Program Age Calculator By Pascal

Perfect Age Calculator Portable 1.0.0 Vinay Soni 

Perfect Age Calculator Portable is a small and easy-to-use tool created in order to help you calculate the age of a person by a given date of birth.

It shows the age in years and also includes the months and days in the result box. Now you can find out the exact age of a person.

. Freeware download of Perfect Age Calculator Portable 1.0.0, size 0 b.


Lifespan Age Calculator by Peter Riddell 3 Peter Riddell 

LIFESPAN AGE CALCULATOR can subtract dates answering in days months and years elapsed. Can also subtract an age from an end date to caclulate a start date.. Very useful for government forms in my country, thats for sure. ELAPSED TIME CALCULATIONeg: DD/MM/YYYY -- DD/MM/YYYY == X days Y months Z yearsSTART DATE CALCULATIONeg: DD/MM/YYYY -- X days Y. Free download of Lifespan Age Calculator by Peter Riddell 3, size 77.82 Kb.

#1 Chronological Age Calculator 1.2.1 

Now available for iPad and iPhone as a universal app!

On the go and need to figure out someone's Chronological Age? Our #1 Chronological Age Calculator is the easiest way, that's why it's #1.

It automatically calculates chronological age when you enter or change the birth date. Do you need an age for an earlier date? You can. Free download of #1 Chronological Age Calculator 1.2.1, size 7.34 Mb.

#1 Chronological Age Calculator - Free 1.2 

***The Most Downloaded & Highest Rated Chronological Age Calculator for iPad & iPhone in the App Store***

On the go and need to figure out someone's Chronological Age? Our #1 Chronological Age Calculator is the easiest way, that's why it's #1.

It automatically calculates chronological age when you enter or change the. Freeware download of #1 Chronological Age Calculator - Free 1.2, size 7.34 Mb.

2T Technology Age Calculator 1.0 2 T Technology Inc. 

Calculating from the present date, the 2 T Technology Age Calculator will automatically generate the age of the subject, detailed by days, months, and years.

This application can be used for any health professional/educator needing to know the exact date of the subjects they are working with.

Additionally, a brief description. Free download of 2T Technology Age Calculator 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Baby Age Calculator 2 Big Blue Apps 

Baby Age Calculator is designed as a useful tool for doctors who work with babies and need to quickly calculate a babies age in weeks so they can quickly assess its position on a growth chart. By calculating the age of a baby quickly doctors using the app will be able to spend less time calculating numbers and more time thinking about their. Freeware download of Baby Age Calculator 2, size 104.86 Kb.

Smart Age Calculator 1.0 IBEE Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 

Often we get confused calculating our exact age. With awesome User Experience and easy to use interface, Smart Age calculator is most compelling and accurate age calculator in app store which calculates age in Months, weeks and days. Impress your friends, colleagues and family members by calculating their age in fraction of seconds. You can also. Freeware download of Smart Age Calculator 1.0, size 3.25 Mb.

3Mb-Age Calculator 3Mb Solutions 

3Mb-Age Calculator will calculate your age and remaining days for your next birthday.
What's new in Version 2.0
*Ability to change app background color.
*Minor bug fixes and improvements.
*Incorporated user suggestions and feedback.. Freeware download of 3Mb-Age Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

Animals Age Calculator IYKWIM Production 

Do you have pets and you always wanted to know their age in human age ?

Then the Animals Age Calculator application will interest you!
It will allow you to calculate its equivalent in human age.
Choose from 7 categories of animals:
- Chat
- Dog
- Hamster
- Guinea Pig
- Ferret
- Rabbit
-. Freeware download of Animals Age Calculator, size 3.15 Mb.

Age Calculator 1.2 Gigra LLC 

We have created a very simple software that lets you calculate your age in months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. All you have to do is enter your birthday date and click Calculate button. You will be presented with all the data about how long you have been existing in this world. You will also see how much time there is left until your. Freeware download of Age Calculator 1.2, size 386.51 Kb.

Animal Age Calc Entertainment Apps 

Animal Age Calculator
How old is your pet? the answer could be easily found with Animal Age Calculator! What this app do? It converts animal age into human one. It's not a secret that animal and human have different age scale. With Animal Age Calculator you could compare this systems!. Freeware download of Animal Age Calc, size 5.24 Mb.

Nexus Calculator Pro Mahadi Hasan Sunny BD 

Multiple useful calculators for every day situations, including a Age calculator, a Simple calculator,a BMI calculator,a Love calcculator, and unit conversion calculator.
More feature each calculator type.. Free download of Nexus Calculator Pro, size 1.05 Mb.

PreDesigner 1.0.0023 Optical Software Company 

Simple optical layout program / lens calculator. Assess & illustrate the key paraxial or Gaussian beam parameters for an imaging system. PD [Gaussian mode] has graphical display of Gaussian beam layout, user selected key conjugate & beam parameters from comprehensive lists of options, table of all Gaussian values defining the system plus. Free download of PreDesigner 1.0.0023, size 20.97 Mb.

talp(mat) 0.3.32 

This program converts calculator-style ASCII math notation (the same that ASCIIMathML uses) to Spanish Braille mathematics notation (not Nemeth Code).. Freeware download of talp(mat) 0.3.32, size 26.38 Kb.

Baby and Me 1.0 FOCUS IT and MB Software Consulting 

Baby and Me is a pregnancy due date and gestational age calculator. It's intuitive and easy to follow.. Freeware download of Baby and Me 1.0, size 9.12 Mb.

Catty Cat Appy App 1.0 Big Gigantic 

The Catty Cat Appy App is the perfect app for all the cat lovers of the world!

Want to find out the age of your cat?

Use the amazing cat age calculator to quickly work out your cats age in cat years.

Is your cat bored of the same old routine?

Use the Cat Distractor to confuse and amaze your cats with. Free download of Catty Cat Appy App 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Psychometrics Assistant 1.0.3 Software Express 

Easily convert from one metric to another (e.g. scaled scores to percentiles), see which range they fall into and see the scores on a normal distribution curve.

Useful age calculator and stopwatch for use whilst testing.. Freeware download of Psychometrics Assistant 1.0.3, size 7.55 Mb.

SLP Tools 1.1 Ricardo Filgueiras 

Developed by Thais Zemlickas Silva and programmed by Ricardo Zemlickas Filgueiras, this application is a tool for therapists in daily use in therapy sessions.

1. Age Calculator : Calculates chronological age of the patient on the day of assessment or any specific date (in years or months).

2. Stopwatch: Practical and simple. Free download of SLP Tools 1.1, size 2.83 Mb.

Essential Utility Kit FREE Padmanaban M 

Essential Utility Kit is an amazing app which have all the calculators essential for day to day operations.
1.Discount Calculator
2.Simple Interest Calculator
3.Compound Interest Calculator
4.Age Calculator.
Download the App and share with your friends :)
please rate the app and give your reviews.... Freeware download of Essential Utility Kit FREE, size 3.15 Mb.

PasGUI 0.1 Beta Peter Johnson 

PasHi is a simple command line program that syntax highlights Pascal source code. The highlighted code is output as XHTML.

The program reads Pascal source from its standard input, or from the clipboard, and writes the generated XHTML to its standard output, or stores it on the clipboard. By default PasHi generates complete XHTML. Freeware download of PasGUI 0.1 Beta, size 398.46 Kb.