Real Time Application Using Embeddeb Systems

StepSim 0.1.0 Florian Berger 

StepSim is a handy application designed to perform real-time simulations of discrete systems. StepSim supports step-by-step simulation or can run until a break condition occurs.

Simulations are made up of containers and converters. A container stores a discrete amount of units of a certain type. A converter draws units from one or more. Free download of StepSim 0.1.0, size 0 b.


WinMessenger 2 VyPRESS Research, LLC 

WinMessenger is an easy to use program that allows you to send and receive messages from computer to computer in real-time without using dedicated servers.It works over any network protocol (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, etc.), it is easy to deploy and it does not require computer knowledge or special configuration. Simply put, it is standard WinPopup. Free download of WinMessenger 2, size 742.40 Kb.

QP Active Object (Actor) Frameworks 4.5.03 Qpc 

QP is a family of lightweight software frameworks for building responsive and modular real-time embedded applications as systems of cooperating, event-driven active objects (actors). The QP family consists of QP/C, QP/C++, and QP-nano frameworks, which are all strictly quality controlled, superbly documented, and commercially licensable.

Vypress Messenger 4 VyPRESS Research, LLC 

Vypress Messenger is a program for sending text messages with attachments in real-time, without using any additional servers, from one computer to another or a few others.The program supports several messages transferring protocols, including its own protocol, for guaranteed distribution of direct messages, using a TCP protocol and a. Free download of Vypress Messenger 4, size 1.51 Mb.

Kashef 0.9 WextWise 

Advanced Real Time Application Monitoring System. Features include: 1. Built in collection modules for performance counters, http pings, log files, COM+ sources. 2. Advanced Complex Event Processor based analytics engine 3. Customizable analysis module creation 4. Graphical IDE for defnition of monitoring modules and custom dashboards 5. Real time. Freeware download of Kashef 0.9, size 149.50 Kb.

Sparrowcontainer 0.1.1.alpha 

Sparrowcontainer is a pure Java Application Server that for real-time application. It provides a Pooling framework for your resources to minimize garage collection. This version has a simple HTTP stack for web services or XML/HTTP. Freeware download of Sparrowcontainer 0.1.1.alpha, size 9.31 Mb.

The Pythian Project 2012 Pythianproject 

The Pythian Project is a world-wide group working together to create a first-person, real-time CRPG using Borland's Delphi as a development tool. We aim to create a richly detailed and expandible virtual world for the on-line community.

The Pythian Project 2012 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of The Pythian Project 2012, size 1.29 Mb.

ArrEOG 1.0 Arreog 

In this project, we aimed to develop a real-time application framework for the high-frequency recording and analysis of horizontal binocular saccadic eye movements. The project itself may be incorporated into custom projects, with proper manipulation.

ArrEOG 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ArrEOG 1.0, size 0 b.

beetleOS 1.0 S3rtos 

beetleOS is a small and flexible real time OS for embedded systems with preemptive multitasking. It also provides a lightweight device-driver framework. It is basically programmed for the ARM7 processor architecture but it could be ported to other archit

beetleOS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of beetleOS 1.0, size 0 b.

VERTAF 1.0 Vertaf 

VERTAF is a new application framework called Verifiable Embedded Real-Time application development, with the aim of reducing design error and increasing design productivity.

VERTAF 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of VERTAF 1.0, size 0 b.

Magellan Real Time Data Server 1.0 Plaska GPS Service, Inc. 

Magellan Real Time Data Server ( RTDS ) is a new software offering land surveying companies the possibility of using GNSS equipment to build their own direct IP RTK corrections server.

The RTDS software will collect corrections sent by a GNSS base station and act as a gateway to make them available to any rover that connects to the. Free download of Magellan Real Time Data Server 1.0, size 25.79 Mb.

ASP - IIS real-time monitor and log 2.60 Pstruh Software 

IISTracer is a real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS scripts (.asp, .cgi,..), static files (.htm,.gif,..) and downloads (.mp3,.zip,..). Lets you show online current state and progress of each running request in IIS. Lets you log IIS state. Real-time monitoring of running ISAPI scripts (.asp, .cgi, .idc, .idq ...) Real-time monitoring of big. Free download of ASP - IIS real-time monitor and log 2.60, size 1.12 Mb.

Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5 Fomine Software 

We offer you a really powerful solution for real-time communication over the Intranet. Not only will you be able to send instant messages inside your office or organization, but also maintain video and voice conversations, send files and share applications.Fomine Real-Time Communication Server is based on the industry standard protocols. That is. Free download of Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5, size 500.74 Kb.

FS Real Time 1.91.1 3D Softworks 

"FS Real Time" has been designed to keep Microsoft® Flight Simulators UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. You can have it maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation of time from the Real Time. This program will monitor your aircraft's current UTC offset. Free download of FS Real Time 1.91.1, size 13.52 Mb.

Real-Time regex matcher New Guilherme Petterle Silveira Mussi 

Real-Time regex matcher is a tool that's been designed to match a regex against a text you are writing each time a new character is inserted.

Real-Time regex matcher was developed with the aid of the Java programming language and should run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of Real-Time regex matcher New, size 0 b.

AccessBooks Real Time 7.0 Synergration, Inc. 

AccessBooks Real Time enables you to build solutions that can support several hundred concurrent users with a standard ODBC interface. All data made available by Intuit through the QuickBooks API can be quickly and easily exported to a database. This includes support for US, UK and Canadian versions.

A built-in scheduler allows you to. Free download of AccessBooks Real Time 7.0, size 0 b.

Digital Ear Real-Time 4.01 Epinoisis Software 

> What is Digital Ear Real-Time? Digital Ear Real-Time can analyze a recorded or live solo performance (e.g. a singing human voice, or a musical instrument) and convert it to a standard MIDI file. That file can be send directly to any synthesizer, or can be imported to your favorite sequencer (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc. ) for mixing with. Free download of Digital Ear Real-Time 4.01, size 4.54 Mb.

Real Time Forex News 2.4 Dave Parker 

Real Time Forex News by eToro tool which Updated in Real time with Live market analysis to help you predict how the currency pairs will move over time.. Free download of Real Time Forex News 2.4, size 1.46 Mb.

DVFilm Epic 1 1 DVFilm 

The EPIC I plugin for Sony Vegas Pro 9 allows you to edit DSLR's H.264 Quicktime files in real time by using the "instant edit" method. You can edit in real time, on practically any machine. The Instant Edit method is totally transparent: that means no transcoding, no swapping files, no hassles. Epic can also handle hundreds of files. Free download of DVFilm Epic 1 1, size 9.65 Mb.

ProcessTrakker Profitable Inventory Control Systems, Inc. 

ProcessTrakker is a powerful application that enables you to manage your manufacturing system by controlling all the processes in real time.

Allow your management team to track what is happening on the shop floor in real time from anywhere in the world by using our automated tracking solution utilizing the latest in RFID and/or barcode. Free download of ProcessTrakker, size 0 b.