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Eye Copy The Auri Group LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

Need a photo of that document at the library? Need to scan in your receipts and send them in for reimbursement? Want to combine all your vacation photos into a single PDF and send them to family, right from your phone? Eye Copy is for you! An easy and fast interface makes it simple to snap documents and photos and send them off, right from your. Free download of Eye Copy, size 1.05 Mb.


A Bond of Life Digi-Media-Apps 

Mobile \ Reference

For Nyallo, a little boy growing up in the Upper Nile region of war-torn southern Sudan, his small village and its inhabitants represented the whole universe. To him, the world outside, the world beyond the shadows, was a fairyland and only there did tragedy and pain exist. However, his eyes, blinded by childhood naivety, would soon be opened and. Free download of A Bond of Life, size 1.05 Mb.

BestStatus Ketan 

Mobile \ Entertainment

In this App you will get best status to update on Social Networking website like facebook, twitter, google+, myspace, yahoo,etc.
You can view status and if you like then by clicking button you copy that status in clipboard, then goto any text/input field and paste that status.. Freeware download of BestStatus, size 1.05 Mb.

Bit.ter Chris Ismael 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Bit.ter uses to shorten your urls and allows you to share them through Twitter (with an option to add the page title). Best used with copy-paste. Freeware download of Bit.ter, size 1.05 Mb.

Break My Bricks 7 

Mobile \ Games

Break My Bricks 7 is an improved version of the original Break My Bricks for windows phone 6.X. Break my bricks is a copy of the Atari Break Out game. Features: High Scores, Sound On/Off, Easy /Hard, Super Ball Goes Through Bricks and Doubles the Score. Hey its free and fun!. Freeware download of Break My Bricks 7, size 4.19 Mb.

Brussels Guide Interprone 

Mobile \ Travel

Brussels (French: Bruxelles, pronounced [b?ys?l]; Dutch: Brussel, pronounced [?br?s?l]), officially the Brussels Region or Brussels-Capital Region (French: Region de Bruxelles-Capitale, Dutch: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest), is the capital of Belgium and hosts the headquarters of the European Union (EU). It is also the largest urban area in. Freeware download of Brussels Guide, size 19.92 Mb.

Chiemgau Guide iPUBLISH Ganske Interactive Publishing GmbH 

Mobile \ Travel

Schattige Biergarten, bluhende Wiesen oder verschneite Gipfel - bayerische Tradition und unvergleichliche Natur kennzeichnen die Region.

Markant ragt der Wendelstein in die Hohe. Von seinem Gipfel aus bieten sich grandiose Ausblicke auf die umliegenden Berge und die zahlreichen Seen. Als "bayerisches Meer" gilt der Chiemsee. In. Free download of Chiemgau Guide, size 5.24 Mb.

FotoChop ManMadeApps 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Have you fotochop your photos? :)

Latest Update:
- Fix bug with certain region settings where you cannot continue working on previous image

With this simple application, you can personalize photos with fun stickers from our collection or enter your own text with lots of options on font style. Scale, rotate and move the. Freeware download of FotoChop, size 1.05 Mb.

Fractal Automata Neocortex 

Mobile \ Productivity

The second version of of Fractal automata includes a heap of cool new features.

Users can now name a region and associate that region with their username. Once a region is named by no other user can name that same region. There's just one rule ... the scale of the region must be a maximum order-of-magnitude of ten to the power of. Freeware download of Fractal Automata, size 3.15 Mb.

IEEE Events Peasoup 

Mobile \ Education

See the latest when the next IEEE meetings are in your region or section with the help of this application. It uses the Vtools rss feeds to pull events details through. The application allows you to mail or share event details to your friends.. Freeware download of IEEE Events, size 1.05 Mb.

I.T. Guy Compulsive Technology 

Mobile \ Business

I.T. Guy allows you to help you and/or your business be the best I.T. Guy with this Service Call App, allowing you to document your service calls and manage time easily.

You can even send a SMS (Text Message) or even Email a copy of your Invoice to the client (or yourself).

1.0.1 Updates:
- Time Clock, Full Name, Address,. Freeware download of I.T. Guy, size 1.05 Mb.

Lebanon Taxi Prototype Interactive FZ LLC 

Mobile \ Travel

Developed by Nidal Arabi

This application is specifically designed to be able to catch a taxi in Lebanon based on your location or simply by choosing your region between the five regions. The nearby screen sort the taxi list by the nearest location.. The user has the ability to turn on/off the location. In case location is turned on, the. Freeware download of Lebanon Taxi, size 1.05 Mb.

L'actualite de Tutti Magazine Christophe Hautenne 

Mobile \ Weather

Magazine specialise ? vocation artistique, Tutti propose des revues de l'actualite des sorties DVD de musique classique ainsi que des interviews des artistes incontournables dont une ou plusieurs productions sont disponibles en video ou blu-ray.
. Freeware download of L'actualite de Tutti Magazine, size 2.10 Mb.

Link Shrink Ferdie Danzfuss 

Mobile \ Productivity

Link Shrink makes it super easy to shorten long URL links so that you can share them via Email or SMS.

Simply copy any URL from Internet Explorer or any other app and paste it into Link Shrink. Press the Shrink button to convert the long URL to a more convenient short URL. Press the Email or SMS button to share the link with your. Freeware download of Link Shrink, size 1.05 Mb.

metropas Henri Tuomola 

Mobile \ Travel

Metropas is a journey planning application for the great Helsinki region. It comes with the following features:

*** New in v2.0 ***
-Pin favorites as tiles for even faster access to route directions
-Favorites are not constrained to start from current location anymore
-Plenty of smaller usability and stability fixes

Milwaukee Guide Interprone LLC 

Mobile \ Travel

Milwaukee (/m?l?wki?/) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, the 28th most populous city in the United States and 39th most populous region in the United States. It is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. In 2010, the City of Milwaukee had a population of 594,833. Milwaukee is the main cultural and economic center of. Freeware download of Milwaukee Guide, size 19.92 Mb.

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria Digi-Media-Apps 

Mobile \ Reference

Details of the birth of the world culture in the region which is today known as Iraq. The history is a constant churn of wars, invasions, massacres and genocide . The fertile crescent gave rise to writing, law, irrigation, mathematics, astronomy, urban life and many other innovations.

This is a full-length, quality digitized book.

nivellescapital DuoApps 

Mobile \ Weather

Le Magazine Nivelles Capital online est le magazine de tout ce qui bouge ? Nivelles et dans sa region. Veritable vecteur du dynamisme nivellois, le magazine Nivelles Capital presente les acteurs locaux dans les domaines tels que la culture, le sport, la politique, l'association, le commerce et l'entreprise. Gratuit, le magazine est disponible dans. Freeware download of nivellescapital, size 1.05 Mb.

Orlando Guide Interprone 

Mobile \ Travel

Orlando (/?r?l?ndo?/) is a major city in the central region of the U.S. state of Florida. The Orlando metropolitan area has a population of 2,082,628 and it is the 27th largest metropolitan area in the United States, the 5th largest metropolitan area in the Southeastern United States, and the 3rd largest metro area in Florida. The city-proper. Freeware download of Orlando Guide, size 19.92 Mb.

PhotoTap v.x.apps 

Mobile \ Games

This is Phototap games collection.
5 games based on pictures from your photo gallery!


Free, no ads. Get your copy!

New games coming soon.... Freeware download of PhotoTap, size 1.05 Mb.

Petroledger wbgsoft 

Mobile \ Productivity

Petroledger is a simple yet powerful fuel log for all your vehicles. Keep track of every fillup and get up-to-date fuel efficiency statistics. Supports both metric and imperial units and region specific currencies.

The developers at wbgsoft are committed to improving petroledger through community feedback. We encourage you to e-mail. Free download of Petroledger, size 1.05 Mb.

PictureSwap Software Logistics, LLC 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

How many times have you taken a picture of a group of friends with your phone and someone asked you to send them a copy? PictureSwap lets you do this with one easy step, you don't even need to know or enter your friends email or SMS address. Just select a picture and press Send, have your friend or friends press receive, PictureSwap does the rest,. Freeware download of PictureSwap, size 1.05 Mb.

Pirate Translator FREE Presque Vu 

Mobile \ Entertainment

- Translate messages t' pirate-speak fer textin' 'n postin'.
- Polish up on yer Ahoy's 'n Yar's afore yer voyage o' pillagery.

Translates English 'n Pirate speak.

Tap "Translation" box t' brin' up th' "copy" icon. Copy 'n Paste pirate messages into other applications such as text messages or status. Freeware download of Pirate Translator FREE, size 1.05 Mb.

Quizz Des Regions remix-creation 

Mobile \ Games

Venez tester vos connaissances des mainteant sur les regions et departements de France. De quelle region fait parti le departement Aquitaine ? Quel departement fait parti de la region Auvergne ?
Montrez ? vos amis vos connaissances sur les regions et departements de France au travers de 4 niveaux de dificulte !
Viendrez vous ? bout du. Free download of Quizz Des Regions, size 1.05 Mb.

RappinCat nablab 

Mobile \ Games

It's a beat box battle between you and the Rappin Cat. Copy his rhythm to take you skills to the top of the charts!. Freeware download of RappinCat, size 1.05 Mb.

Rehash Free Brochachki 

Mobile \ Productivity

VERSION 2.0: Updated for Mango! Added copy/paste functionality.

Use multiple passwords online WITHOUT saving or remembering more than one password!

Online security begins with maintaining a separate password for every online site, but who wants to remember all those passwords? And how can you be sure a stored list wouldn't. Freeware download of Rehash Free, size 1.05 Mb. Site Generation mobiles 

Mobile \ Weather

Application pour le site concernant les orthophonistes de la region PACA, France.
News, infos et petites annonces consultables directement sur votre mobile.

Cette application utilise votre telephone:

- connexion de donnees
- navigateur web
- identite du telephone. Freeware download of Site, size 2.10 Mb.

Shake a Password Common Blob 

Mobile \ Productivity

Select your password length and complexity then shake your phone to generate a password.

Mango Compatible
Changed password box to a textbox so copy and paste can be used in new update
Added some further error checking to try and avoid any unhandled exceptions on launch in future. Freeware download of Shake a Password, size 1.05 Mb.

Short URL Please Prototype Interactive FZ LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

Developed by My Apps Submission

Convert your long URL instantly with just a button away and use it in SMS, e-mail or even copy to other apps.. Freeware download of Short URL Please, size 1.05 Mb.

SMSonFeet AEGA100 

Mobile \ Productivity

With SMSonFeet you can write an SMS without walking into someone.

How? By showing the camera live stream in the background you can type in something and always see whats happening.

Copy to Clipboard
Share as SMS
Share as Email
Vibration Feedback
Original Windows Phone Keyboard
Custom. Freeware download of SMSonFeet, size 1.05 Mb.