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Pop Up Filter 6. 3. 2000 Scheepers 

The Pop Up Filter is a free software solution that allows the insertion of tooltip-like popups of:
-node reference fields in node displays and views;
-text, nodes, blocks, menus, forms, views and php-generated content wherever input formats are applicable.The popup filter is now part of a suite called Popup.. Freeware download of Pop Up Filter 6. 3. 2000, size 1.76 Mb.


Clean Javascript Pop-Up Calendar 1.0 Clean-calendar 

Clean and quick-loading pop-up calendar. Used for helping users enter form dates. Change the entire look and feel using CSS.

Clean Javascript Pop-Up Calendar 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Clean Javascript Pop-Up Calendar 1.0, size 0 b.

Paraben's AdStopper 6.0 Paraben Corporation 

Paraben's AdStopper automatically closes windows that pop-up when you visit certian sites. You don't have to play whack-a-mole every time you surf the net. Let Paraben's AdStopper beat the ads to the punch. Set the length of time between pop-up window scans to conserve processor time. Enable and disable quickly from your system tray. Add sites that. Free download of Paraben's AdStopper 6.0, size 2.06 Mb.

Anvi AD blocker PRO 2.0 Anvisoft 

Anvi AD blocker PRO is an easy to use application that provides you with a simple mans of fighting off pop-up and flash advertisements, banners as well as malicious components that may be contained in those ads.

With the help of this program you should be able to fend off phishing attempts and block spyware or any other type of unwanted. Free download of Anvi AD blocker PRO 2.0, size 0 b.

SwiftPopUp Stephen Batich 

SwiftPopUp is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to provide you with a simple method for generating a custom pop-up window.

All you have to do is specify the window title and the message. The generated pop-up window will appear immediately on your desktop.

. Freeware download of SwiftPopUp, size 0 b.

AlsoGet Utilities Pro 3.1 AlsoGet 

AlsoGet Utilities Pro provides you with some useful Utilities, including Task Sequence Recorder, Bulk Submit Manager, Smart Color Picker, Quick Screen Capturer, Pop-up Image Converter, Easy Web Extractor, Smart Text Replacement, Bulk File checksum Verification, Easy Startup Manager, Quick Start Menu.

. Free download of AlsoGet Utilities Pro 3.1, size 3.61 Mb.

Grimm's Hansel and Gretel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book 1.0.18 StoryToys Entertainment Limited 

* Winner of the Mom's Choice Silver Award *

Watch and interact as each pop-up scene brings the classic fairy tale to life with simple games and tasks to perform, effectively weaving the reader into the fabric of the story. Carefully designed to keep young readers entertained, Grimms Hansel & Gretel is sure to delight!


"KUROHIGE-Pop up Pirate" Now on SALE!!!!!
I stab a sword and transfer a pirate, and let's catch it!
Let's GET the treasure of the pirate!

I stab huge Tal that there were 4,800 holes with a sword together if I get "a world sword", and let's rescue "KUROHIGE"!
The game of the pirate who can. Freeware download of KUROHIGE Pop up Pirate, size 19.61 Mb.

ShowMeCodes 2.1 Brittlestar 

Each time you surf on an online shop, ShowMeCodes immediatly displays coupon and voucher codes in a discreet pop-up window for more than 400 US stores. Free and unobtrusive, ShowMeCodes does not require any registration : just install it and start to save money !. Freeware download of ShowMeCodes 2.1, size 722.94 Kb.

RIP Pop-Ups 3 12 OnlineToolsTeam 

Kill pop-ups dead in their tracks.

RIP Killer Popup Blocker is an intelligent pop-up blocker.

Stopping the pop-ups you hate, such as continues and popunders, while allowing the one's you want.

The FREE version is packed full of features and in most cases, it has more features then our competitions full. Freeware download of RIP Pop-Ups 3 12, size 81.01 Mb.

teachMe 0.2.1 vratacermak 

TeachMe displays entries in a form of small pop-up windows on a user's desktop. The appearance, number of simultaneously displayed pop-up windows or position can be soever customized, allowing users to use TeachMe during everyday work. Dictionaries used by TeachMe can be downloaded from the internet or created directly by user. Any thinkable. Freeware download of teachMe 0.2.1, size 890.88 Kb.

NextSTART 3.41 Winstep Software Technologies 

NextSTART, by Winstep Software Technologies, is a powerful, skinnable, and dynamic pop-up menu that can be used as a replacement or supplement to the Windows Start Menu. NextStart also offers an incredible amount of flexibility so that the user can customize it to his needs and desires. Unlike many other menu programs, NextStart does NOT require. Free download of NextSTART 3.41, size 4.51 Mb.

Popups Nuker PopupsNuker.com 

Popups Nuker - Pop up Killer & Stopper & Ads Filter intelligently blocks annoying aspects of browsing the net (ads, Pop ups advertising, slow surfing speeds, spying cookies). Works with all Web Browsers (AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera). Pop Up Ads Filter is full-featured with everything you would want from a pop-up blocker, while. Freeware download of Popups Nuker, size 4.22 Mb.

PopUp Burner 1.00 Asmw Soft Systems 

PopUp burner will help you stop annoying pop-up windows which do suddenly appear while you're surfing the internet. it stops Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Pop Ups. Once activated, PopUp burner will scan new instances of Explorer for known pop-up phrases - if it finds a pop-up window of Explorer, it will immediately close it. This method. Free download of PopUp Burner 1.00, size 512.00 Kb.

Brain Block's Super Bubbles Deluxe 1 30 Brain Block Interactive 

Match them, move them, bounce them, bop them -- clear levels by moving bubbles around to match patterns that pop up on the screen! If you like Arcade Lines, Bejeweled, Othello, and Collapse, you will love Super Bubbles.

The challenge stage is a bubble-dropping break in the action. Hit connecting bubbles and drip them out of existence!. Free download of Brain Block's Super Bubbles Deluxe 1 30, size 3.26 Mb.

EndTask Free Osama Abdel-Karim 

The Free edition of the EndTask family is a unique pop-up blocker. Not long after you start browsing the internet, the term "pop-up" defines itself. You?re at a website and another window pops up out of nowhere. Pop-ups are usually annoying advertisements that waste a lot of your time while searching for the close box. They can also slow. Freeware download of EndTask Free, size 1.23 Mb.

EndTask Pro Osama Abdel-Karim 

EndTask Pro includes an advanced task manager, a new system for blocking pop-up ads, and a system/Internet performance monitor. The task manager helps you detect and remove potential spyware by monitoring their behavior in real time. It also displays important information about running processes such as process description and risk rating. EndTask. Freeware download of EndTask Pro, size 1.76 Mb.

EndTask Basic 1.0.0011 Osama Abdel-Karim 

The Basic edition of the End Task family includes the full featured Pop-up Blocker and a powerful Task Manager. Unlike other pop-up blockers, ours won't kill pop-up windows you want. Our blocker hides pop-ups and just shows information about them. With a simple mouse hover you can take a peek and decide whether to show them. Otherwise, pop-ups. Freeware download of EndTask Basic 1.0.0011, size 1.47 Mb.

PopUp Sweeper 3.0 ExactCom, Inc 

Popup Sweeper is a popup stopper program that distinguish pop-up ads from useful new windows and automatically stop the pop-up ads only. By intelligently filtering of annoying aspects of browsing the net (ads, Pop ups advertising, slow surfing speeds, spying cookies). Popup Sweeper prevents multiple popups appear rapidly one after another. Popup. Free download of PopUp Sweeper 3.0, size 5.20 Mb.

PopUp Ad SmasheR 4.1.55 www.PopUpStop.com 

Windows XP ready! Smasher is a fast, easy to use program that offers to automatically stop pop-up ads and all other internet annoyances. For example it will stop animated flash ads, 3rd party activity links, timer ads (full page ads that sleep for 10 to 15 seconds and then take you to the link you clicked on.), web bugs, messenger service ads and. Free download of PopUp Ad SmasheR 4.1.55, size 1.69 Mb.

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