Python Project

Biblos 1.0 Biblos-project 

Biblos is a Python project for managing your home library/DVD collection/anything you have at home:) It takes care of placing the item on your shelf, marking it and lending as well.

Biblos 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Biblos 1.0, size 0 b.


pyrise 1.0 Pyrise 

This Python project creates several interfaces to HiRISE image data: * a wrapper around the ISIS framework for processing HiRISE raw images. Using Python's multiprocessing library, the time from raw data to mosaic has decreased significantly on multi-co. Freeware download of pyrise 1.0, size 0 b.

Arpwatch Notifier 1.0 Arpwatchnotifie 

A simple python project, which monitors arpwatch logs and notifies user if any arp poisining occurs.

Arpwatch Notifier 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Arpwatch Notifier 1.0, size 0 b.

Pyro - PYthon ROguelike 1.0 

Pyro aims to be the first major Roguelike game written in Python. Project goals are clear code, easy modification and extension, and of course, a game that's worth playing. This is an early alpha and not yet winnable.. Freeware download of Pyro - PYthon ROguelike 1.0, size 45.70 Kb.

MIPS_Debugger 1.0 Mipsdebugger 

Goal of this project is to create a debugger for MIPS. Transition from python project to C after completion. Tailored for UIUC CS 232 course.

MIPS_Debugger 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MIPS_Debugger 1.0, size 0 b.

clipp c++ interpreter framework 0.5.1.beta 

A C++ library which enables seamless interoperability between C++ and interpreted languages such as javascript. Based loosely on the boost.python project. A separate javascript parser is supplied.. Freeware download of clipp c++ interpreter framework 0.5.1.beta, size 3.42 Mb.

Pyshield 1.6.2002 Dashingsoft 

An IDE tool used to edit, debug Python script, publish encrypted scripts, build a standalone executable file, manage more files by project view and make installation in various forms(.msi, .tar.gz, .rpm, .zip, .tar.bz2). It includes an editor simulating Emacs python-mode, a GUI debugger simulating GDB, a project view used to manage scripts,. Free download of Pyshield 1.6.2002, size 11.64 Mb.

Python Genetic Programming Project 0.02 

The Python Genetic Programming Project implements a Genetic Programming System a la J Koza in Python.. Freeware download of Python Genetic Programming Project 0.02, size 8.44 Kb.

Python Gutenberg E-text Project 

The PyGE (Python Gutenberg E-text) project is a suite ofGUI desktop utilities written in Python to promote andfacilitate awareness and enjoyment of works of literaturethat are available from the archives of Project Gutenberg.. Freeware download of Python Gutenberg E-text Project, size 720.97 Kb.

The Python play by email project 1.5 

PyBEM is a simple project: Python. Play by Email. That's it :)We're providing tools to help people create and run their own turn-based strategy games via email, in a language that's simple to learn, and using a system that's easy to modify.. Freeware download of The Python play by email project 1.5, size 67.72 Kb.

The Python Sound Project 1.0 

The Python Sound Project aims to develop a productive community around Python, Csound and other synthesis engines as tools for algorithmic composition of electroacoustic music.. Freeware download of The Python Sound Project 1.0, size 3.78 Kb.

The Python Image Manipulation Project 1.0 Thepimp 

The Pimp is an image processing project implemented in Python and C.

The Python Image Manipulation Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of The Python Image Manipulation Project 1.0, size 0 b.

Another Python Graph Library 0.7 

This project develops a simple, fast and easy to use Python graph library using NumPy, Scipy and PySparse.. Freeware download of Another Python Graph Library 0.7, size 105.14 Kb.

Magic Master Project 32.20040707 

Magic Master Project is aimed to be a lightweight game development toolkit, based on Python and PyGame, for making strategy and RPG games (single and multiplayer). First goal is a remake of the famous Master of Magic game with multiplayer support.. Freeware download of Magic Master Project 32.20040707, size 3.44 Mb.

Maven Jython/Python integration 1.0 

Allows easy building and deployment of your Java project with python/jython and python packages.. Freeware download of Maven Jython/Python integration 1.0, size 12.67 Mb.

ORBit-Python 0.3.0 

ORBit-Python is a project to develop Python bindings for ORBit. It supports dynamic loading of IDL (no IDL compiler required), and most of ORBit's TypeCodes.. Freeware download of ORBit-Python 0.3.0, size 221.86 Kb.

Project Element 1.0 

Project Element is a very simple, platform-independent, easy-to-use interpreted programming language that was made using python. It very much like html, so if you can make a webpage, you can program using Element.. Freeware download of Project Element 1.0, size 112.23 Kb.

Python ANT project 1.0 

This project intended to help people that likes Jakarta's ANT and dotNET NAnt. PyANT helps to implement project building using tasks defined in python scripts. The far goal is implementing all ANT tasks in Python. Freeware download of Python ANT project 1.0, size 185.31 Kb.

Python Computer Vision Framework 0.2.1 

The Python Computer Vision Framework is an opened project deisgned for all those interested in computer vision. It aims at making computer vision more easy and structured and matlab-free.It may also be used for other artistic and scientific areas.. Freeware download of Python Computer Vision Framework 0.2.1, size 843.26 Kb.

Python ISO8211 Library 8211.beta.0.9.1 

This project provides a library written in Python for reading and eventually writing ISO8211 files. ISO8211 is a format used for various GIS systems (geographic data), including SDTS, the format used by the US Geological Survey.. Freeware download of Python ISO8211 Library 8211.beta.0.9.1, size 72.45 Kb.