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HideYourPIN 1.0 

Have you ever forgotten PIN code for a bank card, discount card, code to open office door or any other PIN code?

HideYourPIN provides easy solution for such problems. Hide any PIN code among colorful icons and numbers. It'll be very easy for you to find in case you've forgotten again. And it'll be very hard for others to guess.


control/monitor your UMTS card 386 

This program is to control your UMTS PCCard: enter SIM PIN code, send and receive SMS and control/monitor the network connection.. Freeware download of control/monitor your UMTS card 386, size 490.41 Kb.

PSB&T for iPad 3.2.1 Prairie State Bank & Trust 

With Prairie State Bank & Trusts Mobile Banking App for iPad you can safely and securely access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Our iPad app allows you to:

Quickly sign in by establishing a 4 digit PIN code
View Account Balances
View account activity and images of paid checks
Transfer funds between PSB&T. Freeware download of PSB&T for iPad 3.2.1, size 16.25 Mb.

Quik Dialer ersion 1.0 Code Pumpkin 

The Quik Dialer app creates user defined preset phone number prefixes for you to use when you need to manually dial a number that is not in your contacts.

For example, you can set your local area code(s) as a preset and the Quik Dialer keypad will automatically display your preset area code so that you no longer need to enter it into. Freeware download of Quik Dialer ersion 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Code Visualizer CodeDrawer 

Code Visualizer makes C / C++ source code to visual based diagram.You can easily understand source code's architecture by using Code Visualizer.There is several functions to show diagram.You can see the list of class, struct, union, namespace by Macro-view.You can see the logic's flow diagram of a method.You can see the logic's. Free download of Code Visualizer, size 3.72 Mb.

Swagbucks Code Toolbar 6 5 Swagbucks Code 

Swagbucks Code Community Toolbar - Stay connected and get so much more. Check out all of Swagbucks Code's favorite places on the Web. Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.Get Swagbucks Code's freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where. Freeware download of Swagbucks Code Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

GTalkabout Personal Edition 1.1.8 FengChuan Inc. 

GTalkabout is a type of communication tool for discussing source code.It is suitable for programmers, software development, testing, management, programming enthusiasts.
Unlike the traditional way of discussion, GTalkabout relates the messages and the position of the source code. Messages could have the property of code's comments and can be. Free download of GTalkabout Personal Edition 1.1.8, size 29.38 Mb.

Code128 Font 2 MW6 Technologies, Inc. 

Our Code128 Fontware supports Code128(A,B,C) and UCC/EAN128, to help you to seamlessly integrate MW6 Code128 Font with your applications such as Crystal Reports, Word, Excel, Access and Visual Basic, we have Crystla Reports UFL, VB/VBA source code, sample Access project and sample Visual Basic project. If you need other language support (C, C++,. Free download of Code128 Font 2, size 238.59 Kb.

Prescription Tracker 0.1 Alpha James-Robert Knight 

Prescription Tracker is a console app written in C++ to keep track of your personal prescriptions and remind you when to buy more and tell you the cost. This page is download only, the code's here: Free download of Prescription Tracker 0.1 Alpha, size 912.26 Kb.

Tweet Safe for opera 10 50 Srikanth Yaradla 

Log in in to twitter by clicking the 'Sign-in with twitter' button.
After authenticating with twitter successfully you will be given a pin code. Please copy the pin back to the application to proceed. This is one time process.
You can revoke the access to this widget from your twitter account->settings->connections.If. Freeware download of Tweet Safe for opera 10 50, size 168.96 Kb.

C++ lint 0.1 

cpplint is a free lint for C++. It checks C++ code looking for hard to see errors while also making comments on the code's style.. Freeware download of C++ lint 0.1, size 107.53 Kb.

strace-analyzer 1.0 Straceanalyzer 

strace-analyzer is a tool for analyzing strace output for IO statistics andpatterns. The idea is to use it to develop some insight into the IO patternof your code(s).

strace-analyzer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of strace-analyzer 1.0, size 0 b.

Hunter's Vault - Hunting Inventory Management 1.04 Hunt Geek, Inc. 

Inventory not only your guns, but your treestands, bows, optics and other valuable outdoor equipment with Hunter's Vault.

Hunter's Vault helps you keep your inventory of hunting goodies on your mobile device for quick reference or even a little bragging. It even serves a "grown-up" purpose by allowing you to email yourself a. Free download of Hunter's Vault - Hunting Inventory Management 1.04, size 734.00 Kb.

GMTDScan Basic 1 3 Engh Motors 

GMTDScan Basic is a free, easy to use, Windows PC diagnostic trouble codes reader for GM's 1994-1995 6.5TD trucks.
All you need to scan your truck is a computer and an OBDI/ALDL interface cable that supports the 8192 baud datastream used in all 1994-1995 Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

Main features:

- Read Diagnostic. Freeware download of GMTDScan Basic 1 3, size 5.83 Mb.

CB Stats - Secure ClickBank Stats 2.7 Nikolay Nachev 

~~ The only ClickBank stats app that's always working and immediately updated after changes on ClickBank servers or iOS versions! ~~

Check your ClickBank earnings report on your iPhone or iPod touch!

CB Stats simplifies the daily routine of logging in to ClickBank and checking your sales reports.

What distincts CB. Free download of CB Stats - Secure ClickBank Stats 2.7, size 524.29 Kb.

txtPro Text Editor 4.25 Shareware Solutions 

txtPro Text Editor is your all-in-one multi language code editor, text editor and HTML editor! Great looking color syntax highlighting combined with auto indentation give you the feedback you need to code productively. Turn on line numbering (if you like), choose your favorite font to edit with, and you're ready to fly! txtPro's new tabbed document. Free download of txtPro Text Editor 4.25, size 2.71 Mb.

5 Activities In 1 1.0.1 Ch1pa Software 

5 Activities In 1 is an application which has a "Love Compatibility Test", a "Yo Mama Joke Generator", a two player Tic-Tac-Toe game, a "Tap Battle" game, and a QR Code reader all in one application.


* Love Compatibility Test - See who you or your friends are compatible with by simply. Freeware download of 5 Activities In 1 1.0.1, size 1.26 Mb.

SmartBanking SK 3.3 Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka 

CSOB SmartBanking je mobilna bankova aplikacia, ktora Vam prinasa komfortny sposob spravovania financii a dalsie uzitocne informacie, sluziace k ulahceniu Vasho zivota vo svete financii.

Aplikacia ma podporu pre:
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C a 5S s verziou iOS 5* az 7,
iPad a iPod s verziou iOS 5* az 7

Zabezpecena. Freeware download of SmartBanking SK 3.3, size 57.25 Mb.

KidsSave 1 4 Kidnexions 

KidsSave is a kids' savings and money management program designed for ages 6 and up. KidsSave helps you and your child keep track of savings, encourages saving through Reward incentives, and helps your child set and track goals. With KidsSave, kids can make deposits and withdrawals, receive allowance and Rewards (interest and/or matching. Free download of KidsSave 1 4, size 8.15 Mb.

C# Documentation Tool 8. 3. 2007 Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited 

The .NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive documentation for .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 projects written in C# and their associated Microsoft SQL Server/Microsoft Access databases. Most types of project (Windows Forms, ASP.NET, etc.) are supported. Extracts XML comments from source code and incorporates the comments within the code's. Free download of C# Documentation Tool 8. 3. 2007, size 3.06 Mb.

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Join today and get 25 credits valid for ringtones, cool text services and more. Terms & Conditions for T-Mobile customers: By entering the PIN code sent via text message to the cell phone...

Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline (ABCD)

Considers complaints and questions concerning possible violations of the Code(s) of Professional Conduct.

Jeff Cameron's Fortran code

Code for the VMS operating system and for a fractal figure called Sierpinski's Gasket.

Tim's Code Page

Free multiple user screen saver utility that allows Windows 9x/ME to set different screensavers for different users. Source code included.

AUM Fidelity: David S. Ware

Record label's site, with photograph, biography, discography, and booking information.

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Franz Kafka's "Before the Law" in German, English, and French.'s Hey Rube Column

Thompson's column at Page displays his most recent article along with an archive of past articles.