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EMail Assistant 1.0.5 1and1 Soft 

Email Assistant is an applied EMail tool which can send emails to large amount of email address with only one click.. Free download of EMail Assistant 1.0.5, size 0 b.


Star Email Marketing 10 56 Star Email Marketing Co., Ltd. 

Star email robot is an automatic email tool, including three kinds of software namely, email addresses collection, email address verification, and e-mail group sending. You can use one of them separately or some of them as a combination upon your own need. Seamless integration can be realized by the software. This tool adopts the latest NET frame. Free download of Star Email Marketing 10 56, size 3.57 Mb.

NXT Network And BT Remote New 

NXT Network And BT Remote is a handy tool that was designed with the help of the C++ communication library.

It allows you to control the NXT over either Bluetooth or a network connection. To communicate with the NXT over Bluetooth a partnership between the PC and the NXT has to be established.

To communicate with the NXT. Free download of NXT Network And BT Remote New, size 0 b.

CameraAxe Remote Andi11 

CameraAxe Remote is a lightweight tool that you can use to control your Camera Axe device using the PC.

The application enables you to modify the sensor parameters, set the distance, customize the start delay and the number of shots, configure the projectile settings, activate the backlight and more.

. Freeware download of CameraAxe Remote, size 0 b.

KVM Remote (Virtualisation libvirt, virsh & kvm remote) 1.5.5 NuovoDev 

Manage your Virtual Machines remotely with KVM Remote.

KVM Remote is a control tool for Hypervisors running KVM based virtual-machines.

This is the defacto virtualisation standard that comes with Redhat/Centos and Debian/Ubuntu variants.

** View Host Server Statistics & Information
** Manage and View. Free download of KVM Remote (Virtualisation libvirt, virsh & kvm remote) 1.5.5, size 7.34 Mb.

Net Control 2 Home Edition 6.0 VAP Software 

Remote control and administration tool for home local networks. Control Desktop remotely, manage files, send messages and monitor computers remotely. Easily allows controlling several computers simultaneously.Provide a range of controlling and monitoring features, including: -Remote Desktop features (control user computer remotely, using keyboard. Free download of Net Control 2 Home Edition 6.0, size 1.50 Mb.

VentaFax & Voice Business Edition Venta Association 

VentaFax & Voice Business Edition is a reliable fax software designed to send or receive faxes and turn your PC into a versatile answering machine with remote control and email integration.

You can retrieve your fax and voice messages from any touchtone phone and also have your email messages and faxes forwarded to you as email. Free download of VentaFax & Voice Business Edition, size 0 b.

WSUS Remote Sync 0.1 Allen Holman 

WSUS Remote Sync is a tool which allows administrators to synchronize remote WSUS servers from the master console.

After the install, be sure to edit the remote_conf.ini file to fill out the required information.

As this is an early release, there are many changes that I would like to make and look forward to hearing your. Free download of WSUS Remote Sync 0.1, size 1.82 Mb.

Wakeup 1.6 Oleg Rodnin 

Wakeup - remote wakeup (power on) tool via LAN. It's simply - Select computers from list and press "Wake!" button ! Computers can be waked from sleep, standby, hibernate, power off states. . Free download of Wakeup 1.6, size 177.15 Kb.

WhereverUgo 1.01 RifCo Software 

WhereverUgo is a simple and convenient solution for complete access to your computer from a remote location - via email. Want to get data from your office computer while working at home? Leaving for a vacation with a notebook? The solution is WhereverUgo. It will help you to stay in touch with a remote computer, while assuring maximum efficiency. Free download of WhereverUgo 1.01, size 656.38 Kb.

RecordTS 2 1 TSFactory, Inc. 

RecordTS is a remote desktop session recording tool useful for recording everything users and administrators are doing when remotely connected to a Terminal Server or any Windows server or workstation using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. RecordTS will record RDP and ICA traffic along with VNC. RecordTS installs as a Windows service on the. Free download of RecordTS 2 1, size 4.05 Mb.

Gmail File Size Reduce Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Gmail File Size Reduce Software is a Email Tool product from, Reduce size of Gmail accounts by finding and deleting specific emails with attachments.

Gmail File Size Reduce Software is a small and easy-to-use software that allows you to reduce the size of your Gmail account.. Free download of Gmail File Size Reduce Software 7.0, size 2.68 Mb.

cineSync for Mac OS X 1. 3. 2003 cineSync 

cineSync is a remote review and approval tool that allows people to review visual media, live with anyone, anywhere in the world. cineSync is a remote review and approval tool based on Apple QuickTime technology. By synchronising the timeline and playback of movies, you can quickly and efficiently view your work at the same time with anyone. Free download of cineSync for Mac OS X 1. 3. 2003, size 5.03 Mb.

Ishmail 2.1.0 

Ishmail is a powerful and convenient email tool. Until recently, it was a commercial flagship productdeveloped by HAL Computer Systems (then H&L Software). It was released under the GPL in May,1999.. Freeware download of Ishmail 2.1.0, size 1.87 Mb.

Phasault - The Flexible Mail Client 1.1 

Phasault is a EMail Tool-Client, which provides some features you can't see in other E-mail Clients. Coded in Python using Tk as GUI. Works in Win32 and Unix/Linux (with python interpreter installed), and also planning to create stand-alone distribution o. Freeware download of Phasault - The Flexible Mail Client 1.1, size 513.98 Kb.

Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email 8.4.1 Voicent Communications, Inc 

Free email marketing software - Send personalized emails to thousands of people and automatically manage email list by checking bounced or unsubscribe emails. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for group email, email marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and more. It has a built in SMTP. Freeware download of Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email 8.4.1, size 410.62 Kb.

Win Mobile Spy App w PC Monitoring 31 Mobile Spy Solutions 

Our Spy Software is top-10-rated a Complete Stealth Monitoring Spy Software.
Win Mobile Spy App w PC Monitoring is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Spy Software. With Win Mobile Spy you can monitor your 1) Local PC or 2) Remote PC or any 3) Mobile Phone. It is a complete all monitoring package.

Our Mobile Spy includes PC Remote. Free download of Win Mobile Spy App w PC Monitoring 31, size 36.35 Kb.

Multi Webcam Cast 3 9 DGTSoft 

Multi Webcam Cast is an excellent remote control application. This tool can be useful in employee, student and home networks. It allows you to display up to 9 remote computers and control their desktops remotely. The program lets you capture images from 36 remote webcams and displays up to 9 screens at once. As Multi Webcam Cast includes MWC-Server. Free download of Multi Webcam Cast 3 9, size 1.99 Mb.

Smart Mailer 1.0 AT Integrated 

Smart Mailer is easy to use, fast and reliable email marketing and direct marketing software. It is an excellent direct mail and email tool. It can send your email message to thousands of recipients with a click of a button from your own desktop. With Smart Mailer you can create mail templates, print mailings, envelopes and mailing labels. Smart. Free download of Smart Mailer 1.0, size 4.20 Mb.

Mirage (linux multisite FTP server) 1.0 

A multiple site FTP server pool running as a Linux daemon, with local/remote administration. An administration tool (GUI) is also provided. Developped in C++ using STL, BOOST, wxWidgets libraries for maximum portability.. Freeware download of Mirage (linux multisite FTP server) 1.0, size 6.95 Kb.

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Bulk Email Verify Express

Fast Professional Bulk Email Address and Mailing List Verify Management Software.

Split Outlook Email

Split Outlook Item with PST File Splitter not only for the efficient management, but for the safety of your PST files as well. Split Outlook Email tool provides a safe & secure procedure to...

Email Finder

Targeted e-mail finder and sender.

Free guestbooks already installed on remote servers. Includes email alerts and HTML entries.


Member-based weblog hosting for writers, photographers, travelers. Customizable, allows remote posting via email or mobile. Annual fee, ad-free.

Achello's Inner Cave

Master and teacher Terry Rogers (Achello) provides information on many healing methods. Remote healing via email.

CC Email Checker

Used to check POP3 email accounts, delete mail remotely and anti spam mail. It's also a Klez removal tool.