Program For Steel Email

1AutomationWiz 10 

1AutomationWiz offers a completly automated ecommerce solution with builtin autoresponders, shopping cart, affiliate program management & broadcast email software. This state of the art email marketing, ecommerce & shopping cart automation software unleashes The hidden profits trapped in your online business - while reducing your daily. Free download of 1AutomationWiz 10, size 679.94 Kb.


Email Sending Software 9. 11. 2020 

Email Sending Program, High speed email sender program effectively and without any delay

Main Features:

- Very Easy to send email.
- High speed email sender application.
- SSL and Authenticate are supported.
- Sends Attachment
- Email Sending with one cilck.
- Works on Microsoft Windows (2000. Free download of Email Sending Software 9. 11. 2020, size 1.09 Mb.

Process Notifier 0.0.4 Beta 

This program sends notification email when a specified process starts/closes/is found/is not found. This will be useful when there is a PC which cannot be watched all the time. Moreover, it can be used to notify you when the machine is started or send desktop screenshots via E-mail. It is portable and does not require to run an installer.. Free download of Process Notifier 0.0.4 Beta, size 1.14 Mb.

MailDrop 1 4 Michael Warren 

MailDrop is a program that can email files directly to your Dropbox folder.

In order to use this program, you will need to install Dropbox (you can download it from

You will also need a Gmail account to use this program. You must enable IMAP for that account, and create a. Freeware download of MailDrop 1 4, size 0 b.

Imap Mail Checker 5 

Small program, which monitors email account via IMAPS (secure version of IMAP) protocol and inform user about new, unread messages. Coded in Java programming language.. Freeware download of Imap Mail Checker 5, size 3.12 Mb.

SAGATOR 1.2.3 

This program is an email antivirus/antispam gateway. It is an interfaceto the postfix or sendmail (or any other smtpd), which runs antivirusand/or spamchecker. Its modular architecture can use anycombination of antivirus/spamchecker according to co. Freeware download of SAGATOR 1.2.3, size 276.94 Kb.

imappy 1.0 Imappy 

imappy is graphical program to transfer email messages from one server/account to another using the IMAP protocol. Developed in Python with Tk. It includes a "sync" feature, folder mapping controls, support for multiple transfers, and log viewing.

imappy 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of imappy 1.0, size 0 b.

Local SMTP Server Pro 5.24 PC-Safety 

Local SMTP Server Pro is a SMTP server program that lets you send email messages without help of your ISP, directly from your local PC to recipient mailboxes. You can use your favorite email client along with this software the way you used to do it before. It is one of the best solutions for mobile PC users who travel a lot and have to switch. Free download of Local SMTP Server Pro 5.24, size 17.58 Mb.

Live Email Verifier Free 2 1 Live Software Inc 

Email Verifier - a unique program that checks email addresses for the validity. The tool is designed for users who have their own mailing lists and want to keep them up-to-date. The tool verifies every e-mail address from a selected database or text file, allowing you to determine up to 80% of "dead" mail addresses. It is important to. Free download of Live Email Verifier Free 2 1, size 849.92 Kb.

KIPPING's SpamDeleter 1.0 KIPPING Software 

KIPPINGs SpamDeleter is a little program to cleanup Email-Mailboxes from unwanted messages. Through a huge number of predefined filters SpamDeleter recognizes the type of the message. Unwanted mails will be deleted automatically from the mailbox. The user may also add, change or delete any filter to match the program his personal needs. The number. Free download of KIPPING's SpamDeleter 1.0, size 594.94 Kb.

Vista NetMail 10.0 

Vista NetMail is free, fast and flexible email client. The program supports multiple email accounts, lets you automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and comes with many convenient features for handling mail efficiently. If you have several external mailboxes at different ISPs you will not need to enter a new password and. Freeware download of Vista NetMail 10.0, size 1.74 Mb.

CacheEntries 1.0.1 Max2k ( Octavian Merches ) 

View all the internet cache entries (history,cookies,files) stored on your computer.You can search,delete entries.
You have questions about this program ? Send an email at and you'll receive an answer as soon as possible ( usually in less than 24 hours on business days ) .. Freeware download of CacheEntries 1.0.1, size 3.17 Mb.

MailBomber 1.0 Mailbomber 

Sophisticated mail sender with a lot of settings. You can set number of email to every recipient. Program put every email random (random choice from file) sender, subject and text. You can put a enclosure too.

MailBomber 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MailBomber 1.0, size 120.19 Kb.

Aprisa Mail 1 5 Bimza Software 

Aprisa Mail is easy-to-use and affordable email marketing software. Aprisa Mail will simply save you money. Once you purchase the program - you own it and you don't have to pay monthly fees just to keep using it. Aprisa Mail is an easy-to-use email automation tool. It makes it easy for anyone to quickly create messages and send them to. Free download of Aprisa Mail 1 5, size 0 b.

List Mailer 0.8.3958.38019 Aaron Stewart 

The List Mailer Utility is a program to compile and send HTML e-mail merge messages to a list of people. The emails can be formatted in HTML (including images) and all parts of the email can be sourced from the merge fields.. Free download of List Mailer 0.8.3958.38019, size 754.97 Kb.

Mass Mailing News Standard Edition Management-Ware Solutions 

Mass Mailing News version 2.0 is a mass email marketing program and a bulk emailing sender. This bulk email software is one of the most proven customer email relationship management software for successful opt-in email marketing campaigns and subscriber lists building. It makes building your business easy with tools that cover every aspect of email. Free download of Mass Mailing News Standard Edition, size 47.71 Mb.

Mass Mailing News Free Edition Management-Ware Solutions 

Mass Mailing News version is a mass email marketing program and a bulk emailing sender. This bulk email software is one of the most proven customer email relationship management software for successful opt-in email marketing campaigns and subscriber lists building. It makes building your business easy with tools that cover every aspect of. Freeware download of Mass Mailing News Free Edition, size 49.28 Mb.

Email Spider Platinum 3.1 

Harvest email addresses from the net using this Email Spider, which finds email addresses that are targeted by utilizing the Google and Yahoo search engines. Finds thousands of email addresses an hour, which makes scanning for vulnerabilities easy! Features -Defeats "email protection" scripts that attempt to hide email addresses from. Free download of Email Spider Platinum 3.1, size 10.65 Mb.

ProjectTrack Personal Edition 2007.10.1 iLore 

Planning is the beginning. ProjectTrack Personal Edition is an all-inclusive program that will help you execute your plan.Designed by and for project managers, ProjectTrack is a powerfully integrated management tool which keeps ALL information related to a project in one place.

* Keep track of the DETAILS: Tasks, Action Items, Change. Free download of ProjectTrack Personal Edition 2007.10.1, size 25.09 Mb.

CRM-Express Free 2012.8.6 PGCSoft 

CRM-Express Free Edition is a free high quality CRM program. CRM-Express can manage your marketing and customers. Features include Email Client, Calendar, Address Book and Journal. CRM-Express Free Edition is a single-user version.. Freeware download of CRM-Express Free 2012.8.6, size 38.90 Mb.