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Ball Man Red (bubble game physics shooter) HD 1.2 Andela ICT 

STOP: You like this one! Ball Man Red needs to be in groups of the same color to get points. Addictive game.. Freeware download of Ball Man Red (bubble game physics shooter) HD 1.2, size 21.81 Mb.


Hearts Card Game FREE 1.1.3 David Skelly 

This is a great family card game for kids to adults.

Hearts is a tricking taking game involving 4 players, where the object of the game is have the lowest score when one person gets more than 100 points. The game starts by dealing 13 cards to each player. Each player passes cards, then plays in sequence, with the objective being to avoid. Freeware download of Hearts Card Game FREE 1.1.3, size 10.07 Mb.

24 Battle HD 1.0.4 Honey Panda 

This App is a mental arithmetic classic poker game, the rules are very simple, take four cards using the arithmetic to get 24 points. The game has three difficulty simple to fit the age of under 12; normal for most people; "difficult" fit for human arithmetic master to challenge the flesh calculator. Also for you or your children mental. Freeware download of 24 Battle HD 1.0.4, size 27.68 Mb.

400 Arba3meyeh Original 1.0 Isaac Daoud 

Original 400 Arba3meyeh!

400 is a Lebanese trick-taking card game played in two partnerships with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach forty-one points. The game somewhat resembles Spades, but with subtle differences.

If you have comments, questions or feedback please. Free download of 400 Arba3meyeh Original 1.0, size 20.87 Mb.

Ballista Balloon Frenzy 1.0 Systematix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 

Ballista-Balloon Frenzy is an amazing game full of colourful targets. Enter your name and play with the customised alphabets made up of balloons.
Your friend Mr. Koko will help you to Hit them and grab points.

This game takes you to an entirely beautiful world of balloons with gifts and teddy bears rolling up in the sky. Target. Freeware download of Ballista Balloon Frenzy 1.0, size 25.27 Mb.

Cheerfish 1.0 Jesse Venbrux 

This cute little fish doesn't sleep. In stead, he wants to touch the stars...
Help Cheerfish make jumps and hit stars for points!
The game includes 5 different worlds to explore with each 10 levels.

If you like a relaxing experience that cheers you up, this is for you :)

* Intuitive controls
* 5. Free download of Cheerfish 1.0, size 22.75 Mb.

Elroy the Xmas Elf 1.1.0 Robert Heuer 

So everything works out for Christmas perfectly, Elroy the Xmas Elf has to practice a little. Help Elroy to catch the right stuff. But be careful: Not everything gives points.

The game has 7 levels. Each level is faster and more extensive. If the Xmas Elf catches the wrong stuff, it looses some points.

If you tap on the. Freeware download of Elroy the Xmas Elf 1.1.0, size 12.48 Mb.

Gregg Grabs Eggs 1.0.0 Robert Heuer 

So everything works out for Easter perfectly, Gregg has to practice a little. Help Gregg to catch the right stuff. But be careful: Not everything gives points.

The game has 7 levels. Each level is faster and more extensive. If Gregg catches the wrong stuff, he looses some points.

If you tap on the screen, Gregg throws a stick. Freeware download of Gregg Grabs Eggs 1.0.0, size 13.32 Mb.

Holy Cross Crusader Loyalty Program 1.1 Rojo Research 

Crusader Loyalty allows fans to earn points for game attendance, concessions & merchandise purchases, watching/listening games online, and patronizing sponsors.

Use iPhone to accrue points and redeem for fabulous prizes.

Available Points offers detail for rewards opportunities for game attendance, concession. Freeware download of Holy Cross Crusader Loyalty Program 1.1, size 8.07 Mb.

7by7 JPPJFF 

This is 7x7, the latest addictive puzzle for the Windows Phone App Store! Simply drag the puzzle pieces around the board to make lines (be it diagonal, vertical or horizontal) of 5 or more to score points! This game is easy to learn, fun to play and impossible to stop!

Special features:
- Undo a move for recovering from those pesky. Freeware download of 7by7, size 1.05 Mb.

Copter 7 NN Corp 

Minor bugs fixed-

A classic game, +50.000 downloads!

Avoid the obstacles and rescue all the soldiers.
Try to get more than 1000 points!

The game speed increase on each level.
Minor bugs fixed. Freeware download of Copter 7, size 1.05 Mb.

Crazy Beetles Alexey Golubev 

Crazy Beetles - a game about very hungry bugs that want to eat.
You have to bypass any obstacles to specify the path to goals beetles — meal.
Your goal - to score the most points.
This game is easy to play. It help you relax and pass the time. Interesting "timekiller". Free download of Crazy Beetles, size 7.34 Mb.

Duel Calculator Fagner Coloia Paes Barreto 

Duel Calculator is a Yu-Gi-Oh! life point calculator.
The application allows you to calculate the players' life points by adding, subtracting and dividing by half its hit points every game.
The application has been generated for random coin toss and dice.

Features Included
+ Easily keep track of. Freeware download of Duel Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

One Operation Vasfi Tataroglu 

One operation's game is the numbers which give to you using with four operation try to obtain the target number.One game are 60 seconds.You can play again again,you can increase your points.This game is first version so maybe there are some deficiency.If there is some problem ,all of problems will solved by programmer.. Freeware download of One Operation, size 1.05 Mb.

SetLineup - FanDuel MLB lineup Conetek 

Tool to help you build FanDuel daily lineups for Major League Baseball MLB. The tool attempts to pull the best daily lineup based on average points per game, average points for last 15 games, or last game played under the $35000 salary cap.

1. Select the MLB Teams
2. Fade/Lock/Manually select players for each. Freeware download of SetLineup - FanDuel MLB lineup, size 1.05 Mb.

u.n.i JEWEL PUZZLE (FREE) .NET Architects, Inc. 

Greetings fellow Earthlings! 

One of the u.n.i MEGA PACK (FREE) games, this is an addictive jewel puzzle game for you and I. Match patterns and get points. Different game modes to satisfy any mood/style. Be sure to check out the rest of the games in u.n.i MEGA PACK (FREE).

- strive to continuously provide. Freeware download of u.n.i JEWEL PUZZLE (FREE), size 8.39 Mb.

Whac A Brian ChiefSeven Software 

Smack Brian all day long with a yard tool and rack up points. This game is perfect for taking out your pinned up aggressions from long hours at work or with kids. Enjoy!. Freeware download of Whac A Brian, size 1.05 Mb.

WordSwipe Nuology 

WordSwipe is a word game where you find as many words as you can during the provided time. Words can be located on a grid in any direction ajacent to the current letter. When you enter longer words you get more points.

This game uses touch and swipe gestures to select the words and uses the phones accelerometer to reposition the letters. Free download of WordSwipe, size 4.19 Mb.

Funny Faces Trial 1.0 Arcade Lab 

Funny Faces is a colorful puzzle game in which you have to twist faces and pop balls to score points. This game offers different game modes to provide beginners and advanced users a fun and challenging gameplay. Each level has a goal, which is presented at the beginning of the level, and as you completed it the bar at the bottom of the screen is. Free download of Funny Faces Trial 1.0, size 1.23 Mb.

24 points card Game(Stand-alone) 2 1 

24-point game is a mathematical game, relatively simple and more fun. Just use + - x / and the 4 digital numbers to calculate the result 24. How to play: (1).Click "Start Game", the game started, the system will send four cards. (2).Require the user to use the number of poker shows, Just use + - x/to calculate the result can use. Freeware download of 24 points card Game(Stand-alone) 2 1, size 1.07 Mb.