Ram Saver Control Panel

A Control Panel File Maker 1.0 JS Payne of Cortland NY 

This utility generates a Control Panel Applet (.cpl file) that runs the application of your choice.

Main features:
-Generates a Windows Control Panel applet (.CPL file).
-Runs a program of your choice via an ICON installed in the Windows Control Panel.
-Develop your application in an environment of your choosing.


iCloud Control Panel Apple Inc. 

The iCloud Control Panel is required to use Photo Stream, Contacts and Calendars (Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later required).
iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. iCloud is seamlessly integrated into your apps, so you can access your content on all your devices.
Give iCloud. Freeware download of iCloud Control Panel, size 41.73 Mb.

Mini Control Panel Teodor Filimon 

Take advantage of everything your system has to offer with control panel properties, useful programs and a run dialog in one gadget.. Freeware download of Mini Control Panel, size 52.43 Kb.

Toshiba Power Saver 7.14.05 TOSHIBA Corporation 

Toshiba Power Saver provides a Control Panel for managing power and battery settings. Please note that, in order to properly function, Toshiba Power Saver requires Toshiba ACPI Common Modules (TVALD).

. Free download of Toshiba Power Saver 7.14.05, size 0 b.

RAM Saver Professional 11 11 Godlike Developers SEG, Ltd. 

RAM Saver Pro is an easy-to-use RAM booster, RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster.RAM optimizer increases the operation system performance by making more memory available for your applications.This software is easy to use and free to download.. Free download of RAM Saver Professional 11 11, size 1.35 Mb.

Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003 Stardust Software 

Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003 is a free taskbar accessory that lets you launch and configure all your screen savers. Launch the default screen saver with a single click, or easily enable/disable it. Select from a list to launch/configure/disable any installed screen saver. Or, set Windows to randomly pick a screen saver. Includes easy. Freeware download of Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003, size 671.74 Kb.

RESTrick Control Panel 1.3.2 RTSECURITY 

RESTrick Control Panel is a powerful tool that can help you tune your Windows system. The RESTrick Control panel can help you enforce system security and protection all of your files. With the help of the RESTrick Control panel you can quickly tune your Windows system to your exact needs. RESTrick allows you to install different restrictions on. Free download of RESTrick Control Panel 1.3.2, size 431.10 Kb.

AL Font Installer 2.2 AL-Software team 

This program is addition to the control panel Windows Fonts. It provides more convenient way for installing a new fonts on your computer. With the help of this program you can look through any fonts, how they will be installed on your computer. The fonts can be located on CD-R, CD-RW, hard drive or any other carrier supported by your computer. You. Free download of AL Font Installer 2.2, size 798.72 Kb.

eJadSPM System 2.0.0 Machine Solutions, LLC 

eJadSPM System is a convergent control panel solution for the management and delivery of hosted services including Shared Hosting, Microsoft Exchange 2007, SharePoint Services, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Domain Names, and SSL certificates. Its powerful billing and automated provisioning engine ensure cost-effective and efficient services. Free download of eJadSPM System 2.0.0, size 14.68 Mb.

Startup Control Panel 2 8 Mike Lin 

Startup Control Panel is a very effective and small sized application which is used to configure Windows startup programs. The software is very simple to use and small in size. Startup Control Panel does not consume heavy system resources so does not affect the performance of the system. The main advantage of using the Startup Control Panel. Freeware download of Startup Control Panel 2 8, size 586.75 Kb.

VisualControls 1.0 Opa-Backup 

visualControls disables additional control panel extensions of Microsoft Windows. To start the program, you must have Microsoft. NET Framework installed into your computer. The application is simple, free and easy to use for anyone. Runs under windows environment and it does its job nice and safe.. Freeware download of VisualControls 1.0, size 260.10 Kb.

Control Panel Applet Generator 2.0.0044 Manitools Software 

Easily create true Control Panel applets in seconds, without any programming! Excelent for VB developers, remembering that VB does not allow to create CPLs.
The generated applets are very small - <5kb! - fully personalized, with name, description and icon, without any dependencies or runtime libraries, and will launch your predefined. Free download of Control Panel Applet Generator 2.0.0044, size 0 b.

Admin Control Panel 2 7.2.2 acp-2.sourceforge.net 

This is a Admin Control Panel intern or extern for your Woltlab Burning Board. It has a lot of extra tools, cheats and admin managment. You can search multi's by IP and etc. This tool is every day under futher development.. Freeware download of Admin Control Panel 2 7.2.2, size 61.34 Kb.

bind-mysql control panel 1.00 dnsqlpanel.sourceforge.net 

Dnsqlpanel is an easy to use control panel for bind, using the mysql sdb module. It provides direct access to the tables that bind reads from modifying data in real time.. Freeware download of bind-mysql control panel 1.00, size 30.88 Kb.

IceWM Control Panel 3.2 icesoundmanager.sourceforge.net 

A full-featured, GTK-based control panel for IceWM, featuring an IceWM theme designer, IceSoundManager (sound events), IcePref2, & tools to manage wallpaper, cursors, keys, window options, & more. IceWMCP has a familiar, Control Panel-like interface.. Freeware download of IceWM Control Panel 3.2, size 586.04 Kb.

MajorMUD Control Panel 1.0 mmcp.sourceforge.net 

MajorMUD Control Panel is a PHP website designed so that the users can lookup online information about their in game characters. It also will give Sysops the ability to edit content remotely via an online control panel. http://www.quicksilverbbs.com. Freeware download of MajorMUD Control Panel 1.0, size 1.51 Mb.

Onyx Voice Control Panel 1.0.1 nxdev.sourceforge.net 

The Onyx Voice Control Panel is a voice-operated desktop control panel that can be configured to carryout multiple tasks at your voice command. Onyx is also loaded with a "dictation" mode that allows the computer's voice-responses to your commands.. Freeware download of Onyx Voice Control Panel 1.0.1, size 101.84 Kb.

Opensips Control Panel 4.1 opensips-cp.sourceforge.net 

A Web Control Panel Application for the OpenSIPS, which is intended for both system and user provisioning. It features more than 18 tools, covering important functionalities (MI,statistics) and modules (acc,siptrace,drouting,dialplan) of OpenSIPS.. Freeware download of Opensips Control Panel 4.1, size 383.47 Kb.

Shoutcast Control Panel alpha.0.0.1 shoutcastcontro.sourceforge.net 

The Shoutcast Control Panel is a project designed to create and control Shoutcast servers via mysql, php and apache. I have started this project because of the lack of open source control panels with useful functionality.. Freeware download of Shoutcast Control Panel alpha.0.0.1, size 4.20 Kb.

OM Hosting Control Panel 1.0 Windowscontrolp 

Hi Lots Of Control Panel Available For Windows But they are not powerful and free Panel are not able to compete with Linux Control Panels. Visit For More Details -> http://windows2008-control-panel.blogspot.com/

OM Hosting Control Panel 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of OM Hosting Control Panel 1.0, size 0 b.