Portable Application Maker

Portable Application Inventory 3.0 Funduc Software 

Portable Application Inventory is a simple to use tool that scans your computer and creates a detailed list of all the installed software.

The utility displays information such as application name, version, installation date and time, file size, manufacturer and path. Portable Application Inventory enables you to select the entire list. Free download of Portable Application Inventory 3.0, size 0 b.


Portable Application Launcher 3. 1. 2005 Ingmar Rohde 

Portable Application Launcher organises shortcuts into groups and categories. It's accessed via the system tray or user defined hotkeys. Several styles and some languages are included. It can also be used as a portable desktop.
PAL is capable of automatically installing PortableApps.com Format (PAF) applications, as well as many entries on. Freeware download of Portable Application Launcher 3. 1. 2005, size 13.84 Mb.

Digitalfever Easy Pad 1.1.0 Digitalfever 

Easy PAD is a free Windows utility that allows software authors to create and maintain PAD (Portable Application Description) files. PAD files provide a standard way for software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources. This makes it easy for websites and program libraries to automate program listings. With a. Free download of Digitalfever Easy Pad 1.1.0, size 146.80 Kb.

Gnome Portable Application Description 1.5 gsoftpad.sourceforge.net 

PAD stands for Portable Application Description. PAD is an XML-based open format to describe downloadable applications. By using the PAD system, developers save time by having to create a description of their software packages only once.. Freeware download of Gnome Portable Application Description 1.5, size 433.67 Kb.

AppAdmin 1.1.0 Sordum.com 

Appadmin is a portable application design to block programs from running.. Freeware download of AppAdmin 1.1.0, size 325.06 Kb.

Clam Sentinel Portable 1.20 dynclient 

The Clam Sentinel Portable application was developed as an accessible and handy piece of software that was built to detect file system changes.

Clam Sentinel will automatically scan the files that have been added or modified using the ClamWin antivirus.

+eTE Proactive heuristic protection
+eTE ClamWin. Freeware download of Clam Sentinel Portable 1.20, size 0 b.

Portable FILEminimizer Office 6.0 balesio 

This is a portable application that will help you to minimize the filesize of PowerPoint presentations and of Microsoft Office Word files.

Here are some key features of "Portable FILEminimizer Office":

dlTE Office compression for PowerPoint, Word and Excel by up to 98% - a 50MB document is compressed to 1MB in. Free download of Portable FILEminimizer Office 6.0, size 4.20 Mb.

Portable Application Description Viewer 3.1.6 Web Directory 

Portable application description viewer is a freeware software tool for data extraction helps to give facilities for extracting and archiving relevant information from online PAD xml URLs list of websites and saves it in .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format easily and quickly. Tool is small nevertheless powerful freeware software that provides. Freeware download of Portable Application Description Viewer 3.1.6, size 723.52 Kb.

Smart Application Maker 1.1.2 Beta lksin 

Database software/application creator/builder/maker/producer/designer for user with zero programming knowledge. The smart version of Handy Application Maker. The objective is to optimize the usability and the user friendliness to produce software.


* Build Database Program without Coding
*. Free download of Smart Application Maker 1.1.2 Beta, size 23.39 Mb.

Dropresize Dropresize 

Dropresize is a portable application that can automatically resize images on folders specified by the user. It resides in the system tray so it wond-deOaot interfere with your work, however itd-deOaos readily available if you want to configure it.

Simply run Dropresize, specify folders to be watched by the program and configure the image. Freeware download of Dropresize, size 73.40 Kb.

Helge's Switchblade 0.6 Helge Sverre 

Helge's Switchblade is a portable application that can be put on an usb memory stick and used to aid IT professionals in supporting and maintaining a user's PC This application contains various portable and installable tools, Driver Backup & Restore function and other various custom made tools including: * A Windows log grabber * RAM- and IP-. Freeware download of Helge's Switchblade 0.6, size 29.88 Mb.

PADManager 1.0.26 Software Submission Service 

PADManager is an advanced PAD (Portable Application Description) editing and managing application.

Portable Application Description or PAD is a standard developed by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). It is designed to replace the old non-formal file_id.diz and other textual program descriptions with an XML-based and. Freeware download of PADManager 1.0.26, size 2.44 Mb.

Open Phone Hello Hello Shareware Professionals 

Easily creates Portable Application Descriptions (PAD) files for all your applications. Use PAD to get all of the important information to your vendors and webmasters as quickly and as concisely as possible. With this information long detailed submission forms may soon be a thing of the past! Submitting the PAD file will easily allow webmasters. Freeware download of Open Phone, size 1.56 Mb.

EnCryption Gadget 1.0 Associazione Culturale Oltre L'immagine 

EnCryption Gadget is a portable application that allows you to easily protect your files with the advanced data encryption technology thanks to the very secure Blowfish encryption algorithm, with 32 - 448 bits cipher key, full drag&drop interface and a very beautiful hi-tech interface. Acts as a real hi-tech device and ensures the full. Free download of EnCryption Gadget 1.0, size 1.08 Mb.

Makagiga 3. 8. 2012 Konrad Twardowski 

Makagiga is an open-source, easy-to-use, portable application for doing a variety of tasks, such as to-do listing, text editing, or RSS reading. Plugins are used to implement its various capabilities.
Main Features
- To-do manager, notepad
- Widgets (calendar, sticky notes, etc.)
- Portable, versions for Linux and Windows

PAD-2-HTML 1 5 Madsen Circuits 

This application can be used to easily generate HTML code displaying the information for a program having a Portable Application Description (PAD) file. There are many settings allowing the user to customize the resulting HTML. Its a very good application and its worth having.. Freeware download of PAD-2-HTML 1 5, size 37.78 Mb.

NoteItDown Werner Rumpeltesz 

NoteItDown is a portable application for creating and managing notes of all kinds. Notes can be stored in an user defined folder structure. The font, font size and colors are changeable for each note. With a RTF-editor each note can be designed individually.
NoteItDown runs in multi user environments as well on USB sticks.. Freeware download of NoteItDown, size 83.97 Kb.

gpg4usb 0.3.2 gpg4usb Development Team 

To say it straight in only one sentence: gpg4usb is a very easy to use portable-application, which combines a simple text-editor with a GnuPG-frontend to write, encrypt and decrypt your text-messages. gpg4usb should work on almost any computer you're working on, should it be a Linux-machine or even one with a Microsoft-OS running. Almost the only. Freeware download of gpg4usb 0.3.2, size 13.95 Mb.

Card Control 1.0 Victor M. Sant'Anna 

Card Control is a tiny, portable application for counting cards while playing card games in MS-Windows. Just click the card, so you can see which cards have been played. * know what cards are still in play - No more guessing; * improve your game; * works with any card game that is based on a single deck. One of the most important skills in card. Free download of Card Control 1.0, size 646.14 Kb.

Folder Sync Lord 1.0 foldersynclord.sourceforge.net 

A small portable application to synchronise the contents of two folders fast. You can define a list of filters to scan and choose between multithread and simple comparison. Also you can select to auto start the copy prosses.. Freeware download of Folder Sync Lord 1.0, size 240.19 Kb.