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AVideo Media Player 1.2 JianPeng Chen 

Mobile \ Utilities

AVideo Media Player

Large number of video formats on the network, a computer can watch the video moved ipad / touch / phone on you, the answer is yes, the use of our software, you can play almost all formats of video.

See if we can play the video format it:
3gp | asf | avi | divx | dv | flv | gxf | m2p | m2ts | m2v |. Free download of AVideo Media Player 1.2, size 42.36 Mb.


HUMAX Media Player 1.5.1 Humax 

Mobile \ Entertainment

HUMAX Media Player allows you to enjoy content from HUMAX iCord Evolution(HMS-1000S) and other DLNA devices through your iPad. You can also watch contents that are saved in your tablet/smartphone, second room STBs, PC and the other DLNA devices on your TV via HUMAX iCord Evolution.

----- Features -----
- Play content from your HUMAX. Freeware download of HUMAX Media Player 1.5.1, size 16.36 Mb.

AV Media Center 1.0.1 Smart Baby Co., Ltd 

Mobile \ Entertainment

AVMC - modified version of XBMC - is a media player and entertainment hub for digital media.

While AVMC functions very well as a standard media player application for your device, it has been designed to be the perfect companion for your HTPC. Supporting an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful. Free download of AV Media Center 1.0.1, size 52.43 Mb.

Azul Chess 1.1 Omar Mody 

Mobile \ Games

Checkout our other app: Azul Media Player - Freely download movies and tv shows from the web.

Azul Chess - Play chess against the computer or against a friend or foe.

- Play against the computer or with another person
- Show available moves
- Take back moves
- Get hint
- Five difficulty. Freeware download of Azul Chess 1.1, size 8.91 Mb.

CD-Shadow 1.0 K2L GmbH 

Mobile \ Utilities

K2L's Automotive Communication System (ACS) is an industrial Standard for the creation of Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) based automotive control units (e.g. head-units, instrument panel clusters).
The current "Media-Player"-App realizes a WiFi-coupled remote control for in vehicle MediaPlayers located in head-units.. Freeware download of CD-Shadow 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Embla Remote 2.2.0 Bladelius Design Group AB 

Mobile \ Music

A remote for the Bladelius Embla CD and media player.

Besides working as a remote, this app also enables you to use upnp functionality with your Embla.

When first starting the application you will be presented with a search window that shows you all the Emblas that are connected to the same network as the iPad is connected to.. Free download of Embla Remote 2.2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

My Dune Remote 1.01 Binnerup Consult 

Mobile \ Utilities

My Dune Remote allows you to control your HDI Dune HD media player(s) from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to replace or supplement the original IR based remote control.

The application connects to your player over Wi-Fi on your local network and requires your player and mobile device to be on the same local network.

IP Control. Freeware download of My Dune Remote 1.01, size 7.13 Mb.

SmartControls Free 1.1 app-n-down 

Mobile \ Utilities

FREE iAd based VERSION of SmartControls!!

Do you want to work more efficiently on your Mac or PC? Or even just operate your media player comfortably from the couch? Then SmartControls is what you need!

Operate programs easily from your iPhone! Avoid the tedious work of choosing a command and stop memorizing endless. Freeware download of SmartControls Free 1.1, size 8.18 Mb.

8player 2.11.6 8soft 

Mobile \ Entertainment

8player is a multifunctional application for Video, Music & Image playback capable of working as a UPnP/DLNA player and controller.

8player provides for a wide range of possibilities, including:
? Media streaming from any compatible UPnP/DLNA* server;
? Playback of local files stored in 8player library on your. Free download of 8player 2.11.6, size 43.52 Mb.

8player lite 2.11.5 8soft 

Mobile \ Entertainment

8player is a multifunctional application for Video, Music & Image playback capable of working as a UPnP/DLNA player and controller.

8player provides for a wide range of possibilities, including:
? Media streaming from any compatible UPnP/DLNA* server;
? Playback of local files stored in 8player library on your. Freeware download of 8player lite 2.11.5, size 45.93 Mb.

AAA Media Player 1.6 Mobile Centro 

Mobile \ Entertainment

The AAA-player is an iOS application that aims to bring tube sites to your mobile device. Our goal was to gather popular tube sites in one app and allow the user to freely add tube sites of their liking to it. You can select to add pre-installed popular tube sites to you favorites, or fill in several fields required to add any tube site that. Freeware download of AAA Media Player 1.6, size 2.20 Mb.

Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5 DJiT 

Mobile \ Music

Equalizer+ the new standard when it comes to audio player! A must have to listen to your music! Boost and improve your sound quality and volume thanks to Equalizer+! Equalizer + is both a music track player and a frequency equalizer. Access your own music library directly from the app. Set the frequencies you like for your songs and save your. Freeware download of Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5, size 49.91 Mb.

Equalizer + Pro (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5 DJiT 

Mobile \ Music

Discover Equalizer + Pro, the premium version of the new standard music player, Equalizer +! A must have to listen to your music! Enjoy Equalizer + Pro special offer and save $8!
The premium version natively includes:
-BASS BOOST: to boost the volume of your bass like never before!
-SAVE option to record your customized frequency. Free download of Equalizer + Pro (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5, size 76.44 Mb.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop 11.1.2064 2X Software Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

Stay connected to your home or office Windows PC with the free 2X Client for iOS!
The 2X Client for RDP / Remote Desktop allows you to simply connect, via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), to your remote Windows desktop & applications at work or at home. The 2X Client also connects to 2X ApplicationServer XG to seamlessly run published. Freeware download of 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop 11.1.2064, size 8.18 Mb.

AVSplayer 1.0 HMB-TEC 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

AVS Audio Visual Stimulation

Relaxation or meditation at a touch on a button - is this possible? Stimulate your brain with this new application. But this app develops its full benefit only with the specific HMB | TEC hardware option in conjunction with a Mind Machine L.E.D. glasses (available from www.hmbtec.com or hmb-tec.de).

Christmas in America HD - A Photographic Celebration of the Holiday Season 2.3 Banzai Labs 

Mobile \ Travel

ON SALE! - iTunes Featured Holiday App! Award-Winning Travel Journalist Peter Guttman journeys across America and shares inspiring images of the holidays and the winter season. Share these joyful images along with your own Personal Greeting on Facebook, or enjoy the photography and Peter Guttman's artful prose while listening to the 4 Christmas. Free download of Christmas in America HD - A Photographic Celebration of the Holiday Season 2.3, size 117.44 Mb.

Guilde For Java 1.0 Giau Nguyen Ngoc 

Mobile \ Education

About the technicAl editor
elliotte rustY hArold is originally from New Orleans, to which he returns periodically in search of a decent bowl of gumbo. However, he currently resides in the Prospect Heights neighborhood
of Brooklyn with his wife Beth, dog Thor, and cat Marjorie. He is the author of numerous books including Refactoring HTML,. Free download of Guilde For Java 1.0, size 41.84 Mb.

Hardware Inside 1.1 Pocketkai 

Mobile \ Utilities

Look on the Hardware inside your iPhone or iPod Touch. There you see several circuits and values from the sensors: Date/Time, GPS, G-Sensor, Compass, CPU-Frequency, FSB-Frequency, Memory, RAM, Battery. Additionally there is an iPod-control built-in, with an animated(rotating) cover-picture. At a glance there are 7+1 windows with detailed. Free download of Hardware Inside 1.1, size 1.78 Mb.

RDP Remote Desktop Connection 1.1.0-beta1+ios4+ts2 Thinstuff s.r.o. 

Mobile \ Business

Thinstuff Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a fast and secure application to access your desktop from anywhere. You can simply use your iOS device to start all your applications like Word, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, games or any other installed application. The simple installation, intuitive usage, session bookmarks, customizable resolutions and. Freeware download of RDP Remote Desktop Connection 1.1.0-beta1+ios4+ts2, size 6.40 Mb.

Small Group Director 3.0 WorshipTeam.TV 

Mobile \ Music

For those who want to flow between songs live, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!!!

Small Group Director is custom designed for worship teams, small groups, dj's and bands who want to create song lists of audio or video files and play them back with artistic control moving from song to song, skipping songs, or ending early, all with smooth faded. Freeware download of Small Group Director 3.0, size 19.19 Mb.

Charlie's Video Player 1.2 Dominic Manley 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Charlie's Video Player is a video (and audio) player for parents with young children. It locks out on-screen controls whilst playing media so that eager little fingers can't interrupt the playback.

Parents can setup a playlist and configure options, including setting the child lock (a secret combination of tapping the four corners of the. Freeware download of Charlie's Video Player 1.2, size 23.28 Mb.

Harmonic HLS Player 1.0.1 Harmonic Inc. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Harmonic HLS Player enables you to play HTTP Live Streaming media embedded with subtitles (SMPTE TT) in ID3 timed metadata, generated by Harmonic ProMedia Package.. Freeware download of Harmonic HLS Player 1.0.1, size 629.14 Kb.

Harmonic HLS Player Plus 1.3 Harmonic Inc. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Harmonic HLS Player+ enables you to play HTTP Live Streaming media embedded with subtitles (SMPTE TT) in ID3 timed metadata, generated by Harmonic ProMedia Package.

New features in + Version:
1. Multiple audio tracks.
2. Support Startover - playback at the beginning of playlist and allow user to go live per request (Live. Freeware download of Harmonic HLS Player Plus 1.3, size 1.05 Mb.

HLS Multitrack Player 1.0 GRC 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

HLS Multitrack Player allows you to play HTTP Live Streaming media containing several audio or subtitles tracks.. Freeware download of HLS Multitrack Player 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

QikCalc - Data Unit Converter 1.1 Nigel Green 

Mobile \ Utilities

QikCalc - Data Unit Converter converts to and from 6 different data units and also 4 different data storage media.

- Enter data units up to 999,999,999,999!
- 6 data units
- 4 data storage media units
- 90 different conversions.
- Supports Retina display.
- Universal App. Designed for iPad, iPhone. Free download of QikCalc - Data Unit Converter 1.1, size 2.52 Mb.

EduVenture X 1.0 CAITE CUHK 

Mobile \ Education

Highlighted features:

- Comprehensive GPS assisted learning and teaching
- Realtime multi-player/user learning environment (Internet connection required)
- Multi-media questions and answers
- Support different zoom levels and multi-layer maps


EduVenture is an integrated. Freeware download of EduVenture X 1.0, size 9.65 Mb.

Eddie Ford Hoops 2.2 Exposure Events, LLC 

Mobile \ Sports

The Eddie Ford Hoops application will provide all the information needed for college and team coaches, media, players, and fans throughout the event.

Need to find your next game? How about a player's next game? Need to find a venue with directions to make the next game? Wondering where a team is from? How about the latest score in pool. Freeware download of Eddie Ford Hoops 2.2, size 14.68 Mb.

Lagardere Publicite Player 1.0.2 Lagardere Active Digital 

Mobile \ Business

NOTE : Cette application necessite de disposer de la nouvelle brochure de Lagardere Publicite, accessible sur http://www.lagardere-pub.com/lp-player/
Concentre des dernieres innovations proposees par Lagardere Publicite, lappli Lagardere Publicite Player gratuite invite ? explorer les nouveaux territoires media.
Grace au nouveau mode de. Freeware download of Lagardere Publicite Player 1.0.2, size 38.27 Mb.

Proxsys Media Viewer for iPad 1.0.2 COMO Computer & Motion GmbH 

Mobile \ Utilities

Take your media files wherever you go! With Proxsys Media Viewer you always have full access to your entire Proxsys with your iPad - Mobile Media Asset Management. Designed specifically for the ProxSys PX-Series Proxsys Media Viewer offers numerous features to manage, search and use your data mobile: Media asset management for the future.

180 Basketball Player Quiz - Guess the riddle, 2014 edition 1.0 Dev Design Corner Co.,Ltd. 

Mobile \ Games

TEST YOUR SKILL with the insanely FUN NBA Quiz game! There are a tons of levels to play. Guess the NBA player name. Let's guess how many can you remember, know their name?

Don't worry if you get stuck with the quiz! There're a lot of tools to help!
- Delete the word!
- Reveal some word!
- Bypass the quiz!

OR.... Freeware download of 180 Basketball Player Quiz - Guess the riddle, 2014 edition 1.0, size 46.03 Mb.