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300 Cupcake Recipe 4.0 Agnes Ng 

300 Cupcake Recipe

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300 Cupcake Recipe is an application containing over 300 recipes of various types of cupcake. For each recipe included in this App, a photo, an ingredient list, and a step by step preparation direction is provided. This App is an excellent app for cupcake. Free download of 300 Cupcake Recipe 4.0, size 17.41 Mb.


Raw Food Ultimate Cookbook - 200 recipes & create your own raw food recipe book! 1.0 BEBE ETC Games and activities for your baby 

More than 200 hundred illustrated Raw recipes.
*** Beautiful flat design with excellent user interface experience.
*** Add or copy-paste your own recipe with a photo of your choice.
*** Add personal notes to recipes.
*** Delete recipes you don't like.
*** Mark your favorites with the star.
*** Use the search engine to. Free download of Raw Food Ultimate Cookbook - 200 recipes & create your own raw food recipe book! 1.0, size 18.77 Mb.

300 Noodle Recipes 4.0 Agnes Ng 

300 Noodle Recipes

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300 Noodle Recipes is an application containing over 300 recipes of various types of noodles, soba, pasta etc. For each recipe included in this App, a photo, an ingredient list, and a step by step preparation direction is provided. Also included in each. Free download of 300 Noodle Recipes 4.0, size 21.92 Mb.

380 Ice Cream Recipes 4.0 Agnes Ng 

380 Ice Cream Recipes

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380 Ice Cream Recipes is an application containing over 380 recipes of various types of ice-cream. For each recipe included in this App, a photo, an ingredient list, and a step by step preparation direction is provided. The recipes are also grouped by. Free download of 380 Ice Cream Recipes 4.0, size 17.51 Mb.

500 Pasta Recipes 4.0 Agnes Ng 

500 Pasta Recipes

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500 Soup Recipes is an application containing 500 recipes of various types of pasta. For each recipe included in this App, a photo, an ingredient list, and a step by step cooking direction is provided. The pasta recipes are categorized into the following. Free download of 500 Pasta Recipes 4.0, size 30.51 Mb.

99 Canape 1..0 Ra Radjagor 

In this app you can learn 99 french canape variants by Jean Chateau.
You can choose the product combinations yourself and see the photo and recipe of the adviced snack.

Supports high resolution retina display formats as for iPhone4, as for the new iPad.. Free download of 99 Canape 1..0, size 52.43 Mb.

How To Pizza 1.2.2 Webeapp 

Easy to follow video and photo cooking class showing you how to make the authentic Italian pizza at home.

Marco, our Neapolitan pizza maker explains in detail how to make an authentic Italian homemade pizza: from the right pizza dough recipe and the original pizza sauce up to the appropriate baking time in your own home oven. Easy to. Freeware download of How To Pizza 1.2.2, size 45.82 Mb.

3D Photo Album Screensaver 1.3 

3D Photo Album Screensaver is a new generation of slideshows!
3D Photo Album Screensaver turns your photos into 3D photo album.

3D Photo Album Screensaver is very easy to use. Just specify either the folder with your photos or separate photos and the album is ready. You can make the order of showing photos either successive or. Free download of 3D Photo Album Screensaver 1.3, size 1.58 Mb.

Photo Shaman 1.8T build Brave Orange Software 

Photo Shaman is a complete imaging software solution for creating stylized thumbnail images and HTML web galleries. Select the appearance of a web gallery by choosing from a collection of professionaly-looking stock gallery templates. The main difference of Photo Shaman from other gallery generation software is an ability to create unique thumbnail. Free download of Photo Shaman 1.8T build, size 4.73 Mb.

Zoner Photo Studio 17 Zoner, Inc. 

The only photo software you'll ever need.
User-friendly Windows software, whose #1 advantage is that it brings every feature you need in a single package. From importing photos onto your PC, to organizing a photo archive, to editing, sharing, and RAW. And almost everything Zoner can do, it can do for batches of photos as well. For example, you. Free download of Zoner Photo Studio 17, size 80.29 Mb.

Photolightning photo software 4.25 Photolightning Corporation 

Photolightning is the ultimate photo software for both home and business digital camera users. It's the easiest and fastest way to print, email, and enhance your digital photos. Photolightning is so simple that even beginners can make great photo prints, send emails without attachments, create slide shows, and make enhancements to a set of 24. Free download of Photolightning photo software 4.25, size 5.48 Mb. Photo Collector 1.1.7 

Catalog your digital photo files automatically, just let Photo Collector scan your harddisk for images. Acquire images directly from your camera or removable media (memory cards). Catalog photos by Location, Event, Category, Subject, Keywords, etc... then browse the photo album to view images and create full-screen slideshows. Use the integrated. Free download of Photo Collector 1.1.7, size 3.89 Mb.

Able Photo Slide Show 

Able Photo Slide Show displays your images continuously without you doing anything. You just point it to a file in folder, say how long to display each picture, select transition effects and then sit back and watch. If a picture is too large or less for your screen, it is resized to fit keeping the aspect ratio. Able Photo Slide Show features: -. Free download of Able Photo Slide Show, size 21.97 Mb.

Photo Druid 1 XemiComputers Ltd. 

Photo Druid will help you manage and share your digital photos and images hassle free. Many image actions are available: blur, crop, despeckle, equalize histogram, flip horizontal, flip vertical, resize, rotate, sepia and sharpen. You can apply them to images individually, but you can also select multiple images and apply an action to all of them.. Free download of Photo Druid 1, size 1.91 Mb.

Easy Recipe Deluxe 1.6.257 WenSoftware 

Easy Recipe Deluxe is a full-featured, easy to use integrated recipe database, meal planning and grocery shopping management program. With Easy Recipe Deluxe, organizing your database is easy. Recipes are organized as folders by their categories, main ingredients and cuisine styles with a Windows Explorer-style interface. The Recipe Editor is. Free download of Easy Recipe Deluxe 1.6.257, size 6.33 Mb.

Recipe Keeper Plus 6.5a R. E. G. Software 

Recipe Keeper Plus - ZDNet Shareware Award in the Home and Hobby Category. Recipe Keeper Plus is a useful and diverting collection of household information. The program includes more than 340 categorized recipes that you can sort and try, along with a grocery list generator that lets you add ingredients from the recipe or pick from a general. Free download of Recipe Keeper Plus 6.5a, size 10.61 Mb.

Fun Photo Maker 2005 ZeallSoft 

Fun Photo Maker has released, a fun-filled Windows application that lets you blend your family portraits with well known artwork to create comical images. With a few short steps, you can add your face to the carved granite US Presidents on Mount Rushmore, put your portrait on a $100 bill, or create all sorts of gag gifts for your friends. . Free download of Fun Photo Maker 2005, size 5.89 Mb.

Photo Puzzle 1 Unlimited Interactive 

Photo Puzzle presents a classical 9-digits puzzle game with the aim to collect the row of 9 digits. Gameplay became more difficult because of using digital photos instead of digits. The level difficulty is conditioned not only by combination of elements, but the difficulty of the picture itself. Gameplay and the musical accompaniment make. Free download of Photo Puzzle 1, size 12.80 Mb.

GSA Photo Manager 1.1.8 GSA 

With the GSA Photo Manager the selection of your favourite photos is a breeze, whether for organizing slide shows or simply for viewing and selecting photos. Make your choice quickly and targeted within an single scroll or switch to a multiple photo preview to make your decision by comparison (images can be rotated in both modes). The images of the. Free download of GSA Photo Manager 1.1.8, size 4.23 Mb.

Sothink Photo Album Maker 1.0 SourceTec Software 

Sothink Photo Album Maker is an ideal and easy way to make photo album. It collects and organizes your scatted photos, present them in the best and realest way, and publish your created album in various methods. Providing step-by-step wizard, it enables you to get eye-catching album within minutes without any computer expertise.Photo Album Maker. Free download of Sothink Photo Album Maker 1.0, size 11.78 Mb.