Postcode Database Australia

UK Postcodes 1.0 Zip Postal Codes 

The 'UK Postcodes' package will provide you with the extended UK postcodes database as well as UK geographical data like latitude and longitude. The 'UK Postcodes' package includes the information on: UK Postcode, Latitude, Longitude. 1 622 036 precise records are in the 'UK Postcodes' package. UK Postcodes are alphanumeric and composed of 7. Free download of UK Postcodes 1.0, size 8.67 Mb.


SSW SQL Auditor 10.41.1 Superior Software for Windows 

Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws with SSW SQL Auditor Maintaining quality code across a large team is difficult. Even when standards are in place developers can make mistakes that will slip through QA. SSW SQL Auditor, built in VB .NET, allows a developer to set SQL Server design rules and then check the database for code or. Free download of SSW SQL Auditor 10.41.1, size 0 b.

Australia Businesses Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains a list of businesses in Australia. There are several key fields included such as contact information, Description of activities, Annual Reveue Statistics, and more. This Australia Download Database is also a great toold for Marketing to Australia Businesses..... Free download of Australia Businesses Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Australia Independent Schools Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains a list of Australia Independent Schools. An independent school is a school which is not dependent upon national or local government for financing its operation and is instead operated by tuition charges, gifts, and perhaps the investment yield of an endowment. Our Australia School System Database is one of the most. Free download of Australia Independent Schools Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Australia Exporters Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

Exporter means any user under the jurisdiction of the state of export who arranges for living modified organisms or products thereof to be exported..... Free download of Australia Exporters Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

PostCode Express 2002 Hudson Software 

PostCode Express is the original (but much copied) Australian PostCode Finder for Windows. First released in 1991, it has been much improved over time, and continues to be very popular. Many competitors have come and gone over the years, however PostCode Express still remains #1.

PostCode. Free download of PostCode Express 2002, size 5.93 Mb.

Australian Horse Racing Database 1.0 Ausracingdb 

The aim of the project is to centralise my coding for files that will construct a mysql database that stores various statistics for horse races in Australia. The end result will be an application useful for researching systems and predicting winners

Australian Horse Racing Database 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Australian Horse Racing Database 1.0, size 0 b.

ACCC Recalls Australia 1.2.1 The Slattery Media Group 

Get the latest on Australian product recalls! The Recalls Australia app will help you stay on top of the latest recall information, especially when youre on the move. The app enables you to search the national recalls database by product name or category. It also includes a function to report an unsafe product, including a photograph (if relevant). Freeware download of ACCC Recalls Australia 1.2.1, size 2.31 Mb.

Exact Altimeter for Australia 5.1.1 BitKnights LLC 

Are you bored with altitude meter applications which give you altitude as far from the truth as it can be. You need Exact Altimeter for Australia. Exact Altimeter uses different ways to determine your altitude. It has built in elevation database, and it can get your altitude from online altitude service. Furthermore, it shows you the altitude given. Free download of Exact Altimeter for Australia 5.1.1, size 25.48 Mb.

Australia Postal Codes Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

Record Data includes: Postcode, Suburb/Town, State, National Presort Number, Comment, Parcel Zones, Barcode Sort Plan Number, Barcode Sort Plan Name and Category..... Free download of Australia Postal Codes Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

RV Businesses Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains listings for businesses in the following categories: RV Parts & Equipment Wholesale & Manufacturers, RVs Wholesale & Manufacturers, RV Insurance, RV Transport, Used RVs, RVs & Campers Service & Repair, RV Appliance Service & Repair, RV & Camper Dealers, RV & Camper Equipment- Parts- &. Free download of RV Businesses Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Cellular Mobile & Wireless Telephones Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database includes records for businesses in the following categories: Cell Phone Equipment & Supplies, Radio Phone Equipment & Systems, Cell Phones, Radio Phones Service & Repair, Personal Cell Phone Equipment & Supplies, Phone Equipment & Systems Dealers, Cell Phone Dealers, Storage Batteries Retail, Cell Phone Repair. Free download of Cellular Mobile & Wireless Telephones Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

MAG Address 1.0 Magaddress 

MAG Address is a desktop forms application(coded in Visual C# 2008) for looking up addresses from the Royal Mail PAF Database using just the postcode and the pasting that address into any other windows application using pre defined templates.

Works with any win forms application.

MAG Address 1.0 License - GNU General Public. Freeware download of MAG Address 1.0, size 0 b.

Map Maker Postcode finder New Map Maker Ltd 

Map Maker Postcode finder is a lightweight application that allows you to find the exact location of a certain postal code in the Map Maker application. You can use this tool in order to quickly locate the code on the current map.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to update the database and enter the desired code in the same. Free download of Map Maker Postcode finder New, size 0 b.

Database to Shop 2.00 Prefect Systems 

If your website does not have a shop, Database to Shop (D2S) lets you easily create one for it. D2S is easy to use because no programming is required and a third party server, PayPals, is used to process credit card payments. D2S can even upload the shop to the web for you. How it Works: Data about the items you want to sell in stored in a. Free download of Database to Shop 2.00, size 5.96 Mb.

YellowPageRobot Australia Edition 0.88k YellowPageRobot 

Direct Marketing Tool. YellowPageRobot-AU-YP captures data from web pages (yellow pages Australia) and saves it to Excel. Free version. Yellow Page Robot is the easiest way to save the yellow pages to an Excel spreadsheet or any database! Three simple steps: Run your query and wait for the page to load, then... Click on the CAPTURE button on top of. Free download of YellowPageRobot Australia Edition 0.88k, size 1.29 Mb.

Greentape Solutions 1.3 Data Master Pty Ltd 

Flora survey tool, designed to access open government database resources. Our app is initially loaded with information and links from several Queensland (Australia) flora and mapping databases.. Freeware download of Greentape Solutions 1.3, size 8.39 Mb.

Pub Quiz Finder 1.0 Instant Quizzes Ltd. 

With Pub Quiz Finder you can find your nearest pub quiz night anytime.

Pub landlords and quizmasters add their quiz nights for free to our database then from the app you can search by the nearest quiz, by town or postcode or from every quiz in our database.

Once you have found a pub quiz night just select it to find full. Freeware download of Pub Quiz Finder 1.0, size 12.27 Mb.

Ramsay Health Care mySpecialist 1.1.0 Ramsay Health Care Limited 

Having trouble finding a specialist? The Ramsay Health Care myspecialist app enables you to search quickly and easily through a database of over 5,000 specialists in Australia. You can search for specialists across a wide range of specialties including orthopaedics, cardiology, psychiatry and obstetrics or pinpoint the exact type of specialist you. Freeware download of Ramsay Health Care mySpecialist 1.1.0, size 67.00 Mb.

Accuracer Database System 4.03 AidAim Software LLC 

Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you wide. Free download of Accuracer Database System 4.03, size 3.72 Mb.