Picture Games

Pix-Fit 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Place Polyomino pieces in picture-like grid shapes.The polyomino pieces are introduced at a rapid pace, so you have to be quick and accurate in placing the pieces.When you successfully complete fill the picture with pieces you win. When the pieces outpace you, you loose.

The game comes in two modes, square puzzles and hexagonal. Free download of Pix-Fit 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.


Solitary Confinement 5.01 WinGames.Inc 

College Euchre is the most complete card game you will ever play. It is so simple to use, you'll be Solitary Confinement lets you play eight great solitary card games that offer a full range of skill, knowledge and lady luck. Includes easy and hard games as well as building, number, and picture games. Sound and 256 color graphics have also been. Free download of Solitary Confinement 5.01, size 982.02 Kb.

Baby Photo Puzzles 1.1.1 Hanni Willenbrock 

A photo puzzle game for your kid, baby and toddler (age 0-5).

Use your own photos in puzzle and memory games, to constantly create, renew and re-invent interesting games for your child. Use for instance pictures of your child's toys, clothes, friends and family or add photos of other things your child is interested in.

The. Freeware download of Baby Photo Puzzles 1.1.1, size 28.52 Mb.

Picture Puzzle Wizard 1.2 Vsisoftware.com 

Picture Puzzle 1.2 This is Just a basic slide Game where you have to move around the pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in order. The games is simple free an fun. Try it out. You change the picture to another bit map .bmp homepage. Freeware download of Picture Puzzle Wizard 1.2, size 1.43 Mb.

Super Prize Picture 2.1.8 SoftRM 

Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize picture. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting. You can add up to 100 prizes with different pictures to the project, all prize pictures roll very fast in the same area after. Free download of Super Prize Picture 2.1.8, size 25.44 Mb.

10 in 1 Kids games 1 1 SWFBOX 

Game collection with 10 free kids games: "Bump Copter 2", "Different Picture 2", "Dinky Smash", "Dragondash", "Fairy Fishing", "Gold Miner", "Jumping Bananas", "Monster Sumo", "Snow Fight", "Zoo Keeper". No Setup Requirements!. Freeware download of 10 in 1 Kids games 1 1, size 8.11 Mb.

Javascript Games Web 1.0 jsgames.sourceforge.net 

Addictive set of Pure Javascript Games including Picture Jigsaw Puzzle, Magic Squares, Crazy Pieces Puzzle, Marbles, Tic Tac Toe and Number Guessing. Many more to come... Unleash the power of Javascript!. Freeware download of Javascript Games Web 1.0, size 10.83 Kb.

Children's Games 1.0.0 Aqua games 

Push nine panels in turn.
You can appreciate picture when you cleared all games.

What is this game.
Rule is indicated when start of a game.
Rule has kinds of ascending order or descending order.
If you accomplished quota, you can try to next stage.
If you made mistake, you can't push panels for a short time..

EVANGELION Card Games 1.0 Yes, I am. Corporation. 

Lets play card game by EVANGELION !

Three games(?SolitairePokerOld Maid?) are sets in this application. You can get the special picture of EVANGELION when you got best score.

EVA Commu series official Twitter account:eva_commu

(C)khara. Free download of EVANGELION Card Games 1.0, size 63.02 Mb.

Guess My Picture 1.3 Atom Sage, LLC 

A simple, but fun interactive game that combines word games with picture taking and can be played by all ages.
All pictures used in this game will eventually be submitted by the players.. Freeware download of Guess My Picture 1.3, size 8.07 Mb.

Guess the Word - Hidden Picture Puzzle Game 1.0 M&M App Services Pty Ltd 

Reveal the picture piece by piece and guess what's in the picture!

If you love TRIVIA Games,then you are TOTALLY going to love this game.

Guess the Word - Hidden Picture Puzzle Game - A real challenging and mind boggling puzzle game!

Playing is super simple! Have a look at the covered photo and spell your answer. Freeware download of Guess the Word - Hidden Picture Puzzle Game 1.0, size 17.72 Mb.

QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz 1.4 Planet of the Apps LTD 

**** THE BIGGEST CELEB PICTURE QUIZ IN THE WORLD! ?- Over 300 quiz games in 1 ****
*TEST YOUR CELEBRITY Knowledge, and have FUN doing it! Reveal The Image and guess what famous Celeb is hiding behind it.

*PURE, INSTANT, ENDLESS FUN*?No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing and have fun!
*SIMPLE AND EXTREAMELLY. Freeware download of QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz 1.4, size 61.87 Mb.

Counter Strike MSN Display Pictures 1 MSN Display Pictures 

This free MSN Messenger Display Picture pack contains avatars based on one of the greatest multi-player online games ever created, Counter-Strike! The display pictures are easy to download and use, and are fully compatible with MSN Messenger 6/7! . Freeware download of Counter Strike MSN Display Pictures 1, size 244.74 Kb.

Jigsaw Yoogi 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Jigsaw yoogi is a computer Jigsaw Puzzle game from Yoogi Games. You can choose variety of images supplied with the game, and customise the puzzle piece shape, the number of pieces for a picture. The game can handle high resolution images (up to 600x800), and up to 500 pieces in a game. Also all common functionalities like save and restore, optional. Free download of Jigsaw Yoogi 1, size 2.34 Mb.

Picture Cubes 1 Harish Save 

A Picture Cubes game. A Picture is divided into blocks. In the beginning all blocks are scrambled. User has to bring then into correct order, to complete the whole picture. Cube can move in left-right and up-down directions. During the play time, user moves will be counted. Those who complete the game in minimum moves will get entry in Hall Of. Free download of Picture Cubes 1, size 2.59 Mb.

Puzzle Games 1.0 puzzlegamespack.com 

A cool Puzzle Games pack that includes Jigsaw, Sudoku, Magic Cube, Magic Square and Towers of Hanoi puzzles. You can make Jigsaw puzzle from any of your picture and you get unlimited puzzles of all kind mentioned.. Freeware download of Puzzle Games 1.0, size 850.91 Kb.

Picture Me Dinosaur MVP Software 

"Picture Me Dinosaur" is a three-in-one application set in the times when dinosaurs roamed the world. A green triceratops acts as your kind host, and he will help you to move through the different games and coloring pages. Some games are pure fun while others are designed to expand your knowledge about dinosaurs too. This application is. Free download of Picture Me Dinosaur, size 16.55 Mb.

Sunny Ball 1 1 The Alpha Team 

Sunny Ball is one of the most beautiful breakout games ever made! Experience the fun of this picture based breakout game.
One of the most beautiful breakout games ever made! Experience the fun of this picture based breakout game as you play through 120 boards split equally between beautiful pictures and classic breakout boards.. Freeware download of Sunny Ball 1 1, size 222.21 Kb.

English by Picture 1.0.0 bk02.sourceforge.net 

English by Picture (Engpic) is a software written in order for children to learn English. With Engpic, children can learn and remember English vocabularies easily by seeing pictures and playing some games which were designed for them.. Freeware download of English by Picture 1.0.0, size 72.73 Kb.

Pair Them Up 3.0.0 Mr C.S.Farmer 

This software allows you to create your own 'Pairs' games (concentration game). There are 24 cards displayed (12 pairs) which hide the questions you design unless you specify otherwise. The program loads questions as bitmap files i.e. when you design your own questions you use the built in function to create a new empty bmp file which is divided. Freeware download of Pair Them Up 3.0.0, size 1.57 Mb.