Print Screen Osx

Print Screen Deluxe 7.0 American Systems 

Print Screen Deluxe is the ultimate screen capture utility. It provides a fast and easy way to capture, print and save your screen. One keystroke does it all! With one keystroke you can capture and print the entire screen, the current window, a selected region, and more. New in this version: Improved user interface, enhanced print window and. Free download of Print Screen Deluxe 7.0, size 3.10 Mb.


Print screen capture WindowsVis Zapgrab 

ZapGrab is a print Screen capture software. ZapGrab is a fast and easy screen grabber for to copy everything appears in your computer screen. Free screen capture software to capture screen area or full screen. Fast print screen software for image editing. Software to capture screen, save it to a file, copy it to Windows.

ZapGrab is an. Freeware download of Print screen capture WindowsVis , size 759.81 Kb.

RobSoftware Print Screen 1. 9. 2002 RobSoftware 

RobSoftware Print Screen brings your Print Screen key back to life. With the touch of a single key, you can print the full screen or the active window to any printer. This simple single-function program is always ready to print what you want with minimal effort. Supported features include scaling, centering, print date and time, automatic color. Freeware download of RobSoftware Print Screen 1. 9. 2002, size 36.32 Mb.

Print Screen Works 6. 9. 2003 

Print Screen Works is a screen capture program. Besides taking snapshots, this program allows you to print, fax, email, and save them. PSW will rest as a tiny icon in the system tray, and it will open its main window when you capture a screenshot using the PrtScn key. You can access the context menu of this program by right-clicking on the system. Free download of Print Screen Works 6. 9. 2003, size 70.61 Mb.

DevExtras Print Screen 2 1 DevExtras 

DevExtras Print Screen is a simple yet advanced screen capture and image editing tool. The screen can be captured using any of the following capture methods: * Capture the entire screen * Capture the active window * Select a window on screen with the mouse to capture * Select a region on screen with the mouse to capture * Copy the contents of the. Free download of DevExtras Print Screen 2 1, size 776.19 Kb.

Premium Print Screen Portable 1.0 Jaromir Sivic 

Premium Print Screen Portable is a simple to use and practical application that enables you to capture specific areas of your screen and save them on your computer in image format.

The tool uses OCR technology to identify and extract text from images and save it as a TXT file on your compuer. You can also record the screen activity in. Free download of Premium Print Screen Portable 1.0, size 0 b.

Capture Screen Studio Capture Studio Inc. 

Capture Screen Studio - print screen capture and make screenshot easy and fast. Capture Screen Studio is designed for any Windows user who needs an effortless, effective way towork with "screenshot" of Windows screens. Also it has built-in flexible image browser. With the help of Capture Screen Studio you may execute following tasks: -. Free download of Capture Screen Studio, size 1.22 Mb.

Any Capture Screen 3.50 Any-capture 

Any Capture Screen is a powerful screen capture software that can print screen and grab screen shot from Windows desktop. Any Screen Capture is by itself intuitionistic and user-freindly. It allow you to capture desired desktop screen pictures at will and select capture area in rectangle, ellipse, window, control, menu and custom shapes etc., even. Free download of Any Capture Screen 3.50, size 1.05 Mb.

Snaggle 1.5 

Snaggle is an easy to use screen capture program that greatly enhances the functionality of the Print Screen key in Microsoft Windows. The standard functionality of the Print Screen key allows you to copy your entire desktop or the currently active window to the system clipboard. Snaggle does this too, but it also does much, much more.With Snaggle,. Free download of Snaggle 1.5, size 1.04 Mb.

ICT Print Screen 1.02 ICT Enterprises 

ICT Print Screen allows you to print the image shown on your screen by pushing the Print Screen key. Options are available via the System Tray to let you capture the screen, window or control. After selecting an option, the captured image can be edited or printed. ICT Print Screen allows you to save the captured image to a varity of formats. Also,. Free download of ICT Print Screen 1.02, size 594.94 Kb.

DevExtras - Print Screen 2. 1. 2001 DevExtras 

DevExtras Print Screen enhances this screen capture functionality by providing on-screen selection to define exactly what is copied, an image editor to make minor adjustments/annotate the captured image and finally options on what to do with the image other than simply copying it to the clipboard.

How to take a screenshot
Once. Freeware download of DevExtras - Print Screen 2. 1. 2001, size 791.55 Kb.

APS - Automatic Print Screen 1.0 Autops 

The software automatizes the tasks of copy, paste and save a image after print screen or alt+print screen.
Choose directory, name and file extension and let the software doing the work!

APS - Automatic Print Screen 1.0 License - Microsoft Public License. Freeware download of APS - Automatic Print Screen 1.0, size 0 b.

Miraplacid Screen Capture 1.0 Miraplacid 

Miraplacid Screen Capture saves screenshots to JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and TGA image files or redirects them to a printer. It overrides default Print Screen button behavior with preview panel. There you can scale the screenshot, adjust gamma and colors, crop borders and save the result as an image file. Alternatively, you can redirect the. Free download of Miraplacid Screen Capture 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Custom PrintScreen 1.0.1 Activeware 

Custom PrintScreen is a handy and reliable application designed to capture, print and preview the selected section of the screen.

The hotkey for capturing is Windows key + Print Screen (PrtScn). After the snapshot has been saved, you have the possibility to view or print it.

. Free download of Custom PrintScreen 1.0.1, size 0 b.

CapTrue 1.0.1 CapTrue 

CapTrue is Microsoft Windows software for creating desktop screenshots very easily. It behaves just like your Print Screen button, but allows you to do more in a single keypress. It allows you to capture your desktop, window or screen region easily. Video players windows are also supported. No more black rectangles on your screenshots!

Aquarius Soft Windows Print Screen Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd 

No more multi-steps hassles while you can print instantly in 1 easy step.

Aquarius Soft Windows Print Screen is a simple and fast software that lets you instantly go from print-screen (screenshot) to printer in one-step.

Here's the how to print screen tutorial: Simply press Windows Key Print Screen (or Fn Win PrtScn). Freeware download of Aquarius Soft Windows Print Screen, size 1.73 Mb.

Take A Snap 1.3 Take-a-snap 

Take A Snap is an application intended for Overriding the "Print Screen" button of Standard Keyboard. It Captures the Desktop and prompt to the user to Save the image.
Written by Chinmoy & Srijon. (chinmoy3264 AT gmail DOT com, iamsrijon AT live DOT com)
The Barman Bros.

Development Tools: Visual C++, QT 4.6,. Freeware download of Take A Snap 1.3, size 6.28 Mb.

VK image uploader 1.0 Gleb Sevruk 

VK image uploader is a helpful tool to quickly upload print-screen, clipboard or file-based image to hosting services.

You will only be required to enter your VKontakte credentials then easily upload your images.

. Free download of VK image uploader 1.0, size 0 b.

5-in-1 Marketing 1.0 Edward Choi 

The five major marketing topics are included.

They are:
1. Marketing
2. Brand Management
3. Market Research
4. Market Segmentation
5. Market Strategy

Please find below print-screen for more reference.

---- YOU CAN FIND THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS APPLICATION VIA THE NET AT. Free download of 5-in-1 Marketing 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

7-in-1 Finance 1.0 Edward Choi 

7 major financial topics are included:

1. Finance
2. Corporate Finance
3. FInancial Instrument
4. Finance Market
5. Financial Management
6. Personal Finance
7. Public Finance

Please find below print-screen for more reference.

---- YOU CAN FIND THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS. Free download of 7-in-1 Finance 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.