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E-Playbook 3. 6. 2013 Football Technologies 

E-Playbook is a 'windows' computer program that is used to help football coaches draw football plays (X's & O's) and to print playbook pages. It was created by a high school football coach to save you time, help you draw better football plays, print your football playbook pages faster, and save you money.

. Free download of E-Playbook 3. 6. 2013, size 19.89 Mb.


HotPad 1.0 Rampant Logic 

HotPad helps you manage your tasks by splitting them into two pages with different meanings. The first page, called Lists, contains tasks organized by category. The second page, called Active, contains tasks organized by when they need to be done. Using this scheme, it is possible to easily find any task in a given category, or look at only those. Free download of HotPad 1.0, size 84.12 Mb.

CleverPrint 2010 Build 2.1.0 Abelssoft 

CleverPrint is an application created to help you reduce costs concerning printing. Print multiple pages on one, remove particular pages or abort print jobs, before you waste paper and toner.

Here are some key features of "CleverPrint 2010":

dlTE Pages that you do not want to print can be. Free download of CleverPrint 2010 Build 2.1.0, size 23.41 Mb.

CR Print 2.0 Coffee River Software, Inc. 

Handy printing utility for Win32 systems. Print text files with line numbering, two up, and batch options. Utilize any TrueType font. Works with any Win32 printer. Save paper by printing two pages / files per sheet. Customizable page headers and page footers. Optional index printing and job name for batch jobs. Printer scaling and offset.. Free download of CR Print 2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

PrintDialogEx 1.0.2 Luzius Schneider 

Print odd pages or even pages only! PrintDialogEx contains an extended Print Dialog component for Delphi. TPrintDialogEx displays a PrintDialog with an additional ComboBox to select: - All Pages - Odd Pages - Even Pages. PrintDialogEx includes all source code!. Freeware download of PrintDialogEx 1.0.2, size 27.65 Kb.

Ab Join PDF Join PDF 

Join PDF software support very simple functionality. Application is user-friendly for both expert and end user because every option can be use through menu as well as directly choose choice option. Program maintain several option like split into single page, split into page range, make single PDF, make individual PDFs, remove pages and make single. Free download of Ab Join PDF, size 2.06 Mb.

CleverPrint 2011i Abelssoft 

CleverPrint may reduce your printing costs by up to 50%: CleverPrint allows you to combine multiple pages on one page, to remove pages before printing or to stop the printing process after checking the output in a preview window.
CleverPrint allows you to handle your daily printing sessions in a much more effective way. You can easily print. Freeware download of CleverPrint 2011i, size 1.02 Kb.

CRPrint 3.0 Coffee River Software, Inc. 

CRPrint is a handy, inexpensive Win32 printing utility for batch printing text files. CRPrint provides numerous batch, printer and filetype configuration options, and can save on printing costs by allowing two pages per sheet and two files per sheet.. Freeware download of CRPrint 3.0, size 2.25 Mb.

Compare Two XML Files Software 6.0 Sobolsoft 

Sobolsoft's Compare two xml files software enables you to find the difference between two xml files. All you have to do is load the two pages and look for the differences either in words or lines. After you're done you have the option of saving your results.. Free download of Compare Two XML Files Software 6.0, size 2.71 Mb.

Print & Save 1.0.5 AB-Tools 

Use the program Print & Save to reduce your ink usage efficiently. On the one hand you have the possibility to print several pages on one page - this way you are not only saving ink, but also paper.

On the other hand you can reduce the color intensity of your printouts, too. Hereby also a considerable amount of ink can be saved.

Address Book Database Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Sobolsoft presents a convenient contact information organizer. Featuring a large, easy to read main window, each contact is allocated two pages for information. A print ready “Fact Sheet” for one contact is ready with one click. Create reports by birthdays this month or by address. This software saves you time by storing data in a. Free download of Address Book Database Software 7.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Inkscape multiple pages support 1.2.1 Inkscape-pages 

Inkscape has now pages support. You can create a multiple page document using Inkscape, just like in Corel Draw. Install this extension, restart Inkscape and you're done. Insert new pages, navigate through pages, print all pages in a single PDF.

insert pages, insert page margins, use a master page, different master page for left and. Freeware download of Inkscape multiple pages support 1.2.1, size 22.93 Kb.

Wise PDF Page Cut 1.0 Wise PDF Tools Ltd. 

Wise PDF Page Cut is designed to break PDF file pages into more pages. It helps you solve out the cutting problem when two pages are scanned at one page in PDF file, which makes page cutting a piece of cake. Is it beckoning? Why not have a try immediately?. Free download of Wise PDF Page Cut 1.0, size 3.87 Mb.

dualPrint 1.0 Dualprint 

Let's say you want to save paper when printing a document. To do so, you can print on both sides of paper sheets or print multiple pages on each side of the sheets, like done in handouts. Most printers and printer dialogues don't offer an easy way to do these two simple tasks, that's where dualPrint comes in.

Tell dualPrint. Freeware download of dualPrint 1.0, size 266.52 Kb.

Adobe Acrobat Combine PDF Combine PDF 

Adobe Acrobat combine PDF software has several options to organize PDF files like delete erase unwanted pages from PDF documents, join multiple PDF, modify PDF page size, split large PDF, compare PDF pages, two pages on one page, add password protection security on PDF, encryption, extract useful pages, set Watermark, PDF stamp, bookmark etc. It. Free download of Adobe Acrobat Combine PDF, size 1.56 Mb.

ORIS PDF Tuner 4 4 CGS Publishing Technologies International, Germany 

It is a full editing environment for PDF and PostScript files. It can open customer-supplied files, allow for a full range of last-minute corrections, and output print-ready pages in all major file formats. It provides a complete array of page editing and creation tools, including image retouching, line work and text editing and full control over. Free download of ORIS PDF Tuner 4 4, size 136.00 Mb.

SplitIM 1.0 

Bulk images splitter/converter Manga, comics, manwa, ... are often scanned with two pages in a file. This program allow you to split all file and, if you want, to convert in png, jpeg, tiff or gif.. Freeware download of SplitIM 1.0, size 9.02 Kb.

PDF Booklet Creator 1.3.4 AxpertSoft 

Acrobat PDF booklet creator software quickly change a normal one page per page pdf file into 2 pages per page pdf document. Tool puts two pages of pdf into a single blank page, one adjacent to another in portrait form. Final pdf prints looks like a complete book by folding pages from its center. Using this advance tool, user can define the number. Free download of PDF Booklet Creator 1.3.4, size 1.91 Mb.

Easyboost Photo Print 8.6 Toolmedias Software 

Easyboost Photo Print is the best designed software for photo print and gives user option to make batch of photos on layout pages. One can also prepare its own template by applying customize settings such as set print size according to their wish and the best part is that when user will preview the page it will exactly give him the same look as it. Free download of Easyboost Photo Print 8.6, size 48.63 Mb.

Apex Join Two PDF Files into One Join Two PDF Files into One 

Join two PDF files into one application offer you most of all solution in single tool. Software permitted you to work with several useful features like split, merge, delete, extract, combine, compare, add, append, concatenate, cut, break, remove, join, divide etc. Utility integrated with several features like spit into single pages, split into. Free download of Apex Join Two PDF Files into One, size 4.89 Mb.