Recent Usage Of Web Applications Ppt

Sonork Sonork SRL 

The Sonork client merges all messaging and information transfer functions with easy access to digital forms, internal web applications and work-group collaboration tools.

The drag and drop environment stores searchable message histories for each contact and offers advanced presence management. The messenger is incredibly light (only. Free download of Sonork, size 1.16 Mb.


Object-oriented web applications 1.0 Newoop 

Framework for developing web applications: Java to PHP translator plus persistence layer

Object-oriented web applications 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Object-oriented web applications 1.0, size 0 b.

PHP Easy Installer - online installation module for web applications 2.0.5 ApPHP - Advanced Power of PHP 

PHP Easy Installer - PHP script for creating an user-friendly installation wizard. PHP Easy Installer is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard. The script is suitable for existing and new web applications. If you plan to create an application in PHP and search for a small, customizable and powerful. Free download of PHP Easy Installer - online installation module for web applications 2.0.5, size 31.46 Kb.

openMyAdmin 1.0 Openmyadmin 

openMyAdmin is a free CMS, established on the basis of recent trends in developing web applications such as AJAX, MVC and OOP. Basic principles of CMS: web desktop and modular structure.

Webdesktop: now you can simultaneously perform more tasks in a single browser window.

openMyAdmin 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of openMyAdmin 1.0, size 0 b.

Web Forensik 0.18 Webforensik 

Web Forensik ist a script that uses PHPIDS to automatically scan your HTTPD logfiles for attacks against web applications. Check the Wiki for installation, configuration, usage.

supports standard log formats (common, combined), allows user-defined (mod_log_config syntax) formats, automatically pipes your web logs through PHPIDS,. Freeware download of Web Forensik 0.18, size 149.49 Kb.

Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.3 Dynamsoft 

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN-based scanning SDK software specifically designed for Web applications on Windows and Mac. All APIs are totally implemented in HTML5. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop robust applications to scan documents from TWAIN-compatible scanners, edit the scanned images and save them to a file system.

ForwardFW 0.0.10 Forwardfw 

ForwardFW is a PHP framework for web applications. MVC and OOP and use PEAR (MDB). Usage of filters for input and output filtering (FirePHP), configureable templater (SMARTY), different Loggers, multilanguage support (textless templates).

FirePHP, FireConsole, Smarty, Twig, PEAR::MDB2, Caching System

ForwardFW 0.0.10 License -. Freeware download of ForwardFW 0.0.10, size 23.46 Kb.

Web Security Toolset 2.00 German Web Security 

The Toolset contains:* WebFuzzer - Search for web application errors, specific pages and much more* Injection Browser - Find vulnerable parameter for html injections on web applications* MD5 Searcher - Find already bruteforced/cracked MD5 hashes* Authentication Tester - Find weak username/password combinations for Basic Authentication and HTML. Free download of Web Security Toolset 2.00, size 3.43 Mb.

CUBRID Database Server 3.1 CUBRID Co., Ltd 

CUBRID is a comprehensive open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications, especially when complex web services process large amount of data and generate huge concurrent requests. By providing unique optimized features, CUBRID enables to process much more parallel requests at much less response time. With. Freeware download of CUBRID Database Server 3.1, size 62.11 Mb.

SkillFusion Development Engine 5.2.4 SkillFusion Software 

With its ability to generate web applications in numerous software language and database environments, SkillFusion Development Engine easily enhances your development productivity and reduces your long-term maintenance and QA costs. Development Engine provides you with nearly unlimited flexibility of software, database, hardware, and operating. Freeware download of SkillFusion Development Engine 5.2.4, size 27.60 Mb.

ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing 1.9 

Anonymous proxy surfing software which you can use together with a wide variety of web applications (web browsers, Instant Messengers, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), etc.) to ensure your anonymity when you surf the Internet. ProxyWay Pro provides an extended proxy management system that enables you to search for proxies (proxy finder - just specify the. Free download of ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing 1.9, size 4.59 Mb.

NewsInjector 1.4 Vilmantas Baranauskas 

Add news to corporate web applications in minutes. NewsInjector is a specialized Content Management System (CMS) targeted at news management for web applications. It inserts news into existing web applications without the need for programming or web page redesign. No complicated database setup or configuration is necessary. Integration of news into. Free download of NewsInjector 1.4, size 6.21 Mb.

Htm2Pic ActiveX Control 1.0.1 

Take Htm2PicX, known as the most powerful yet compact html snapshot activex control if you want a solid, efficient, fully-customizable solution for adding html to image feature to your desktop or web applications. It is absolutely a flexible, programming language independent component to convert html (flash movie support), mht and text to image. Free download of Htm2Pic ActiveX Control 1.0.1, size 508.93 Kb.

FReport - components for visual web development 1.0 

FReport components enable to develop web applications based on ISAPI standard, which can be used with most web servers working in Windows environment, using Borland Delphi or Borland C++ Builder visual development environments. Using FReport components it is possible with very little time and effort to create applications of various levels of. Free download of FReport - components for visual web development 1.0, size 0 b.

FusionMaps 3.0.6 InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd. 

FusionMaps v3 helps you create animated, interactive and data-driven Flash Maps for your dynamic web applications. Using FusionMaps, you can display geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities. Ideal usage examples are statistical display of data, flight routes, office locations, election results, survey results or business data. Free download of FusionMaps 3.0.6, size 28.07 Mb.

Web Transaction Monitor for IPHost NM 3.0.4556 IPHostMonitor 

Distributed Web Transaction Monitor is a tool for end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce web sites. Web Transaction Monitor simulates the steps of activity of a real user of web application or e-commerce site customer. Remote Network Agents enable monitoring of resources in multiple separate networks. With this tool you can check. Free download of Web Transaction Monitor for IPHost NM 3.0.4556, size 30.75 Mb.

Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro 11.07 PHP Code Generator (CBL) 

The quick and easy way to put your MySQL Database on the Web or your Intranet.
Generate BETTER quality PHP data-entry Web/Intranet Applications in minutes without writing a single line of code! Tried-and-tested code also means little debugging/testing - all of which goes to saving you time, money and hassles.
Apeel PHP Code Generator. Free download of Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro 11.07, size 795.37 Kb.

JavaScript Memory Validator 2 3 Software Verification Limited 

JavaScript Memory Validator provides automatic memory usage analysis of applications as they run. There is no need to modify your application. JavaScript Memory Validator works with information provided by the JavaScript Tracing API.

-Allocations view. Display allocation statistics by allocation location
-Objects view. Display. Free download of JavaScript Memory Validator 2 3, size 21.50 Kb.

QF-Test 3. 4. 2001 Quality First Software 

QF-Test is a professional tool for the creation, execution and management of automated system and load tests for Java and Web applications with a graphical user interface (GUI).

The following GUI technologies are supported for testing:

Swing (including Applets, Webstart, ULC, CaptainCasa) and SWT, the Standard Widget. Free download of QF-Test 3. 4. 2001, size 113.10 Mb.

Watcher Security Auditor 1. 2. 2001 Casaba Security, LLC. 

Watcher is a passive threat analyzer for HTTP based web applications.

This program scans any activity of web browser applications and is very helpful to test and find security issues. It records all the activities and colors those that need attention and further analysis. This program is a plug-in for the Fiddler tool, so when. Freeware download of Watcher Security Auditor 1. 2. 2001, size 0 b.