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Cleantouch Large Payroll System 1.0 Cleantouch Software Corp. 

The software is written for big size business & mills to control records of employees & their salaries. It allows you to record leaves of employees along with leave application and leave cashment features. Employees divided into two categories (General / Worker) to maintain records properly. Daily based attendance system can be utilized for. Free download of Cleantouch Large Payroll System 1.0, size 8.47 Mb.


Cleantouch Ship-Breaking System 1.0 Cleantouch Software Corp. 

This software used to maintain Accounts, Inventory and Sales Tax. Special features may be justified that you can purchase whole ship and sale different items like gala plate, mill mall, scrape & other items from ship to various parties. The software will generate Ship Summary Report along with present balances and item extraction ratio.

BSI Multi Hotel Booking System 2.0 Best Soft Inc 

Automated booking engine for Multiple Hotel with complete cms website Unlimited room, room type/category, capacity manager. extra bed and child per room assign. Assign total number of room as per capacity and room type/category. not need assign room number. Day Wise (Mon to Sun) price plan entry. Unlimited hotel can be add. Booking Manager: Active. Free download of BSI Multi Hotel Booking System 2.0, size 25.00 Mb.

Emergency Alarm 1.0 GADGET FACTORY 

This app is the Crime prevention buzzer for emergency,to telephone or send your location by Email.

And you can use...
-Walking alone at night
-Anti-stalking,Anti molester, pervert
-Prevent robberies and purse snatching
-Emergency signal
-The person should know your location


If you use the Hobbynet-EP, you can easily check the fight time and required electric current with only the minimum necessary to enter information without laborious calculation.
It is easy to manage (per-use and remaining battery charge) the number of Li-Po battery.

? Function

?Flight time
Please select. Freeware download of HOBBYNET EP 3.0, size 2.73 Mb.

Wise PDF Number Pro 1.0 Wise PDF Tools Ltd. 

Wise PDF Number Pro is a way to batch adding number to PDF documents, which provides you with different kinds of number adding, professional number setting and personalization operation interface, making your job a piece of cake. Basic setting allows you to set the text properties (fonts, size, style), margins, numbering formats and the position of. Free download of Wise PDF Number Pro 1.0, size 2.24 Mb.

Empower-Yourselves - Wise Quotes 1.0 

Empower Yourselves - Wise Quotes

There are a number of quote apps which have a vast number of quotes, leaving you lost in a sea of quotes puzzled and confused.

Empower Yourselves - Wise Quotes is a collection of handpicked quotes which have been specially chosen to motivate and inspire you towards the path of success.

Call Detail Recorder 1.0 Digital Loggers, Inc. 

For SMDR, ANI, or 911 ALI recording, download the Call Detail Recorder .To choose a recorder, first determine the number of lines required. Each line is an audio source, like a phone line, PBX port, extension, radio or microphone. Lines can be "switched" for selective recording from multiple sources. Fibre arrays prevent the catastrophic. Freeware download of Call Detail Recorder 1.0, size 23.04 Mb.

mundu SMS 1 3 Geodesic Limited 

mundu SMS allows you to register your own number or alphanumeric characters to send messages.

The character limit of an SMS is 700 (5 SMSes) which appears as one message to the recipient.
Note: A single SMS comprises 160 characters.

You can send bulk messages at one go. Upto 1000 Contacts from your desktop &. Freeware download of mundu SMS 1 3, size 3.16 Mb.

OrderReg - PalmPilot Cash Register 0.9.0 

OrderReg is a simple cash register and order tallying program for PalmOS handhelds. It is useful for sales situations where a small number of fixed-price items may be purchased (i.e. food sales, craft sales, fundraisers, etc).. Freeware download of OrderReg - PalmPilot Cash Register 0.9.0, size 18.61 Kb.

MB Destiny Number 1.75 

MB Free Destiny Number Software is an user-friendly yet simple software that basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar year ahead. This software helps you to realize that every particular year has a specific energy, which should be effectively harnessed for your own welfare. The Destiny Number is a fairly accurate indicator of what. Free download of MB Destiny Number 1.75, size 702.54 Kb.

MB Expression Number 1.95 

MB Free Expression Number Software is an user-friendly yet simple software that basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar year ahead. This software helps you to realize that every particular year has a specific energy, which should be effectively harnessed for your own welfare. The Expression Number is a fairly accurate indicator of. Free download of MB Expression Number 1.95, size 713.03 Kb.

Inforad Manager 3.6.2 Inforad 

the Inforad Manager Software it will automatically register your units secure serial number that is built inside the units memory youd-deOaore new Inforad. On completion of downloading the Inforad Manager Software and the automatic registration your Inforad unit has finished you are free to request updates as required.. Freeware download of Inforad Manager 3.6.2, size 5.36 Mb.

AWI Scanner 1.2 Australian Wool Innovation 

AWI Scanner enables shareholders of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and Australian wool levy payers to:
view and update their contact details (address, phone number, email address) on the AWI register.
view the amount of wool levies they have paid in the past three years.
The app works by enabling your phone to scan and read the. Freeware download of AWI Scanner 1.2, size 9.75 Mb.

CheckPhoto 2.00 Takuro Kitayama 

'CheckPhoto' is an application to enable to check photos in detail with simple user interface.

Based on metadata embedded in photos, you can check file size, image size, image resolution, shutter speed, F Number, camera model, lens model, date and time taken, location (latitude and altitude), and so on. If you want to check all embedded. Freeware download of CheckPhoto 2.00, size 3.77 Mb.

Chocolate Paris 1.2 AllBlue Technology 

Chocolate Paris !

You can find:
- the most popular products of the salon
- the detail of the products (description, price, brand, stand number, map et similar products)
- the best 50 brands and their specialities
- the detailed program hour by hour
- the useful information (date, schedule, place, price, access,. Freeware download of Chocolate Paris 1.2, size 10.91 Mb.

EasySkydiveLog 2.4.0 AirXygene Parachutisme 

At last, an easy, straightforward Skydive Jump Log !!!

With a few taps, you can :
* log and detail your jumps
* get awesome, instant statistics on your jumps
* manage the number of jumps for your equipments
* be warned when you need reserve repack, or AAD revision
* export your jump list to any spreadsheet or to. Free download of EasySkydiveLog 2.4.0, size 4.40 Mb.

ECL Comfort 310 Portal 1.0.5 Danfoss A/S 

If you have an ECL Comfort 310 you can use this application to optimize and monitor heating systems. You can sign up for a free account at and register your ECL Comfort 310 at the portal with a serial number and access obtained in the ECL Comfort 310 when the portal functionality is turned on. With the application you can. Freeware download of ECL Comfort 310 Portal 1.0.5, size 5.77 Mb.

EQTimer 2.1 Tugihiko Kurosawa 

1)Minutes Timer (1,2,3,4,5,6)
2)Any seconds(minutes) Timer
3)Timer for the number of second to register. Free download of EQTimer 2.1, size 13.42 Mb.

Essential Skeleton 4 4.0, LLC 

***** DON'T MISS! - Number 1 Free Medical iPad app in over 95 countries worldwide
***** NEW anatomical models that have more detail and take less processing power
***** Groundbreaking 3D Technology - No competitor competes with graphics and medical accuracy
***** Compatible with iPad 2, new iPad (3rd generation), iPad 4, iPad. Freeware download of Essential Skeleton 4 4.0, size 103.08 Mb.