Program Laguage Turbo C

MacIP Change FUSION Soluciones Informaticas 

MacIP Change is an excellent program developed in C++, its aimed to people that work in the informatic LAN area, because many times its necessary to choose from different configuration options to our LAN board in a quick way: IP Address, Network Mask, DNS, Gateway, and the MAC Address too. This Software allows you to create configurations, which. Freeware download of MacIP Change, size 50.65 Mb.


C-- to riski compiler 1.0 Riskicomp 

A compiler which translate a program written in "C--" to "riski" language.
This is a homework exercise in "Compilation".

C-- to riski compiler 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of C-- to riski compiler 1.0, size 0 b.

VideoEmail - Mpeg4 Video Email Client 0.83 net.dever 

This is a video email program by visual c++ which applied advanced mpeg4/xvid codec algorithm and an excellent skinned client UI.. Free download of VideoEmail - Mpeg4 Video Email Client 0.83, size 138.41 Kb.

IconX 1.1 Stardock Systems 

More than an icon theme changer, more than an icon editor, IconX is a program that turbo-charges your Windows desktop icons. It can put shadows, make them bigger, have them zoom up when you put your mouse over them, even change color based on what you are doing.-Set your icons to be any size and react to different mouse states. Use the built in. Free download of IconX 1.1, size 1.60 Mb.

An installer for your programs 1.0 

Xinstaller is a program written in C for Linux. It will allow you to make an installer file for your programs. The user will have only to start the executable and to answer some easy questions(mostly "next" :)).. Freeware download of An installer for your programs 1.0, size 21.77 Kb.

Bard Chess Engine 0.0.1 

A simple attempt at a chess program, written in C++. Originally it will be for Win32, but with a few adjustments should compile under any environment. This is primarily a learning project for the author, and any help would be appreciated!. Freeware download of Bard Chess Engine 0.0.1, size 41.85 Kb.

BioShears 1.0 

BioShears is GUI Restriction Enzymes Database Program Programed by C++ using Qt 4 this program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE with my best regards Osama S Alrawab. Freeware download of BioShears 1.0, size 1.58 Mb.

BZLink, Cross-server chat for BZFlag 0.1 

BZLink is a program written in C which allows cross-server communication in the game BZFlag. Freeware download of BZLink, Cross-server chat for BZFlag 0.1, size 16.84 Kb.

Checkers in cpp 1.0 

Checkers program written in C++ and C.The game is set between a human player and a computer AI.. Freeware download of Checkers in cpp 1.0, size 83.08 Kb.

ChordTester 0.3 

ChordTester is a simple cross-platform program written in C++ to test your knowledge of musical chords, by providing the ability to randomly generate chords and then display the component notes of the chord and play it through MIDI.. Freeware download of ChordTester 0.3, size 189.48 Kb.

Codezilla 1.0 

A stand alone program to store C++ code snippets for easy access. Also it allows you to store any kind of helpful text in a categorized way.Developed in MFC using Visual Studio 2008 with the latest MFC classes (RibbonButton and bar). Freeware download of Codezilla 1.0, size 14.49 Mb.

Flawfinder 1.27 

Flawfinder is a program that examines C source code and reports possible security weaknesses (``flaws'') sorted by risk level. It's very useful for quickly finding and removing some security problems before a program is widely released.. Freeware download of Flawfinder 1.27, size 123.09 Kb.

Gspoof 3.2 

Gspoof is a GTK+ program written in C language which makes easier and accurate the building and the sending of TCP packet with a data-payload or not. It's possible to modify TCP/IP fields also Ethernet header working to Link Level.. Freeware download of Gspoof 3.2, size 69.34 Kb.

Gtexinator 1.0 

Gtexinator is a Linux texture synthesis program written in C with a GTK+ user interface. Gtexinator allows you to create nonrepeating textures, expand the borders of photographs, and fill gaps in images. Gtexinator uses ImageMagick for image file support.. Freeware download of Gtexinator 1.0, size 188.83 Kb.

High Performance IC Timing 1.0 

A static timing analysis program written in C++. Cadence LEF/DEF definitions of circuit geometry and SDF definitions of circuit timing data of a synchronous circuit are compiled in order to generate timing constraints for non-zero skew circuit operation.. Freeware download of High Performance IC Timing 1.0, size 2.26 Mb.

Ledctl 1.0 

Ledctl is a program written in C that uses the Parallel Port Interface(PPI) of the FreeBSD kernel to drive LEDs connected to the parallel port of a computer. It can be used within scripts to visually notify users for new mail, high processor load, etc.. Freeware download of Ledctl 1.0, size 9.41 Kb.

Oblivion Translator rc.1.4 

An Oblivion translation Program made in C# for Windows XP Vista and Seven X32 and X64. Freeware download of Oblivion Translator rc.1.4, size 10.22 Mb.

PKSV - Pokemon Script Viewer 2.1.1 

PKSV (Pokemon Script Viewer/Editor) is a small program written in C used to decompile, edit and compile scripts in Pokemon Advance ROMs. It has a GUI version (the one most of you will want) and the original command-line version.. Freeware download of PKSV - Pokemon Script Viewer 2.1.1, size 494.18 Kb.

pltc 1.0 

Prolog to Turbo C compiler with runtime for DOS. Freeware download of pltc 1.0, size 141.37 Kb.

ProgOptio 1.0 

Small library to manage your program options in C++. Freeware download of ProgOptio 1.0, size 10.72 Kb.