Pts Stack Cluster Graph Utility

Oracle Cluster Verification Utility New Oracle 

The Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) is a utility distributed with Oracle Grid Infrastructure / Oracle Clusterware. It was developed to assist in the installation and configuration of Oracle Clusterware as well as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

CVU checks range from initial hardware setup tests through entire cluster checks. Free download of Oracle Cluster Verification Utility New, size 0 b.


Server Cluster Recovery Utility 1.0 Microsoft 

Server cluster configurations manage disks on a shared storage infrastructure that are visible from multiple nodes although only one node in a server cluster can access any given disk at any point in time. In the event of the failure or corruption of a disk on the shared storage interconnect special care must be taken to restore the data and. Free download of Server Cluster Recovery Utility 1.0, size 0 b.

Sync LTSP 0.1 

sync-ltsp is a ltsp cluster management utility. Uses perl and mysql for a client database. a Gtk2-perl front-end is in developement.. Freeware download of Sync LTSP 0.1, size 14.22 Kb.

GoVisual Diagram Editor 1 3 OREAS GmbH 

The GoVisual Diagram editor (GDE) provides powerful functionality for editing and automatic layout of diagrams. Diagrams are represented in form of graphs and cluster graphs. GDE contains all the layout styles available in the GoVisual libraries. he screenshot shows GDE's main window with several open document windows. The active document. Freeware download of GoVisual Diagram Editor 1 3, size 3.12 Mb.

OidView Pro MIB Browser 2.7 ByteSphere Technologies 

ByteSphere's OidView is a MIB Browser and Expert System for SNMP Agent analysis and administration. Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. Tools include MIB Browser, MIB Compiler, SNMP Trap Receiver, OID Poller/Graph Utility, SNMP PDU Trace, Interface (IGRID) tool, Entity-MIB Mapper, and CISCO CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB (Quality of Service) Browser. Take. Free download of OidView Pro MIB Browser 2.7, size 11.46 Mb.

Disk Piecharter 2.3 Zorn Software 

Disk Piecharter for Windows is a Graphical Disk Explorer that shows disk usage per file and per directory in a piechart. You can zoom in and out on piechart segments (directories). You can also delete files and directory trees with it. Then it immediately shows the effect on free diskspace.. Free download of Disk Piecharter 2.3, size 125.95 Kb.

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools 1.0 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools are a set of tools to help administrators streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting operating system issues, managing Active Directory, configuring networking and security features, and automating application deployment.

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools consists of. Free download of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

389 DS Graph 1.1.2 

389 DS Graph is a utility for graphing connections and operations from the 389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server). 389 DS Graph works with 389DS, Fedora DS, Red Hat DS, and may work with Sun DS.. Freeware download of 389 DS Graph 1.1.2, size 28.98 Kb.

MMCV Utility 1 Microsoft 

MMCV.EXE utility gives you the ability to manage clustered Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) resources from a terminal server connection to a node of the cluster.

This tool works around the limitation of having to be logged on locally to the active cluster node and running compmgmt.msc (Computer management from the clustered command. Free download of MMCV Utility 1, size 0 b.

Data Rotunda 5.46.73 Opensoft 

Data Rotunda is a graph visualization tool for hard disks and file systems, a remarkable utility, that lets you keep track of the free space on your computer in intelligent and friendly way. Data Rotunda is designed to builds graphs from your system folders and bring into focus the largest files/folder, the structure of the folders trees, the. Free download of Data Rotunda 5.46.73, size 0 b.

iDXCluster 1.1.0 Black Cat Systems 

iDXCluster is an easy to use DX Cluster program geared towards SW listeners, DXers, utility monitors, and others. It doesn't require a packet radio link, telnet, or any complicated software or setup, only an internet connection is requried.

A DX Cluster is a way for DXers to share tips on what stations they are currently hearing. Stale. Free download of iDXCluster 1.1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Pts. Plus Diary 2.8 Frippware 

Do you want a Pts tracker, HUGE food lookup, comprehensive restaurant lookup and barcode scanner? Do you want to track activity pts, weekly pts and your daily target pts? Do you want to graph your weight loss and journal everything you eat? Nothing touches this app for function vs price on the iTunes market.

THE BEST tool available for. Free download of Pts. Plus Diary 2.8, size 4.30 Mb.

ImageDIG 2.0.7 SciCepts Engineering 

ImageDIG consists of three integrated modules which allow the user to convert 2D flat images into 3D (x,y,z) data or if a graph, convert the graph in image form into 2 dimensional numerical data. The third module is a full analysis plotting utility where the user can import either the 2D or 3D data saved above or import any number of columns of. Free download of ImageDIG 2.0.7, size 5.93 Mb.

PingUtil 0.9 PingUtil 

A graphical Windows ping utility written in C# that allows you to log and graph ICMP respones from multiple hosts. Includes a C# class library for ICMP and ping to use in your own program.

Ability to ping flood (i.e. spend a ping without waiting for a response before sending the next ping, will use up all CPU resources).. Freeware download of PingUtil 0.9, size 22.89 Mb.

Nettxrx 0.5 Beta 1.0 Heinz Graupe 

Nettxrx is a small desktop or tooltray utility that displays a graph of network bytes sent/received, updating every second. It also optionally shows CPU usage. It can log and report usage. Nettxrx runs on WinXP, Vista, and Win7.. Freeware download of Nettxrx 0.5 Beta 1.0, size 13.21 Mb.

Bluetooth Driver Installer 

Get Bluetooth to work with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. This small freeware utility will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter. It works for most (but not all) bluetooth adapters, both USB dongles and built-in. Before making changes to your system the program automatically creates a restore point. If anything goes. Freeware download of Bluetooth Driver Installer, size 1.92 Mb.

sarparse 1.01 

Sarparse is a utility based off of cacti to graph Sar metrics from remote hosts. It require NRPE and SAR to run out-of-the box but could easily be modified for any other transport.. Freeware download of sarparse 1.01, size 45.06 Kb.

SpaceExplorerEx 1.1 

This is a small, multi-threaded utility that displays the space each folder occupies, and can sort them by total size and total size on disk (due to cluster size waste).. Freeware download of SpaceExplorerEx 1.1, size 396.84 Kb.

FlickrGraph 1.0 Flickrgraph 

FlickrGraph is a tool, for get a friends-graph from Flickr and create a cluster from a comunity

FlickrGraph 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FlickrGraph 1.0, size 0 b.

TSNZ and SVNZ vs. Depth Graph New Patrick J. Sullivan 

TSNZ and SVNZ vs. Depth Graph is designed as an easy-to-use and small utility that creates a graph based on input values.

Values you need to input are temperature, noise level, frequency and others. TSNZ and SVNZ vs. Depth Graph is developed in the Java programming language and can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.