Real Smart

Ugo's Smart Card Console Ugo Chirico 

Smart Card Console is a smart card console which allows sending ISO 7816 commands (APDU) to real smart cards and which supplies a virtual reader with a virtual smart card for training with ISO 7816. The Console is supplied together with the book: "Programming Smart Cards " By Ugo Chirico. Freeware download of Ugo's Smart Card Console, size 23.23 Mb.


PhoneWeaver 1. 2. 2001 SBSH Mobile Software LTD 

The ultimate profiles manager! Define smart profiles that are activated automatically based on time, agenda, power connection and even location! Each profile can fully control your phone sound settings, notifications, communication and much more! With PhoneWeaver, your phone status adopts to your lifestyle like a real smart phone should!. Free download of PhoneWeaver 1. 2. 2001, size 1.05 Mb.

LogicProtect 2.0 Logic Software 

As the world moves into new digital era, producing software, especially Internet software, becomes more and more profitable. The future looks bright, even for small software development companies, except for one fact. Software piracy (usage of stolen non-licensed software) is becoming one of the major headaches, these days. With information. Free download of LogicProtect 2.0, size 136.31 Kb.

Smart HitBot Smart HitBot Team 

Smart HitBot is an efficient program that can imitate the real surfers to read and click pages/banners online. Not only can it read and hit specified links, but also some dynamic links, even the links buried in pages. You can preset the time interval, the ratio of hits to impressions and the number of pages viewed per visit. Further more,. Free download of Smart HitBot, size 84.53 Mb.

smart eye 1.0 Smarteye 

Smart eye is a C++ API for computer vision that aim to provide real-time ET technology communicating with computer HCI systems.

smart eye 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of smart eye 1.0, size 0 b.

24me Smart Personal Assistant - Automate Your Calendar and Tasks 2.5.4 24me 

24me 2.0 is the next generation smart calendar and automatic to-do list. It is the most advanced app to manage your life.

24me gives you a heads up about everything thats happening in your day by intelligently connecting to your real life, reminding you about what is coming up next and *automatically* taking care of things for you. The. Freeware download of 24me Smart Personal Assistant - Automate Your Calendar and Tasks 2.5.4, size 27.26 Mb.

Hipsta Chez - Addictive and Smart Time Killer 1.1.1 Silent Media 

Hipsta Chez is a smart and addictive time killer, similar to gem/jewel games!
There's no other player, no checkmate. Line up 4 or more chess pieces to clear them off the board.
Sounds simple? The trick is that pieces only move like they do in real chess! Check out for demo video.

? A Match 3 game on. Freeware download of Hipsta Chez - Addictive and Smart Time Killer 1.1.1, size 20.13 Mb.

HiTEC Smart Charger 1.1 Hitec Multiplex Japan, Inc. 

Hitec Smart Charger seamlessly integrates advancements in portable computing with the X4 ADVANCED Battery Charger;bringing real-time monitoring to your Apple devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With the Bluetooth communication, the HiTEC Smart Charger can display your chargers. Freeware download of HiTEC Smart Charger 1.1, size 7.44 Mb.

QR Smart 1.3 Bayteq Cia. Ltda. 

QR Smart is a user friendly QR code reader. QR Smart, scan in real time, generates and lets you share your QR codes

Try this app and you will discover how easy is it to use.


- Real-time scanning

- Auto-detect scanning

- Content type supported: URL,Phone,Email,Address Contact,GEO. Freeware download of QR Smart 1.3, size 2.41 Mb.

Smart AdServer Dashboard 2.1.1 Smart AdServer 

The Smart AdServer Dashboard application enables Smart AdServer publishers to monitor their campaigns in real-time directly from their iPhone.
They also have the possibility to preview in-App or in Safari the Rich Media insertions created through the Smart AdServer Rich Media solution.

Features :
- View advertisers list,. Freeware download of Smart AdServer Dashboard 2.1.1, size 1.78 Mb.

Smart Aligner 1.1.2 Multiwave Sensors Inc. 

Smart Aligner is a simple and powerful app for use with the Multiwave Sensors Smart Aligner GPS Antenna Alignment Tool.

It allows you to align your antenna to the correct azimuth and tilt in real-time, set up site information and create PDF and CSV reports that can be emailed directly from site.

A simulation mode is available. Freeware download of Smart Aligner 1.1.2, size 2.20 Mb.

Smart BEC 1.6 feng yang 

The free BEC Pro app is designed to work with the Smok smart electronic cigarette.

This App can connect to your advice through Bluetooth 4.0, and can get some real-time parameter information such as the electric quantity and the resistance of your advice. At the mean time, you can alter the power and electricity of your device through. Freeware download of Smart BEC 1.6, size 5.24 Mb.

Smart Buoys 1.0.5 Chesapeake Conservancy 

The Chesapeake Conservancy is proud to support the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS) "smart buoys" project. The CBIBS "smart buoys" collect and transmit real-time weather and water data. CBIBS supports the use and management of a healthy Chesapeake Bay by providing the data and information needed to improve. Freeware download of Smart Buoys 1.0.5, size 4.09 Mb.

Smart City Guide 1.0 The Eugene Group, Inc. 

Smart City Guide is a conveniently packaged directory containing 30 of the most popular categories that automatically updates itself.

Each listing contains the address, phone number and website information.

Real time mapping makes getting there a snap. Simply click on the direction tab and youll receive step-by-step. Freeware download of Smart City Guide 1.0, size 9.86 Mb.

Smart DVR 1.3.1 Smart Viewer 

Smart DVR? (DVR : Digital Video Recorder)? ( ?) .

The 'Smart DVR' is the monitoring service of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) working status using iphone application program.

The 'Smart DVR' can monitor DVR working status as real time at anytime and anywhere in the world.. Freeware download of Smart DVR 1.3.1, size 13.42 Mb.

REOG Real Estate Offer Generator 1.5 MKHG Real Estate Investment Group 

Real Estate Offer Generator is a real estate software that calculates the offer price for a rental property. This advanced real estate software helps users to buy properties that make positive cash flow. Maintaining this positive cash flow is the smart way to become wealthy in real estate and the software is ideal in the way that achieves this. The. Free download of REOG Real Estate Offer Generator 1.5, size 663.55 Kb.

As-U-Type 3.2 Fanix Software 

As-U-Type is a smart OS-level real-time spell check and speed typing software that works with your keyboard to increase your typing accuracy and productivity: it learns and adapts itself to your keyboarding habits, spell checks and automatically corrects spelling mistakes as you type, automates difficult and repetitive typing tasks, and applies. Free download of As-U-Type 3.2, size 3.39 Mb.

IronHero 1.2 IronHero Team 

IronHero is real-time 3D tank shooter game with unlimited mission pack and smart enemy AI. As one of tank commanders, you should find and destroy enemy tank platoon. Your teammates will help you to do the job.There are three difficulty levels in game - "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard". "Hard" level means. Free download of IronHero 1.2, size 1.70 Mb.

PG Real Estate Solution Open 2009 Pilot Group Ltd 

PG Real Estate - a ready-to-go script for creating a Real Estate Site.It can be easily set to satisfy your demands: on the one hand it can be a site for a separate Realtor or Real Estate Company, on the other hand - it is a ready-made Real Estate Portal providing services on Real Estate activities.The script has a flexible structure allowing you to. Free download of PG Real Estate Solution Open 2009, size 24.43 Mb.

Data Doctor Live Chat Pro Data Doctor Pvt Ltd 

Data Doctor Live Chat is smart and cost effective tool to provide superior customer support service in real time. This online chat software helps your online customers and web site visitors to interact with your support team for live assistance through live chat system in easiest way.

The program provides interaction between online. Free download of Data Doctor Live Chat, size 5.83 Mb.