization forever!AKVIS Coloriage manipulates colors of an image: from colorizing old black and white photos from your family archive to replacing colors in your color photos.

Make a present for your grandmother by adding. Free download of AKVIS Coloriage 7.0, size 19.52 Mb.

Apex EMF to PDF Converter EMF to PDF Converter 

EMF to PDF converter software convert JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, ICO, WMF images file into Adobe Acrobat formats. Set multiple numbers of pictures, images, graphics, scans, snaps, screenshots, drawing, photographs, icons or logo into Adobe Acrobat documents individually. Make photo to PDF utility change image size (width, height), page size (fixed,. Free download of Apex EMF to PDF Converter, size 1.20 Mb.

FluidRay RT 0.7.5 Beta Fluid Interactive 

FluidRay RT is an easy to use application that allows you to render images by simulating different light conditions. The content of the photo is subjected to a Global Illumination process which enables you to generate a realistic image with different colors and shades.

In order to use the program you need to define the materials, light. Free download of FluidRay RT 0.7.5 Beta, size 0 b.

Febooti fileTweak - modify file / folder date and time 3.0 febooti software 

Thousands of users worldwide are already using Febooti fileTweak. Our award-winning utility Febooti fileTweak is hard to beat for speed and usability. Try fileTweak for free without any obligation to buy!
With Febooti fileTweak you can change date and time for files, JPG images, folders (directories) and subfolders as well. Change files and. Free download of Febooti fileTweak - modify file / folder date and time 3.0, size 1.08 Mb.

ZoomChat Visicron 

Easy and small application (1.6MB when installed) for free video communication via Internet on any broadband or even dial-up. Easy and convenient interface which doesn’t require special skills and knowledge. It has call history book, full user information with photo, address book, alternative change of interface skins, multi-language. Freeware download of ZoomChat, size 2.33 Mb.

PSD 3D Converter 2.0 Evenia Wassenmiller and Timofey Scherudilo 

"PSD 3D Converter" software is unique software designed for 2D to 3D conversion based on multilayered PSD files. This program converts a multilayered PSD file to several views / frames that look like this picture were shot from different angles. These frames could be used for making 3D lenticular pictures.

PSD files could be. Free download of PSD 3D Converter 2.0, size 0 b.

Echigo Nagaoka NAVI 1.1.10 Image Information Inc. 

"Echigo Nagaoka NAVI" provides various tourist information of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, which includes many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, accommodation, gourmet (food) information, a variety of tourist attractions, etc.

Using the search function of "Echigo Nagaoka NAVI", you can easily have an. Freeware download of Echigo Nagaoka NAVI 1.1.10, size 15.83 Mb.

Husya Lite (Pinwheel) 1.6 Keietsu Yasuhara 

This is the pinwheel.
The pinwheel or the windmill is called 'Husya' in japan.
Please blow, or flick.

It turns slowly when gently blowing, and it turns mightily when a lot of blowing.
It is healed by the solitaire, and it blusters as long as the breath continues all.
The background is changed and the recreation.. Freeware download of Husya Lite (Pinwheel) 1.6, size 629.14 Kb.

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