Picture To Soften Human Skin Colour Sketch Cartoon

Human Skin 1.0 Jason Stafford 

Impress Your Clients!, This is a Excellent Application on how to create realistic human skin for your 3D projects.
Includes Video Training and Practice Exam.

Welcome to Creating Realistic Human Skin Textures Learn how to create realistic human skin textures using traditional sculpting techniques in ZBrush. Let legendary special. Free download of Human Skin 1.0, size 2115.27 Mb.


Handy Cam Pro Beyond Impossible Studio 

This app works by detection of human skin color and face. Tap the start button in app bar (to start/stop hand movement and face detection) and point the camera towards any person or yourself and wave your hand towards camera. After a little time the camera will automatically focus and shoot the picture. There is camera settings button (gear icon). Free download of Handy Cam Pro, size 1.05 Mb.

Epi-Tracker 1.6 Galderma Laboratories, L.P. 

The Epi-Tracker is a cool way to stay excited about the progress of your skincare treatment with Epiduo (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide) Gel 0.1%/2.5%. Just take a picture and rate your skin, and youll be able to visualize your progress with side-by-side comparisons, graphs and progress time-lapse. You even use the photo journal to share results. Freeware download of Epi-Tracker 1.6, size 5.03 Mb.

Raptor - RPG 1.4 StephenAllen 

Customise your Raptor with over 20 customisations!
Change its skin colour and hair, now with Iron Man and Stormtrooper masks and more!
Then take it for a test drive in multiple maps and missions!
Raptor rpg, control your very own raptor dinosaur to complete
quests and missions.
Customise there appearance and more.. Freeware download of Raptor - RPG 1.4, size 50.02 Mb.

Face pic improve Filippos Sakellaropoulos 

The app can improve a face picture by applying smart blur processing. The improved picture will have smooth skin appearance. Parameters of the algorithm can be adjusted. Please consider giving a donation to a charity organization.. Freeware download of Face pic improve, size 2.10 Mb.

Cartoon Maker 6.01 Liangzhu Software 

Make funny and amazing cartoons.You can create personalized cartoons of your friends, family or famous people.Add a sketch effect to a cartoon photo.Making cartoons is simple.Now, download this Cartoon Maker. It's free.You can make many amusing cartoons using only your photographs, interest and patience.Add sketch effect for cartoon photos.Now, You. Free download of Cartoon Maker 6.01, size 1.07 Mb.

ShapedForm 1.1.0 Evova Technology 

Create irregular shaped forms easily based on the forms picture property. Add the control to the form and set the picture property then select which colour to become transparent. This control does the rest.You can even specify that the window can be dragged around the screen when the user clicks on any part of it.Also contains methods to refresh. Free download of ShapedForm 1.1.0, size 509.95 Kb.

UVScan 1.0 DatInf GmbH 

UVScan is software for the visualization of skin damages caused by UV Exposure.

The human skin undergoes certain changes when exposed to UV light to protect against damage. The skin's uppermost layer thickens, blocking UV light. The pigment-producing skin cells produce increased amounts of melanin, which tans the skin.

Luxand Glamourizer 1.01 Luxand Development 

Enhance portrait shots automatically! Glamourizer makes it easy to create perfect glamour portraits from ordinary snapshots. Automatically locating all human faces in a picture, Glamourizer makes skin look smooth and natural while removing small imperfections. Automatic skin tone adjustments and red-eye removal make batch image enhancement a matter. Free download of Luxand Glamourizer 1.01, size 7.89 Mb.

Guess The Cartoon Character 1.0 Pongsatorn Laklaem 

Guess The Cartoon Character Game

Have more fun to Guess The Cartoon Character Name in This Application.
Have Simple and Easily Game To Guess The Favorite Cartoon Character.
Guess The Cartoon Character Game is guess picture game out there! Hundreds Level of Cartoon Character. Game will help to improve brain with Character Name.. Freeware download of Guess The Cartoon Character 1.0, size 19.50 Mb.

Lotions 1.0 My Spa Treatment 

Body Lotion contains therapeutic levels of emollients, oils and moisturizers that penetrate the skin quickly, helping to make the skin soft and supple. The rich, natural emollients soften the skin and help protect the skin from irritants and airborne bacteria. The combination of the finest formulations, the finest raw materials and the highest. Free download of Lotions 1.0, size 596.99 Kb.

Effective Notes Reminder 1.03 EffectiveAspects.com 

Effective Notes Reminder organizes all your records into colored folders with reminders against them. The colored folders also affect the color of the pop-up reminder and also the sticky notes on the desktop. The colors can also be set to a specific color in the Options. The reminder can be easily turned into a sticky note on your desktop.All. Freeware download of Effective Notes Reminder 1.03, size 3.56 Mb.

ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 1.02.0028 ASUS 

Splendid takes PC graphics capabilities to the next level by enhancing depth and color intensity in real time. The advanced Area Pixel Processing Algorithm carefully evaluates each pixel in every frame and adjusts them based on smaller regions without affecting the whole picture.

Colors in each region are dynamically optimized according. Free download of ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 1.02.0028, size 0 b.

Jot2Share Amy Chua 

Remember how you used to take picture of the presentation slides during lectures and take down notes on another piece of paper? Fret not, Jot2Share is the app for you.

Jot2Share for Windows Phone 7 is the app that allows you to annotate on pictures and take down short notes. It gives you a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. A. Freeware download of Jot2Share, size 6.29 Mb.

GreenScreenWizard 6 6 Elegant Digital 

Green Screen Wizard is a piece of software for producing quality photos with green-background photos as a starting point: it replaces the same-colored background with a custom image. With this application, users can put their crazy imagination into practice and turn it into reality.

The reason the green color is preferred in general as. Free download of GreenScreenWizard 6 6, size 24.25 Mb.

Nikon Capture NX 2.3.2001 NIKON CORPORATION 

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the exciting new Capture NX 2 photo editing software. An evolution of the original award-winning Capture NX software released in 2006, Capture NX 2 makes it even easier to make quick and powerful photographic edits so you can spend more time making photographs and less time editing them. Free download of Nikon Capture NX 2.3.2001, size 54.63 Mb.

Thumba Photo Editor Thumba Corporation 

The Thumba Photo Editor is the BEST and MOST COMPLETE editor for your photos in Windows Phone 7. Try it now! The trial version lets you do everything except save, share and edit GPS data.

In addition to being fully integrated with Pictures Hub, the Thumba Photo Editor comes with more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very. Free download of Thumba Photo Editor, size 3.15 Mb.

Realsoft 3D V5.1 Realsoft Graphics Oy 

Feature wise, Realsoft 3D is a full featured modelling, rendering, animation and simulation package. It introduces global illumination, multi-wavelength ray-traycing for accurate spectral caustics and other optical effects, sub-surface scattering for realistic human skin shading. It+s surface modeller represents the forefront of free-form. Free download of Realsoft 3D V5.1, size 40.10 Mb.

acca kappa 2011 1.0 acca kappa 

Acca kappa is a brand name, which well uttered due to its high production of the high quality beauty care for men. The three key principles of standard production have been put in place during the manufacturing process; this is selected material production, very clean designs and very quality productions. Its products are made in a very simple. Freeware download of acca kappa 2011 1.0, size 72.70 Kb.

Footy Star 1 3 Asheek Khan 

Footy Star is the first AFL career simulation game. I decided to make it while taking Information Systems classes at school in order to put to practice some of the things I was learning in Visual Basic.

Starting off as a young fourteen year-old footballer with limitless potential, you must work your way from the lowest local grades up. Freeware download of Footy Star 1 3, size 1.36 Mb.