Program Zip

Visual ZipBackup 1.8xx JR-INFO 

Visual ZipBackup is a program that backup your files in ZIP format. Each files is separately zipped to the backup drive in the same pattern (folders) as the original files. It can backup files to any media that is compatible with your file explorer (R-W). Files can be backup in foreground (desktop) or in background with the Scheduler dialog. The. Free download of Visual ZipBackup 1.8xx, size 3.53 Mb.


ZIP Code Tools 1.1 ZipCodesToGo 

Zip Code Tools allows you to lookup any US zip code quickly and easily. Zip Code Tools features built in functions that allow you to perform radius searches and distance calculations on any US zip code. You can easily export your data to the most popular formats including (.csv, .xml, .xls). Full version includes the latest US 5-Digit ZIP code. Free download of ZIP Code Tools 1.1, size 6.08 Mb.

AlphaZIP 1. 3. 2001 Whirling Dervishes - NeoByte Solutions 

ZIP files finally made easy.

The Alpha ZIP advantage

With ZIP, RAR, CAB and other compressed formats, you can download and send files, documents and images more quickly and easily. The problem is that they're also confusing to work with, and many people find zipping and unzipping the files unnecessarily complicated.. Free download of AlphaZIP 1. 3. 2001, size 4.47 Mb.

Ken Ward's Zipper 1 00 Ken Ward 

Ken Ward's Zipper 1.4 is a free file compression utility. With this basic utility, you can create and extract ZIP archives. It works fine but it's useless if you have Windows XP or Vista, because you can create, open and extract ZIP archives within Windows Explorer without the help of any additional program.

The only function. Freeware download of Ken Ward's Zipper 1 00, size 100.53 Mb.

Text Tally 1 3 Harmony Hollow Software 

Text Tally is a small program provided for free by Harmony Hollow Software. The program aims at helping users to calculate how many lines, words and characters are in their texts and it can display these statistics on the main program's window. A useful feature that I liked is the ability to calculate the previous items on the fly while you. Freeware download of Text Tally 1 3, size 2.61 Mb.

FavSearch 1 5 Harmony Hollow Software 

Quickly searches through descriptions and URLs in your Internet Explorer Favorites menu for specified text and returns a clickable list of results. Adds a new button to the I.E. toolbar for easy access to the program whenever it is needed. Completely free. Requires VB6 runtime (available from our website).. Freeware download of FavSearch 1 5, size 0 b.

Split Movie Sampler 1.0 Harmony Hollow Software 

Split Movie Sampler is a must-have for users who download large videos from Usenet and other p2p clients. With most moderate Internet connection speeds, it takes at least from several hours to few days in order to download a full DVD movie.

Therefore, it's essential to preview the video before you spend all of these hours and. Freeware download of Split Movie Sampler 1.0, size 37.56 Mb.

Kirby Alarm Pro 4 45 Kirby Software 

If you want to ensure that you do not miss any upcoming events year after year, I think this is a good tool to use. It is called Kirby Alarm Pro. It has been developed after years of research. Kirby Alarm Pro has many different features and it is also compatible with most of the Windows operating systems. Along with a general reminder facility,. Free download of Kirby Alarm Pro 4 45, size 6.78 Mb.

GnuWin32: UnZip 5 51 GnuWin32 

UnZip is an extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format (also called "zipfiles"). Although highly compatible both with PKWARE's PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities for MS-DOS and with Info-ZIP's own Zip program, our primary objectives have been portability and non-MSDOS functionality.
UnZip will list, test, or. Freeware download of GnuWin32: UnZip 5 51, size 78.61 Mb.

BackupMate 2 1 Devicode Technology 

BackupMate makes it easier than ever before to secure your data by making regular backups of your files. Use BackupMate to protect your important data, music and photo files from accidental deletes, overwrites, file corruptions. Compress your files using the standard zip format with password protection.

BackupMate is simple to use yet. Free download of BackupMate 2 1, size 1.12 Mb.

diskSpace Explorer Home Edition 3.0 Innovatools, Inc. 

diskSpace Explorer 3 Home Edition is a software tool for managing your hard disk space, and ensuring that you are making the most of the space you have. It helps you explore your files and folders, find wasted space and useless items, and free up valuable disk space. diskSpace Explorer features an intuitive view and click interface and a pie chart. Free download of diskSpace Explorer Home Edition 3.0, size 1.11 Mb.

BusinessSkinForm 7.x Almediadev 

BusinessSkinForm VCL (more than 120 components) help you to create applications with skins.Stable, multifunctional package for business applications.

-open architecture for skins
-application can have one or different skins for windows
-run-time skin change
-nonrectangular, dynamically resizable windows. Free download of BusinessSkinForm 7.x, size 9.32 Mb.

Zip Files Opener 1.0 compress-files.Com 

This utility designed to be a simple yet powerful archiver program. You can easily create and extract zip compressed files by using its very simple user interface. You can split a big size file into smaller splitted files with only few click. Zip Files Opener support Windows Vista and XP, also can be distributed for 100% Free.. Freeware download of Zip Files Opener 1.0, size 0 b.

zip 2 ipsw Converter New Gabe Faggiano 

zip 2 ipsw Converter was specially developed as a handy and very easy-to-use program that can help you convert from ZIP files to IPSW files.

Now you can make use of this simple and small tool to perform the conversions you need in no time at all.

. Freeware download of zip 2 ipsw Converter New, size 0 b.

ZIP Password Recovery Magic Password Recovery Magic Studio Ltd. 

ZIP Password Recovery Magic is an easy-to-use program that can help you to recover lost passwords for zip archives. ZIP Password Recovery Magic provides brute-force and dictionary recovery methods, you can pause and resume recovery job easily.
ZIP Password Recovery Magic has an easy to use interface. All you need to recover your password is. Free download of ZIP Password Recovery Magic, size 1.96 Mb.

Atomicrobot Plain Simple Zip 5.0 Patrick Harvey 

Fast easy simple zip/unzip program! Wow! Makes self-extracting zip files too! Completely re-written on the inside, Atomicrobot Plain Simple Zip is possibly the easiest to use zip program in the world! The program makes self extracting zip files that can display a custom message, execute a program after unzipping, and indicates the files it is. Free download of Atomicrobot Plain Simple Zip 5.0, size 3.71 Mb.

Zip Code Companion 4.12 PC Shareware, Inc. 

Zip Code Companion is a handy database that allows you to quickly find or verify zip codes, cities, states and area codes within the USA. Using the program is simple. For example, if you enter a Zip Code number, the program will find the Zip Code for you and give you the matching city, state, telephone area code and time of day in that part of the. Free download of Zip Code Companion 4.12, size 1.21 Mb.

DFIncBackup Standard 2.80 Gueranitchev A.A. 

DFIncBackup is a personal backup program designed for incremental backup of files directly to zip archives.Features: *Incremental backup of files. It saves only changed files to make the backup file size smaller. *Can backup to removable disks (CD/DVD, USB HDD, Flash), local hard disk, network. *Internal packer using full compatible ZIP files. Free download of DFIncBackup Standard 2.80, size 2.41 Mb.

DFIncBackup Professional 2.80 Gueranitchev A.A. 

DFIncBackup is a personal backup program designed for incremental backup of files directly to zip archives.Features: *Incremental backup of files. It saves only changed files to make the backup file size smaller. *Can backup to removable disks (CD/DVD, USB HDD, Flash, etc), local hard disk, network. *Internal packer using full compatible ZIP files. Free download of DFIncBackup Professional 2.80, size 2.41 Mb.

7-ZIP Archiver 2.10 Beta Igor Pavlov 

7-ZIP Archiver is a ZIP compatible file archiver with highest compression ratio. The program is fully integrated to Windows Shell, so all archive operations like extracting, compressing and browsing can be executed using usual Windows Explorer. The program supports ZIP and RAR formats and for ZIP format it provides compression ratio that is 2-10 %. Free download of 7-ZIP Archiver 2.10 Beta, size 424.96 Kb.