Puzzle Grid Logic

Puzzle Grid Triangles 1.02 Macha Studios Ltd 

Puzzle Grid Triangles is a pattern matching and logic puzzle game featuring over 350 fun pictures (EVERY level is different!) . Try out the 40 free levels! 100's of unique pieces and a novel number hint grid to help you along the way! Works great on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Hours and hours (and hours!) of gameplay packed inside!


Amusing Balls 2.5.0 Amusing Software 

A very amusing puzzle and logic game is familiar lines and balls games. New possibilities movement of balls. You can to put one ball over other ball in this game only. Color will be changed. Consist of five original games. Excellent sounds schemes. Help with rules, control and strategy of game. Many skins, set of animation figures, tables, sound. Free download of Amusing Balls 2.5.0, size 803.84 Kb.

Downfall (for Windows) 2.5.8 Norbyte 

3D arcade puzzle game (logic/rules similar to Tetris and Columns). It features real-time 3D graphics and lots of different boards to play.All boards have special blocks like indestructibles, dynamite sticks, snow shovels, wrecking balls etc.Another cool feature is the import-export highscores, which lets you swap highscores with your friends.When. Free download of Downfall (for Windows) 2.5.8, size 1.16 Mb.

Puzzled Blocks 1.0.0 Christopher Brushwood 

Puzzled Blocks is a game that lets you take pictures from your Camera Roll or Photo Library and turn them into simple, or not so simple puzzles.

Tap on the small puzzle grid to choose the picture you want to use. You can move and size the picture to focus on one part or the entire image. Choose a level of difficulty and tap. Free download of Puzzled Blocks 1.0.0, size 1.57 Mb.

12 Games in 1 1.0 PLAYTOUCH 

This game is a free collection of 12 games in 1 app!
12 games for all tastes in one pack! It is the best bundle for smartphone that you can imagine!
Puzzle and logic games, fast paced arcade action, racing, sports, drawing, cooking, shooting, water games, sudoku and many many more!
This collection is enough to satisfy all your. Freeware download of 12 Games in 1 1.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Baffle Free 1.2 Pacific Labs LLC 

Baffle Free challenges you to solve tile puzzles by exchanging and rotating tiles until all sides of a tile match the adjacent tiles.

- Puzzles based on photo album, blocks or ellipses.
- Configurable puzzle difficulty.
- Configurable puzzle grid size.
- Configurable number of colors.
- Hints can be enabled /. Freeware download of Baffle Free 1.2, size 2.73 Mb.

Laserbrain 1.2 Silvio Guder 

Train your brain! Solve more than 200 free levels separated in 8 levelsets. When you are clever enough, you can use the level editor to create your own levels (to make a battle with your friends in a bar.)

Laser Brain is a puzzle and logic game in which you can show your deduction skills. Combine all items, given in the level, to link. Free download of Laserbrain 1.2, size 46.98 Mb.

Puzzle Grid 1.0 Puzzlegrid 

This game engine is designed for use in puzzle and board games where a grid structure is necessary. It was originally developed for use in grid type logic puzzles. This project was started to allow adaptation for other puzzles, like crosswords and sudoku

Puzzle Grid 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of Puzzle Grid 1.0, size 0 b.

Color World 1.0 ePlaybus.com 

Try the color world to test your reflexes and your ability to solve puzzle and logic games. Hit the cubes and color them with the right shade. There may be levels without cannon balls with the correct color. Use the nature to color the cubes, bring them down in to the colored water, splash them with paint or find another solution to make a smiley. Freeware download of Color World 1.0, size 4.46 Mb.

Radio Bar 1 Toolbar Radio Bar 1 

Radio Bar 1 Community Toolbar: stay connected and get so much more.

Play your favorite games: Arcade Games, Hidden object, Match 3, Puzzle and Logic, Shooter and Action.

Watch live Tv, top videos, listen to music, search for news, images and apps.

Check out all of your favorite places on the Web.. Freeware download of Radio Bar 1 Toolbar, size 2.12 Mb.

Griddlers Deluxe 2006 v6.1 Puzzlehome.com 

Griddlers Deluxe is a high-quality logic game for puzzle lovers. The game is based on famous in all the world and extra cool japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).To play this puzzle is simple as black and white, yet the game play is challenging and deductive. You must use the given numbers and paint the given grid in a certain way, so. Free download of Griddlers Deluxe 2006 v6.1, size 1.78 Mb.

Fluffy 1.01 Nordic Software for Entertainment 

Guide Fluffy through 270 levels in this new logic puzzle game. Fluffy is a funny, nonviolent game with increasing degree of difficulty and therefore a perfect game for the whole family. It comes with an easy to use level editor. There is also a saving function for infinite number of players. You can play the levels in any order you like and with no. Free download of Fluffy 1.01, size 1.40 Mb.

League Logic Puzzle 2.0 Pzgame 

Freely play logic puzzles with two mode, freely choose picture. If you pass a test success your name will be engraved on score board. You can create new puzzles with your private image It can nicely exercise your intelligence, thinking ability, observation ability. The current edition registers customer will free upgrade to later edition.. Free download of League Logic Puzzle 2.0, size 4.34 Mb.

Digitarix 1.1 86com 

Digitarix is simple and addictive puzzle game that combines RPG and logic elements. The game offers great opportunities for killing some time in the office or just relaxing.

Despite the fact that this is a puzzle game, it doesn't require any strong mental tension, because there is no time limit and no need to think more than 2-3 moves. Free download of Digitarix 1.1, size 524.15 Kb.

Domino Solitaire 1.5 Anny 

Domino Solitaire (DomiSol) is a puzzle where 28 domino pieces are placed to form a rectangle but you don't see their bounds. Your goal is to find these bounds: group the pairs of domino halves to restore the whole domino set. In some way, this game is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. It may sound easy, but Domino Solitaire is a logic game that can keep. Free download of Domino Solitaire 1.5, size 236.54 Kb.

Neko Puzzle 1.14 Lexaloffle Games 

Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck, and a random puzzle generator so that you never get the same puzzle twice! Possibly the easiest puzzle game in the world to learn how to play, Neko is still able to challenge the toughest minds. by. Free download of Neko Puzzle 1.14, size 656.38 Kb.

HappyBee! 1.0.0 00-01.com 

HappyBee! is puzzle/logic game. In the playing window there are two tables. Each table has 20 fields. Top table is controlled and the problem to solve is on it. You can''t move figures on this table. Bottom table is a game table and there you could try to solve puzzle that is presented on the top table. The aim is to get same picture as it is on. Free download of HappyBee! 1.0.0, size 27.65 Kb.

CubeDrift 1.11 Dextrogames 

Mind-blowing logic game, inspired by Sokoban with challenging puzzles and neat graphics with a completely new and remarkable game mechanics that you will love.Are you tired of pointless games for brainless people? Dive into the logical world of CubeDrift and solve hundreds of challenging and original levels! CubeDrift is a very addictive. Free download of CubeDrift 1.11, size 6.10 Mb.

S2 Zoop 1.0 Sinedsoft 

Riveting four-way action as colored pieces appear randomly along a grid and move toward the center. You must eliminate the colors before they enter the center square. If you strike a colored piece that is the same color as the center piece, that color will be eliminated. If you strike a piece of a different color, you will exchange colors with that. Free download of S2 Zoop 1.0, size 229.38 Kb.

Griddlers Deluxe 2006- 6.1 Puzzlehome.com 

Griddlers Deluxe is a high-quality logic game for puzzle lovers. The game is based on the famous and very cool Japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).

To play this puzzle is as simple as black and white, yet the game play is challenging and deductive. You must use the given numbers and paint the given grid in a certain way, so. Free download of Griddlers Deluxe 2006- 6.1, size 1.78 Mb.