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Easy Tracker Lite -Personal Time Manager 4.2 eTimeInc Software 

Easy Tracker is a full-featured time tracking suite designed specifically for schedule notification, expense management, work measurement, timesheet entry and project management. The MINI edition is especially suited for professionals who want to track time to improve personal and team productivity, to manage projects, to manage expenses and. Free download of Easy Tracker Lite -Personal Time Manager 4.2, size 40.66 Mb.


Time Clock MTS 2.1.6 Timesheets MTS Software 

Time Clock MTS allows you to use any PC on your network to record and report on employee work hours. It completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records. It also eliminates the need for you to spend hours each week compiling your manual systems into a report to supply to your payroll department. Time. Free download of Time Clock MTS 2.1.6, size 4.98 Mb.

Easy Time Control Professional 4.5.117 Easy Trinity 

Easy Time Control Professional Edition is the solution that offers unparalleled performance with the flexibility and functionality required for todays business environment. Professional Edition makes time capturing process easy by consolidating attendance information from multiple sources into a central database. Professional Edition increases. Free download of Easy Time Control Professional 4.5.117, size 32.25 Mb.

CKZ Time Clock 2.0 CKZ Inc. 

CKZ Time Clock is your #1 Time Clock Software solution for replacing that old decrepit time clock.Once setup our Time Clock Software will help you manage all your employees without wasting time with old paper time cards. Each pay period our Time Clock Software will save you countless hours of your precious time by generating automated payroll. Free download of CKZ Time Clock 2.0, size 22.62 Mb.

Easy Time Tracking PRO 4.1 Logic Software Inc.(1) 

Easy Time Tracking PRO is a powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use time & expense tracking and customer billing application. It is an ideal solution for those individual contractors and companies who need to know readily how much time is spent on their tasks and how many hours they need to bill their clients for, as well as track expenses they. Free download of Easy Time Tracking PRO 4.1, size 4.24 Mb.

Emp Time Clock 2.01 EmpTimeClock.com 

EmpTimeClock IS Your Complete Employee Time Clock / Punch Clock software solution.EmpTimeClock.com Client easily manages all employee punches, while saving you time by automatically calculating their time for you.. Free download of Emp Time Clock 2.01, size 280.58 Kb.

MindSalt Time & Expense 2.7 MindSalt Corporation 

MindSalt Time & Expense is a 100% Web-based application that allows you and your employees to access your timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world through an intuitive, easy to use interface. All you need is an Internet connection to track time and expenses, monitor projects in real-time, and manage and approve timesheets and expense. Free download of MindSalt Time & Expense 2.7, size 1.05 Mb.

Time and Attendance Plus 1.0.2 TS MTS Software 

Time and Attendance Plus allows you to use any PC on your network to record and report on employee work hours. It completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records. It also eliminates the need for you to spend hours each week compiling your manual systems into a report to supply to your payroll. Free download of Time and Attendance Plus 1.0.2, size 5.55 Mb.

Complete Time Tracking Standard 2.54 Backslash 

Easily track your time using automatic time recording or manual time entry. Time can be recorded to user-defined categories and sub-categories such as customers, projects and tasks. Set hourly rates for customer time billing or to watch your income accrue. Generate a variety of summary and detailed reports including information such as a weekly. Free download of Complete Time Tracking Standard 2.54, size 11.01 Mb.

World Time Clock & Map 2.0 24TimeZones.com 

Advanced World Clock showing time in any place around the world. Features Map of World Time and World Clock modes, alowing easy check of time differance and current time around the globe.This advanced application is very helpful for travelers who need to know time difference around the world and want to be aware of world time zone they are. Free download of World Time Clock & Map 2.0, size 3.11 Mb.

VeriTime Time Tracker Pro Phillip Flores 

How many times did you find yourself in a situation whereby you are charging your client less that what should really be because you cannot accurately account for the time you spent in working on their project? Do you sometimes wonder where the day goes and that it feels you have not accomplished anything? If these two questions sound familiar then. Free download of VeriTime Time Tracker Pro, size 5.70 Mb.

Say the Time 10 Provenio Software Corporation 

Get organized -- the fun and easy way! Say the Time will keep you on schedule by automatically announcing the date, time or both at specified intervals using a pleasant male or female voice. Keep track of important time commitments with fully-customizable appointment reminders. Manage ideas and information with colorful virtual sticky notes.. Free download of Say the Time 10, size 4.54 Mb.

TimeAnalyzer - Time Tracking Tool 1.0 BossEye Inc. 

Time Analyzer automatically tracks your computer usage by recording your current foreground process in real time, and allow you identify how you spend a typical day on computer. The program can launch on Windows startup, minimize to system tray and silently monitor process activities on your PC in background. Its report system presents. Free download of TimeAnalyzer - Time Tracking Tool 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Atomic Time Zone - Regular Edition 5.1.1 America's Multimedia Online 

Atomic Time Zone Regular Edition ensures your computer has accurate time and does so with ease of use and style. ATZ (Atomic Time Zone) also includes a Windows Clock Skin ability so you can change the style of your Windows Clock. ATZ Version 5 also includes a unique floating clock which has both skinning and transparency.In addition, ATZ supports. Free download of Atomic Time Zone - Regular Edition 5.1.1, size 2.40 Mb.

Time Aware 2007 1.0 SC SOFTAGE SRL 

Time Aware 2007 is an easy-to-use personal time tracking tool for anyone who uses a computer. It is an ideal tool for improving your productivity and keeping control of your working time. This way you will observe and improve your style of working.Time Aware 2007 will track each one of your working tasks and automatically record your working time. Free download of Time Aware 2007 1.0, size 807.94 Kb.

TimeSprite Automatic Time Tracking 2.1.3 Black Hill Software 

Track how much time you spend on different activities on your computer.Reports: *time spent on different activities *journal *weekly and monthly timesheets.Similar windows are automatically grouped to provide a summary of your time. Define your own groups to refine the report.Privacy Keeping a record of your activities on the computer raises. Free download of TimeSprite Automatic Time Tracking 2.1.3, size 1.30 Mb.

Amphis - Time 1.2 Amphis Software 

Amphis - Time has an on screen timer and keeps a running total of the time spent on each of multiple tasks. Export to spreadsheet at the click of a button.. Free download of Amphis - Time 1.2, size 674.82 Kb.

Spring Time 5.07 EleFun Multimedia 

"Spring Time" - Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful and animated screensaver? Just have a look at the Animated Screensaver "Spring Time". Spring this a beautiful time. In this time everything comes to life, new leaves are coming out on the trees, the first flowers appear and the. Free download of Spring Time 5.07, size 4.62 Mb.

Time Date Picker ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 smart-activex.com 

With Time Date Picker ActiveX 1.0 control you can add easily an advanced GUI with time and date picker, with the ability to set the color, fonts, styles and much more. Time Date Picker ActiveX 1.0 is an advanced, ready and easy to the use ActiveX control for advancer and beginner developers that can pick the dates and the times thru the programs,. Free download of Time Date Picker ActiveX (OCX) 1.0, size 162.82 Kb.

FRS Clocks and Time 1.9.3 Fast Rabbit Software, LLC 

Get a head start learning to tell through practice with FRS Clocks and Time. Four practice modes including word problems.. Free download of FRS Clocks and Time 1.9.3, size 9.32 Mb.

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